The Boy With Dazzling Blue Eyes

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this is a short story I wrote.
it actually is based off of the start of mine and my boyfriends relationship.

Submitted: May 18, 2010

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Submitted: May 18, 2010



I remember the first moment I looked into those dazzling blue eyes. In mere seconds they had pulled me in and I knew they were never going to let me wander far. All my life I have been a sucker for a guy with blue eyes and nothing had changed when it came to him. The first time I met him was when when I walking down the hall before lunch one day. I crashed right into him while trying to avoid the large group of people standing talking about their weekend plans. Of course after my embarrassing incident all the people in the group turned to laugh and stare. He automatically bent down to help me gather my textbooks that had fallen and apologized for not looking where he was heading. That was when those amazing blue eyes dragged me in, imagine how embarrassed I felt when the first thing I said to him was \"what?\"

Later that day when talking to some of my classmates in science I learned that the guy I crashed into was named Justin. A few of them said they were friends with him trough band class. I remember perfectly how the first thought to cross my mind was that he didn't look like any other band student I had met in my life. He dressed like his whole life revalued around skateboarding, playing video games, and hanging out with his friends. His dark brown hair that hung only about and inch and a half above his shoulders seem as if it would be completely out of place in a room full of students playing classical music. He seemed to have such a worry free attitude about everything. As that day ended I didn't think he and I would really be seeing much of each other, other than the occasional hallway sightings.

A few days later, when my father decided it would be cheaper to go pick up the pizza at Domino's than have it delivered I learned that that boy with the amazing blue eyes, Justin, was an employee there. As my father and I walked in to collect our pizza Justin looked up seeming truly excited to see me. He pulled me off to the side and said I seemed like a very interesting person and that he would really enjoy spending some time together. We exchanged cell phone numbers in order to make plans. When I returned home I ran to my room in order to gather my thoughts about this boy. Did I really want to take the risk of letting my heart break if he ended up just wanting to be friends? I knew in a second that I wouldn't be able to stand not even giving him a chance to at least be my friend. I thought about how enthusiastic he had seemed to see me and I knew that most people wouldn't act that way about someone they wanted to be friends with.

After about a two and a half weeks of texting back and forth with Justin, almost non-stop, we finally decided to spend some time walking around town the up coming Saturday. He had tolded me he would show me around town since I had only lived there a short time. Days came and went and the week felt like it would never end. Next thing I knew it was Friday, which happened to be Halloween, all I could think about was the fact that the very next day I would be able to spend time with the one person I desired to see all week. That night I couldn't fall asleep fast enough wanting Saturday to be there so much. When I woke up the next morning I spent lots of time trying to make my hair look cute and changing outfits way more times than necessary trying to look as perfect as could be. I remember thinking how crazy I was acting. I had never been a girly-girl and that day I figured out why, it took to way to much effort.

As I headed out that morning I grabbed all the stuff that I toke with me on a daily basis, my iPod, My cell phone, and a couple dollars to grab a coffee. I hurried to Seven-Eleven, to get my coffee, then made my way to the row of stores in front of Thriftway. I waited patiently as I listened to my iPod, drank my coffee and kept my eyes on the look out for him. I grew more and more nervous as the minutes passes, had this all been a piratical joke? Then after a few more minutes I saw him riding up the road of him bike. The sight was so silly at first, a fifteen year old guy wearing shorts -in the Fall- riding a small red BMX bike. As he rode up he told me that he was late because he had to stop at the bank to cash his work check and also that he had almost fallen as he hit the edge of a curb near Wait park. As we started talking it began to rain, lightly at first then heavier after a few minutes. Justin suggested that we go hang out at Domino's at least till the rain stopped.

While we stood in the back of Domino's we talked about different things in our lives. He talked about his family and how he had lived in Canby for his whole life. I told him about all the times I had moved around and that I had decided at the end of the summer to move in with my father. Every once and a while I would notice that one of the drives for Domino's would be watching me and Justin. He then proceeded to tell me that the man was his father. As we continued to talk Justin slowly reached over and intertwined his fingers with mine. I looked down over-joyed as my heart started to race. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind in the matter of minutes. Did I still look okay after having to trek through the rain? Was this hand-holding a sign that he really did like me and might ask me out? If he did ask me to be his girlfriend would it last?

All my questions were pushed aside just as quickly as they entered my brain. I did not even have the chance to ask one of my questions before Justin leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. I felt how quickly the blood rushed to my cheeks warming them as I blushed. I had not expected any of this, not today at least. He quickly apologized saying I was the only thing that had been on his mind since the day I ran into him in the hallway. He also apologized saying that he was a bad kisser. I giggled quietly as soon as the words had left his mouth. I had never kissed many guys so I had no clue what was consider a good or bad kisser. I felt as if all the pressure from my worries had just disappeared along with all the questions that had race around in my mind.

While I was think about all the events from the past couple weeks I noticed that Justin seemed as if he was having a hard time making a decision. I watched him quietly as he thought, considering what was running through his head. I got so caught up in watching him that I barely noticed as his returned my glance. His cheeks turned slightly red as if he hadn't noticed that he was spacing out. He pulled me towards him and hugged me gently and as he released me, words slowly exited his lips. At first it seemed as if he was talking to him self but then he suddenly got louder. \"I know we haven't known each other a super long amount of time but, I feel as if I know a lot about you so far and I really would like to learn about you more. This may seem really sudden but I feel really comfortable around you. So Cassie, will you be my girlfriend?\" As soon as he said the word girlfriend my heart started to race again. Had I really heard him right? I searched my mind for the perfect words to answer him with but I already knew exactly what I wanted and needed to say. \"Of course I will Justin.\"

As he rode away towards his house on his bike I quickly ran through the events of the day in my head. Had this all really happened or had I just been day dreaming? I quickly reached up to touch my lips. I could feel the tingle run across them as I remember how gently he had placed his lips on mine. At that moment in time I knew that I had fallen for this guy, fallen hard. Questions flew through my head once again, would this relationship work or would it just be another one of those stupid month long high school relationships?

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