A Curious Discovery

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I'm not going to put anything of importance here as it may spoil the plot. Just read and report back to me!

Submitted: October 15, 2013

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Submitted: October 15, 2013



It was a warm summer night. I lay on the grass, enjoying myself. Things would get better, I said. Things need not always be the way they are now. 
It was bad enough I was stuck here, for the night at least, while I escaped for some brief respite. I just couldn't take the abuses anymore, the nurses, the staff, they treated me like an animal. I had no choice but to flee. 
It was then that I saw it. The freak of nature. The bright green, elongated, flashy looking creature. I had never seen anything like it. It looked like a cross between a snake and a beaver, except that it was only about a foot long. It had beaver teeth and a beaver face but a treacherous snakelike body.
I grabbed it. Immediately, it began to squiggle. Then, it made a distinctive crying noise, like a child. Hush! I yelled angrily. I couldn't be caught. Not now. 
I decided to name it Squiggy. I couldn't decide on the sex, and decided not to inspect further. 
Well, the time was ripe for some experimenting. Oh, it had been so long! I hadn't played with anything since before I was locked up in the hospital. But now it was time for some scientific testing. The tests would begin shortly.

"We have to find him, officer! Yes, he's gotten separated from us before, but this is different. It's his birthday, for heaven's sake!" Miranda's mother instincts were tingling. This was bad. Very bad. She didn't know how she knew, but she did. 
The officer, a short and stubby man with very little neck, tried to calm her down. "How old is your child?"
"He's four," Steve, Miranda's husband, replied. "He just turned four today in fact." 
Steve turned to his wife. "Honey, he's only been gone for an hour. He's a big boy now. He'll turn up."
Miranda began to sob. "I'm just so...exasperated."
The officer nodded sympathetically. "We'll have a search party in order.", he reassured her. We'll -" the officer stopped mid sentence. 
"Officer Ryan. Get your behind to 126 stone street now. That's an order". The officer frowned. He hadn't heard his boss's voice so frantic in a long time. This couldn't be good. 
"I'm sorry, guys, but I'll get someone to help you". Ryan then slipped away into the night. 
Miranda and her husband just stood there, dumbstruck. Had he really just left?

Officer Ryan rushed to the scene. It was an empty warehouse behind a 7/11. In front of him stood a tall, gangly young man with a head full of auburn hair. He was in cuffs. Officer Derrick stood beside him, trembling. "According to this young man's id, he seems to have escaped from a mental hospital." "Sir," Ryan began, but was interrupted. "Just shut up," Derrick snapped. "Listen, there's a dead child here. This man seems to have thought the child was an extraterrestrial creature, and started doing shit to it. God knows. But this guy's a looney. He's insane. He'll just return to the hospital, and nothing will come of it. Fucking nothing."
And that was that.

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