Excerpt from Broken Hearted Escape

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This is part of my short story Broken Hearted Escape that I wanted to get up here and see what people think of it.

**This section of my story is a bit graphic just to warn anyone thinking about reading it.**

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



As I headed for the door I stopped at the table in the entryway. I opened one of its many drawers and felt around until my hand hit the cold metal.I pulled out a buck knife. My family used to take it on camping trips but now my mom just kept it near the door for protection.I flipped the knife open and studied the shiny metal of the blade. Lightly I ran my thumb across the blade and saw that a small amount of blood appeared on my thumb. \"Perfect,\" I said quietly. It was still as sharp as it had always been. I closed the knife slowly and placed it in my back pocket before turning and heading out the front door.

As I closed the door I stuck my thumb into my mouth to stop the bleeding. The n I turned and started to run at full speed down the road. After running for six blocks I found myself at a small park that I had been to many times with friends. I looked around for the area with the least people around. As I looked around I noticed a small group of trees close to the back of the park and went to sit under them. Before I sat down I pulled the knife out of my pocket and pulled off my jacket. I flipped the knife open and examined it once more. The only thing that stood out on the blade other than some blood from my thumb was a symbol that was etched into the blade by the company that made it. I looked down at my wrist and then with out thinking placed the cold blade a few inches from my wrist. Slowly I applied pressure on the blade and watched the sticky crimson blood puddle around the blade. The cut hurt for a short amount of time but then it just made me feel slightly better.

I looked down at the hand I held the knife in and noticed the bracelet that he had given me wrapped around my wrist. as tears began to stream down my cheeks I created four more cuts on my wrist. One for every horrible month that I had spent with a guy that was so hurtful and that lied about loving me.

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