What Happened To Lillie?

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short story i wrote for my english class last year!

Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011



“Are you sure this is the right place?” Johnny Monteith asked his best friend, Logan Williams. Logan nooded his head and they walked up to the door. It was a cold and rainy day,just like it was everyday in Jefferson County. The wind and rain whipped across Johnny’s face as he walked up the long sidewalk to the door.

“I haven’t seen Lillie since her mother’s funeral” Logan said as looked up at the house, which had been falling apart little by little each day. Everyone had attended Lillie Patrick’s mother’s funeral after she had been mysteriously murdered by someone unknown that they still couldn’t find.  Lillie was every one's best friend back then, especially Johnny and Logan’s, who just happened to be her two ex- boyfriends too.  Her hair was a perfect brown and her bright blue eyes always stood out from everything. No one could believe it has been 4 months since Lillie has dropped out of school so she could become emotionally stable again. But everyone knew she wouldn’t come back.
Johnny knocked on the door slightly and the sound echoed through the house.  Silence. “Lillie!” Logan called out but again, no answer. But, just as they were about to walk away, the door creaked open. There stood a fragile, and weak outline of a teenager.
“Are you Lillie?” Johnny asked the woman. The woman stepped into the light. Her hair was a pale brown and was thin and unhealthy. Her eyes were a pale gray and lifeless. She looked at them curiously and smiles a weak smile. They automatically knew it was Lillie.
“Come on in guys.” she said frailly and opened the door enough for them to get it.


Inside the house, it was dark. The house was empty too, except for a bed, bathroom things, and a refrigerator. Otherwise, just a giant house with nothing inside. Lillie led them to her room. Inside, dozens and dozens of cobwebs and dust particles surrounded the room. Logan and Johnny looked at each other with amazement. Lillie had always been the clean and organized one. If something was out of place, then she would immediately fix it.  
“If I knew you were coming, I would have cleaned up a little.” Lillie said weakly. Johnny sat on the bed and it creaked loudly. Logan and Johnny looked curiously at each other. “I’m glad you came here.” Lillie stated, looking out the old, rusted window.
“Yeah, about that, why did you invite us here, anyway?” Johnny said, giving her a curious look, “Not that we didn’t want to see you again. We just haven’t heard from you since after the funeral.”

Lillie nodded and spoke quietly, “I thought you might say that. Well, you remember how I used to date both of you?”

Logan and Johnny nodded, but couldn’t see where she was going with it.

“Well, you two were the ones who made me go crazy inside after both of you broke up with me. And that’s why I killed my mother because she saw me going crazy and wanted to send me to an institute. So, now i have to kill you for making me like this.” she said as she started running at them with a butcher knife.

“Oh my god!” Johnny and Logan screamed as they ran away. They didn’t know where to hide, so they ran into the downstairs cellar. It was pitch black down there and smelled like a rotting carcase of a dead animal.

“We have to get out of here!” Johnny yelped as he stopped to catch his breath. They had ran so fast, they didn’t know where she was.

“Let me find a flashlight or something.” Logan whispered, just in case she was down there with them. He finally found a lantern and turned it on, and laying right in front of them was the corpse of a human. Oddly, it looked just like Lillie, but a little plumper.

“Who is that?” Logan asked. Johnny shrugged his shoulders. Johnny went over and started to look at the rotting corpse.

“Check it out!” Johnny whispered. Logan looked over to see Johnny holding up the arm of the girl, revealing the bracelet and ring Logan and Johnny bought for Lillie which she wore everyday.

“We have to get out of here!” Johnny screamed, “But who is that who is that girl trying to kill us?!” Logan shook his head and then, like a light bulb went off in his head, he snapped his head up.

“It’s Millie, Lillie’s twin sister, whose after us!” Logan shouted, “She must have escaped from the insane asylum she was put in a few months ago!” Just then, the flashlight burnt out.

“Oh no!” Logan belted out. Just then, soft footsteps began walking towards them and, without warning, stopped right in front of the two boys.

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