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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a killer is on the loose in the city. People start dying in mysterious ways. Will the city collapse without a fight?

Footsteps walking. How much further; asked Cindy. The cabins right up here; said Stephen. Cindy pulls out cellphone. I have no signal. Do you; asked Cindy. Stephen pulls out his cellphone. Not one bar. Hopefully we have some up here; said Stephen. Both Cindy and Stephen stop then see cabin. Is this your place; asked Cindy. Yep, bought it off my brother. Front door opens. Shadow walks passed window. Cindy looks out window. Something outside; asked Stephen. No...but something's happening inside; said Cindy kissing Stephen. Clothes falling to floor. Stephen kisses Cindy's breasts. Oh...Cindy, yeah; said Stephen. Shadow moves passed.

Oh Stephen...fuck me; said Cindy. Both Cindy and Stephen breathing heavily. You want a beer. Cindy smiles. I'll be back. Stephen kisses Cindy. Don't get dressed; said Stephen walking into kitchen. Cindy laying on floor. Fridge door opens. Stephen grabs beers. Back door swings open. Stephen looks, walks towards back door then steps onto wire. Barbed wire swings down from ceiling then decapitates Stephen. Thudding sound. Stephen...Stephen. Cindy stands up then walks towards kitchen. Stephen. Cindy sees barbed wire covered in blood. Stephen. Cindy walks outside. Stephen; said Cindy.

Cindy...over here; said male voice #1. Cindy walks through cabin towards front door then onto porch. Stephen; said Cindy. Whip wraps around Cindy's throat. Cindy gets pulled back inside cabin. Blood splatters onto window.

Two Hours Later. Telephone ringing. Hello...yes I'm Tony Silver. Yes Stephen Silver's my brother. I'm on my way. Car driving then stops. Door opens. I'm looking for my brother; said Tony. Mr. Silver, this way please. I'm sorry about your loss. But, your brother and his girlfriend, Cindy White were murdered. Now, we may know who did it. Have you ever heard of Leon Krieger; asked Skeet. Yeah, he was in a machine accident; said Tony. Yeah, but he killed a lot of people years ago. I think he's back; said Skeet. But, he died; said Tony. That's why I said, "He's back"; said Skeet. Could I see my brother; asked Tony. He's pretty torn up. But, if you need anything. Call me; said Skeet walking away.

Tony walks towards car. Footsteps approaching. Tony...Tony Silver. It's me, Sarona...Sarona Williams; said Sarona. Hey...how've you been; asked Tony. Fine... let's catch up at dinner tonight. Your place; said Sarona. Sure, seven o'clock. See you then; said Tony. Car driving away. Footsteps walking. Let's set the tents here; said Kel. Bag unzips. Crossbow appears. I'll be back. I'm going hunting; said Christopher. I'll start the fire; said Kel. Footsteps walking. Leaves rustling. Christopher points crossbow. Get out here. Bushes moving. Hmm...I'll find you rabbit; said Christopher. Both Cloris and Tim kissing.

Get a room; said James. Tim raises his middle finger to James. Footsteps walking. Shadow moves passed. Christopher looks. Found you; said Christopher pointing crossbow. Crossbow fires. Rabbit gets shot with arrow. Christopher grabs rabbit then laughs. Wire snaps. Barbed wire net traps Christopher. Footsteps approach. Leon appears then looks up at Christopher. Christopher struggling. Leon walks towards machine then turns it on. Barbed wire net tightens. Christopher screams. Scream echoes. Listen, I heard a scream; said Kel. It was probably Chris falling; said James.

Car stops. Knocking on door. Door opens. Hey Sarona, come in; said Tony. Nice apartment; said Sarona. Thanks...want a drink; asked Tony. Sure, so what you've been up to; asked Sarona. I've been painting. You want to see some; asked Tony. Yeah. Door opens. Paintings appear. Wow, you've got talent; said Sarona. Thanks, dinner will be ready soon. I hope you like sushi; said Tony. Both Sarona and Tony eating. So...anyone in your life; asked Sarona. No...not since...you; said Tony. That was back in college; said Sarona. I know...how about you; asked Tony. I've dated a cop. But, it didn't work out; said Sarona. More wine; asked Tony. If I have any more. I won't be able to drive home; said Sarona.

You can take the bed. I'll take the couch; said Tony. You were always kind; said Sarona putting down her glass, grabs Tony's, puts it down then kisses him. You don't have to do this; said Tony. I want to; said Sarona. Clothes falling to floor. Sarona moaning.

Tent appears then opens. James walks towards bushes. Pants unzipping. James urinates. Twig snaps. Christopher...is that you. James grabs flashlight then turns it on. Christopher...Christopher. Whip wraps around James's leg. James falls. Ow...Christopher; said James shining flashlight. Leon appears. You...die; said Leon. James runs. Leon swings then throws barbed wire. Barbed wire decapitates James.

Sun rises. Tent unzips. Kel walks towards bushes, sees blood trail then follows it towards fire pit. What the he'll; said Kell grabbing fire poker. Ashes moving. James's head appears under ashes. Kel falls. Tent opens. What's wrong; asked Tim. James...in there; said Kel. Both Cloris and Tim see James's head.

Phone ringing. Hello, I'll be there; said Sarona. What's wrong; asked Tony. Another murder; said Sarona. Car stops. Doors open. Sarona...Mr. Silver. These three found his head in there; said Skeet. Tony sees footprints.

Do you see something; asked Jordan. These footprint...they come this way. He put his head there. But...there's no other footprints that leave; said Tony. All right... Jordan and Noriyuka. Take them to the station. Where were you last night, Mr. Silver; asked Skeet. At my apartment; said Tony. Doing what; asked Skeet. Having dinner with me; said Sarona. All right...thanks Sarona; said Skeet walking away. What's his problem; asked Tony. We dated...he was the cop; said Sarona.

Car driving. You kids are safe now; said Jordan. Leon appears in middle of the road. Car swerves then hits tree. All five groan. Cloris sees Leon, gets out of police car then runs. Cloris said Tim. Cloris stops then doesn't see Leon. Where's he go; asked Cloris. Whip wraps around Cloris's leg. Cloris falls onto barbed wire then gets decapitated. No; said Tim running towards Leon. Leon swings whip. Whip cuts Tim's throat. Tim collapses. Get up...hurry; said Kel. Leon walks towards car. Kel shuts door then pulls out knife. Leon is gone. Jordan groans. Is everyone all right. Where's the other two; asked Jordan.

That bastard killed them; said Kel. I'll get you out; said Jordan. Noriyuka groans. What happened; asked Noriyuka. Fucking Leon Krieger; said Jordan. He's dead; said Noriyuka. Jordan grabs radio. Skeet, you there; asked Jordan. What's up; asked Skeet. We crashed; said Jordan. We're on our way; said Skeet. All right, they're coming; said Jordan. Window smashes. Noriyuka being pulled out of car. Jordan pulls out gun. Let him go; said Jordan. Leon looks at Jordan. Gun fires. Leon puts Noriyuka in front of him. Noriyuka being shot.

You will die; said Leon. Sirens wailing. Leon runs. Gun fires. Doors open. Is everyone all right; asked Skeet. Noriyuka's dead; said Jordan. Sarona pulls out cellphone. Phone ringing. Tony, where are you; asked Sarona. At my apartment. Are you all right; asked Tony. Yeah, could I see you tonight; asked Sarona. Sure; said Tony. Phone clicks. You'll stay at the station; said Skeet. Kel nods.

Knocking on door. Door opens. Hey, what happened; asked Sarona. I...hit a blade. I'm fine though. So, have they found Leon yet; asked Tony. You know; said Sarona. Skeet told me; said Tony.

Knock on door. Sir, we found something. People went to Leon Krieger's grave. Where they buried him. He's still there...dead; said Jordan. Dead, then... it's a copycat killer; said Skeet. Also, we found out that Leon's whip is gone; said Jordan. Someone who knows is doing it; said Skeet. Image of Tony appears in Skeet's mind. Can I see my brother. He's dead; said Tony. Skeet, you all right; asked Jordan. Find Tony Silver; said Skeet. Glasses clinking. Sarona looking at painting. Have you sold any; asked Sarona. No, but I will soon; said Tony. Phone ringing. Excuse me. Hello; said Sarona. Where are you; asked Skeet.

At Tony's, why; asked Sarona. Sarona, listen to me. Leon Krieger's dead. He isn't alive. It's a copycat; said Skeet. A copycat; whispered Sarona. It's Tony; said Skeet. No, it can. Sarona has flashback. Footsteps running. Tony, where are you; asked Sarona. At my apartment; said Tony. Knocking on door. What happened; asked Sarona. A blade; said Tony. Gun fires. Leon running, stops then takes off mask. Tony appears. Oh my God; said Sarona. You know...you must die; said Tony. Why; asked Sarona. Why do you think I left. I learned about Leon Krieger then came back. Get moving; said Tony.

Footsteps running. Door opens. Sarona being pushed. What are you gonna do; asked Sarona. Break down the door; said Skeet looking down hallway. I want you to jump. Both Sarona and Tony standing so next to roof ledge. You've got ten seconds; said Tony. You don't need to do this; said Sarona. Three...two...one. Times up; said Tony. Sarona closes her eyes. Gun fires. Tony gasps, looks down, sees blood then collapses. Skeet appears. Goodbye Mr. Silver; said Skeet cutting rope around Sarona's wrists. Thank you; said Sarona. Both Sarona and Skeet walking away. Tony stands up then runs at both Sarona and Skeet. Gun fires. Tony falls off roof. Jordan appears. Got him; said Jordan. Both Sarona and Skeet kissing.

Tony's body being carted into morgue. Lights flickering, turn off then back on. Tony's body is gone. Evil laughter. Whip cracks.



Submitted: February 17, 2022

© Copyright 2022 ColtonDennis. All rights reserved.

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