a poem for my grandpa, who died 7 years ago

When I was very little

Yould always call me sweetie pie

We played checkers and Connect 4

oh...time sure does fly by


We were so close!

Well, i at least hope so

I was only 8 when you died

I did't have anywhere to go


You passing showed me I had to help grandma

She taught me soo much

Like how to clean and care for everyone

And how to cook like the Dutch


Grandpa, I miss you so much

It's been 7 years

But you still watch down on me

And dry up all my tears


I can still feel your hugs

And your kisses that were so great

Not saying I love you more and seeing you

Are the only things I hate


I love you Papa

Fly high <3

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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