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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When eight people decide to go on a trip. They stumble upon what is to be a meadow of dead.

(Pencil writing) Now students, this test will be worth sixty percent of your grade. So don't horse around with it. Now that's tomorrow. Today in Biology, we will learn about a dangerous animal. (Clicker being pressed, picture appears on slide-show) Does anyone know what this is. (Arm gets raised) Yes Miss Yui; said William. It's an American Badger; said Selena. Yes Miss Yui, it is. Now I have a clip for you all. It's a badger getting it's food; said William. (Bell rings, footsteps walking) Selena, Selena...wait up. So, you ready for Mr. Morrison's test; asked Jonathan.

I'm always ready. So what's up; asked Selena. Well you want to come to my room. Me and Ian are having a party; said Jonathan. I din't know...I have Mr. Morrison's test. And if I fail another test. My parents will make me drop out; said Selena. Just think about it; said Jonathan walking away. (Footsteps walking, door opens then shuts) Hey Raven. Hey, got a question. (Raven nods) Your going to Ian Foxx's party right; asked Selena. Yeah, you going; asked Raven. I don't know. I have a huge test tomorrow; said Selena. Well, go early then come back and study. That's what I'm doing; said Raven.

What should I wear; asked Selena. Well let's see...hmm. Try this one; said Raven. (Selena takes off shirt, camera flashes, Selena covers herself, boys laughing, footsteps approach boys, laughing continues) Hey, give me the camera. (Boy shakes his head no) Well then I need to do something. (Jonathan whistles, five people apprpach) You gonna give it to me now; asked Jonathan. (Boy drops camera then both run away, Jonathan grabs camera then snaps it in half, all walk away, Ian taps onto window, window opens) Hey, everything all right; asked Ian. Yeah,thanks Ian; said Raven. (Ian walks away)

He is so cute. I wish I could talk to him; said Selena. (Knocking on door, door opens) Hello Miss Burke, is Miss Yui here; asked William. Hold on, Selena; said Raven. Mr. Morrison, may I help you; asked Selena. Yes, I forgot to give you this; said William. What is it; asked Selena. Well, it's a little trip I take. I take students to a meadow. To see the view of nature. And you could bring as many people as you want. It's this Saturday. Hopefully I'll see you there; said William walking away. What is it; asked Raven.

It's a trip. Mr. Morrison takes his top students to a meadow. He also told me I could bring as many people I want; said Selena. (Music playing, car pulls up, knocking on door, door opens) Raven, Selena. Hey, come in. This is the party; said Jonathan. Hey Jonathan, is Ian here; asked Raven. Yeah...uh, he's in the kitchen; said Jonathan. Come on Selena. (Footsteps walking, Ian looks) Hey Ian; said Raven. Hey Raven, Selena. Thanks for coming; said Ian. So Ian, Selena has big news. Tell him Selena; said Raven. Well...uh...Mr. Morrison. (Selena clears her throat) Gave ma a...a...a; said Selena running away. I'll be back. Jonathan, did you see where Selena went; asked Raven.

I think the bathroom. Is something wrong; asked Jonathan. No. (Knocking on door) Selena...Selena. You all right; asked Raven. I can't talk to him. He's so cute; said Selena. I'll tell him; said Raven. (Footsteps approaching) Everything all right; asked Ian. Yeah...what Selena was trying to say. She gets to go on a trip with Mr. Morrison; said Raven. That's great, I hope you have a good time; said Ian. Actually, she could bring some friends with her; said Raven. Well that's awesome, congradulations Selena; said Ian. (Selena smiles)

Saturday Morning: (Knock on door, door opens) Oh...Mr. Morrison; said Selena. It's time for the trip. So who you bringing; asked William. Well...I gave it a lot of thought. And we'll meet you in the front; said Selena. I'll give you twenty minutes; said William. All right. (Door shuts) Raven, come on. You're going on the trip; said Selena. It's today; asked Raven. Yes...let's go; said Selena. (Both start packing, door opens, both running, Selena runs into Ian and Jonathan) all right; asked Ian. She's fine. Hey Ian and Jonathan. Do you want to go on a trip; asked Raven. Um...yeah. We love to go on a trip; said Ian. Well go pack clothes...quickly; said Raven. (All run, footsteps running) Well Miss Burke, Miss Yui. Meet some others that are coming. Mr. Dee Carter, Mr. Tom Green, Mr. James Williams, Mr. Brian Hart and Mr Chavo Pteri. Genntlemen, be on your best behavior. All right...let's go; said William. \"WAIT\"...we're coming; said Jonathan. Well, everyone on the bus; said William. (Footsteps walking onto bus, bus starts then drives away)

Hey Mr. Morrison, is it nice up there; asked Ian. Yes it is, wait until you see the view; said William. (Bus drives up hill, all look out windows) Look at the view; said Raven. (Bus slows down then stops) Damn, were out of gas; said William. (All talking, Tom stands up) Everyone quiet, now is there a gas station around here; asked Tom. Not that I know of; said William. All right, everyone try their cell-phones; said Tom. (Phones beeping) Mines not working; said Raven. (All agreeing) All right, everyone off the bus. (Door opens) Maybe we should all start walking; said William.

But what if someone comes and we aren't here; asked Selena. She's right...we should stay; said Ian. Listen, we move forward; said William. I'm staying; said Selena. Me too; said Ian. Fine...anyone else want to stay; asked William. (Tom, James and Jonathan walk by bus) Rav...come on, stay; said Selena. Well, what if no one comes; asked Raven. What if people do; asked Selena. Everyone who's coming with me, follow; said William. (All start walking) I'll send someone; said Raven walking away. Everybody on the bus; said Selena.

(Footsteps walking, all stop) What's wrong; asked Chavo. Nothing...this way. It goes to a gas station; said William. (All walk down second path, shadow moves, Raven looks) Selena, Ian and Jonathan...hmm; said Raven. (Another shadow moves) Do you think they'll be safe; asked Ian. Let's hope so; said Selena. (Tom looks out window then sees black figure) Hey guys...does anyone see a black figure. In the meadow; asked Tom. (All look out window) What do you think it is; asked Jonathan. Something dead probably; said James. (Another figure appears)

Does everyone see that; asked Tom. It's another one; said Ian. (James looks out other side) There's more coming; said James. (Selena looks down then finds binoculars) Oh no; said Selena. What; asked them all. It's an American Badger. It doesn't hunt aline either; said Selena. What does that mean; asked Tom. Were on their territory. And they don't like visitors; said Selena. Well...were safe in here, right; asked James. Until they find a way in; said Selena.

(Footsteps walking) How much farther; asked Brian. It's a few more minutes; said William. (Twig snaps) What was that; asked Raven. I didn't hear anythiing; said William. (Snarling in bushes) What's that; asked Raven. I don't know; said William. (Badger walks out of bushes, William gasps) What's wrong; asked Brian. We need to run...quickly; said William. (All turn around, two more badgers appear then snarl, all stop) What now; asked Brian. (William gulps, badgers get closer, William sees path) Everyone follow me...slowly; whispered William. (All slowly walking, badgets snarling, Chavo starts running) \"CHAVO\" ; said Brian. (Badgers start running) Jump into the bushes. (All jump into bushes, badgers chase Chavo) They've past...let's go; said William.

(Bus starts rocking) What's going on; asked James. They're rocking us. Trying to turn us on it's side; said Selena. (Badgers snarling) Do we have something to protect us; asked James. I don't know, everyone check your bags; said Selena. (Bags unzipping) Hey...I found a knife in Mr. Morrison's bag; said Ian. (Bags continue being unzipped, Tom brings out gun) I found a hand-gun...and some bullets(; said Tom. We could use it; said Jonathan. (Creaking sound, all stand up, badgers run at bus, bus shakes, all fall, Tom's hand smashes through window then drops gun)

(Chavo keeps running, trips then looks around) Ha...I lost them. Stupid animals. (Chavo starts walking, snarling, Chavo looks then laughs) What are you going to do. (More badgers appear) Oh no; said Chavo. (Badgers attack Chavo, Chavo screams, screaming echos) Hey...did you hear that; asked Jonathan. It sounded like it came from the other group; said Ian. We need to get the gun; said Tom. (Srlena looks then sees badgers running towards bus again) Hang on; said Selena. (Badgers knock into bus, bus tips then goes onto it's side)

(Footsteps walking) Mr. Morrison, didyou know there were badgers up here; asked Raven. No...why would you ask that; asked William. Because you know a lot about this place. And badgers live in meadows; said Raven. You better watch your tone. I could expel you; said William. Not out here you can't; said Raven. Well-; said William being interrupted. (Badger snarls, all look, more badgers appear)

(Bus windows crack, all groaning) Is everyone all right; asked Selena. I am, Jonathan; asked Ian. Yeah, I'm fine...Tom; asked Jonathan. I'm great, James. (All four looking around for James) Where is he; asked Tom. (All slowly stand upthen peek out windows) I can't see. All I see is trees; said Ian. Maybe if I open a window; said Selena reaching for window. (Thud on side of bus) What's that noise; asked Tom. (Arm appears on window) It's James; said Selena. (Cracking noise, Jonathan bends down then sees badger at windshield, badger snarls) We have a problem; said Jonathan.

(Footsteps running, badgers snarl, Dee trips then falls down hill) Dee; said William. (Badgers snarl, all keep running, Dee groans, bushes shake) Guys...Mr. Morrison. (Badgers snarl) Oh no; said Dee. (Badgers attack Dee, Dee screams) We need to get back to the bus; said Raven. It's back that way; said William. (Badgers snarl,all keep running) What are we gonna do; asked Tom. Well, I could try to get the gun; said Ian. Npt with those badgers out there; said Selena. I'll need a distraction; said Ian. I'll lead them so ewhere; said Jonathan. All right, just be very careful; said Ian. See ya later, \"Brother from another Mother\"; said Jonathan shaking Ian's hand.

Ready..set...go; said Ian. (Jonathan smashes windshield then runs) Over here, come on you bastards ; said Jonathan. (Badgers chase Jonathan) All right...I'm gonna go get the gun. Stay in here; said Ian opening back door, wallks towards gun then grabs it. (Bushes shaking) They're coming back...\"IAN\"; said Selena. (Ian looks at Selena, Selena points, Ian turns around, badger snarls, Tom runs out of bus) Over here...come on. I'm right here; said Tom. (Badger jumps at Tom, gun fires, badger falls, Tom starts laughing)

(Ian smiles then sees figure move) Tom, stop that laughing. Just don't move; said Ian raising gun. (Jonathan runs into Tom and Ian, all three groaning) Guys, you all right; asked Selena. (All three continue groaning) We're fine; said Ian. (All three stand up, badger bites Tom's leg then pulls him through bushes) \"TOM\"; yelled all three of them. Get Selena back into the bus. I'm gonna go find Tom. (Ian runs through bushes) Tom...Tpm, where are you; asked Ian. (Weak voice) Ian...over here; said Tom. Geez...what happened; asked Ian. (Badger snarls in distance) It's coming back for more. Ian, I want you to shoot me. Do it before they come; said Tom. (Gun cocks) Bye Tom; said Ian. (Gun fires)

(Gun fire echos, footsteps walking, Raven stops) Something wrong Raven; asked William. I heard gun fire; said Raven. Idid too; saidBrian. (Badgers snarl) Let's go then; said William. (All running, footsteps approaching) Ian, is that you; asked Selena. (Badger snarls, Selena and Jonathan back up, badger walks onto buss, gun fires, badger falls) You guys all right; asked Ian. Were fine, you all right; asked Selena. Yeah, how about you Jonathan; asked Ian. I'm fine; said Jonathan. (Screaming in distance, all three ru. off bus, William, Raven and Brian run out of woids then breath heavily, badgers snarl)

Hurry, in the bus...quickly; said Ian. (All run into bus, badger bites Brian's leg) has my leg. (Badger snarls) Get it off me; said Brian. Help; said Ian. (All struggling, another badger appears then snarls, all let go of Brian, Brian gets pulled, Ian pulls out gun then shoots badger, Brian gets pulled into bushes then screams) Ian...come on; said Selena. (Ian gets back into bus) We need to block the windshield. Use the seats; said Ian. Their screwed to the floor; said Raven. (Ian kicks seat, seat loosens up) it quickly. (Badger snarls, seats being placed in front of windshield) Mr. Morrison, cover that little hole. Here, use my shirt; said Ian.

(William puts shirt into hole, badger bites then pulls onto shirt, seat falls onto William's arm) arm. Get it off me; said William. (All trying to pull William, badger bites William's arm, Ian peeks through hole) It has your arm; said Ian. (Bone cracking, William's arm gets pulled off, blood appears) arm. It took my arm; said William. (Jpnathan wraps clothe around wound) How many are there; asked Jonathan. (Ian peeks through hole, badgers snarling) I would guess, twenty to fourty. Maybe more; said Ian. What are we going to do; asked Raven.

I don't know. I don't have a plan; said Ian. Mr. Morrison is bleeding badly; whispered Selena. I know...but those badgers are out there; said Ian. How many bullets do you have left; asked Selena. (Magazine comes out) Two bullet's, that's it; said Ian. I...have...a...plan; said William. Really...what is it; asked Ian. You four run. I'll keep them here; said William. In what direction; asked Jonathan. The way that we came. Go down the hill. There should be a gas station there; said William. How far is it; asked Selena. Five, seven miles; said William.

Let's get moving; said Jonathan. (Ian ties rope around seats) Before we leave, we'll pull these. John, take this knife and hit the gas tank. Here Mr. Morrison, take the gun. You only have two shots left; said Ian. Get your friends out of here; said William. (Back door opens, badgers snarling then walk towards front of bus) Let's go, pull now; said Ian. (All pull rope, seats fall, gas seeping, badgers go into bus) Die you fucking animals; said William. (Gun fires, fire starts, bus explodes, all four gasp) Good-bye Mr. Morrison...let's go; said Ian.

Two Weeks Later: (Footsteps walking) Yo Selena, wait up. What are you doing this weekend; asked Selena. Nothing, why; asked Selena. We're going on a trip. And were bringing Jonathan and Raven; said Selena. To a paradise island. It's called Trentin Island; said Ian. There's no creatures on the island right; asked Selena. Probably nothing dangerous; said Ian. (Both laughing)


Submitted: December 09, 2014

© Copyright 2021 coltondennis93. All rights reserved.

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