Demonic Puppets 5: Return Of The Evil Puppets

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The duplicates return and Mr. Jeffersonn's team will take the original puppets. But the puppets will protect their master and themselves.

Submitted: December 28, 2014

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Submitted: December 28, 2014



(Footsteps walking into kitchen) Is it working; asked Lucas. No...the sword keeps falling. I think Headless Skeleton's done. I'm sorry Headless; said Amy. We'll put him to the side. I have an idea. (Suitcase opens) Rest Headless. (Puppets grunting) Hey guys; said Lucas. (Knock on door, door opens) Hello...anyone here. Hmm. (Door shuts) That's one was there. (Figure moves, Saw-Man grunts) What's wrong Saw-Man; asked Amy. (Saw-Man grunts) Is someone in the room. (Lucas pulls out gun) Stay here. (Footsteps walking into room, thud behind box, Lucas kicks box, rat runs) All's clear; said Lucas. (Amy and puppets walk into room) What was it; asked Amy. A rat...hey, what's in this box; asked Lucas. I don't know...let me see it. It has my address...there's a note. \"Dear Miss Blue...this time my puppets won't fail. I will get my puppets. One way or another. Mr. Jefferson.\" He's coming back; said Amy.

Let's burn the box, like we did with the last one; said Lucas. Yeah...oh no. Look at the bottom if the box. The duplicates are back. Guys...we need to leave. (Lazer fires) Whoa...Mr. Roboto. (Other wheels rolling) Another Mr. Roboto...oh no. They made more this time; said Amy. (Duplicate of Headless Skeleton cuts Lucas's leffg, Lucas falls) bastard; said Lucas hitting duplicate of Headless Skeleton. Are you all right; asked Amy. I'm fine...let's get out of here; said Lucas. (Door opens) Puppets. (Car doors shut) Oh no...their back; said Amy. Nice to see you again. Where's the puppets; asked Christopher. Run Amy. (Guns firing, Lucas hides behind dumpster, Amy runs into house) You're not going to take the puppets. They don't belong to you; said Lucas. They don't, but their for my boss; said Christopher. (Gun reloads) Well your boss will have to go through me; said Lucas firing gun. Get down...Vanessa and Rhiannoni go get the puppets. We'll handle this; said Christopher.

(Both run to back door, Lycas sees) Amy...get out of there; said Lucas. What...I can't hear you; said Amy. Behind you. (Lucas points, Amy turns, Vanessa knocks out Amy) Amy. Guns fire) Damn it. (Vanessa and Rhiannoni run, gun fires, Rhiannoni falls) Yes. (Car doors shut then pulls away, Rhiannoni crying) Get (Lucas carries Rhiannoni into house) Now...stay there. Amy...Amy, you all right. (Amy groans) Hey...where's the puppets. (Gun gets pointed at Rhiannoni) Where are your people going; asked Lucas. I can't say...please don't kill me; said Rhiannoni. We're not...'cause yoy are taking us to the place. Let's leave now, I want my puppets back; said Amy. How much amo. should we take; asked Lucas. As much as you can carry. Let's go; said Amy. (Car approaches) That's the place; said Rhiannoni. Now we need a plan; said Lucas.

(People walking) Sir...we have the puppets; said Christopher. (Deep vouce) Let me see them. (Suitcase opens, puppets grunting) Puppets...I'm your new master. So obey me now and forever; said Mr. Jefferson. (Amy, Lucas and Rhiannoni crawling on catwalk) All right...I'll act like I took her as a prisoner. You sneak around and grab the suitcase; said Rhiannoni. Why should we trust you; asked Amy. Do you have a better idea. Plus, once he shot my leg. I realized that I should stop doing this. 'Cause U have a daughter and a husband. So I'm going to help you; said Rhiannoni. (People talking) Sir, Rhiannoni is back; said Christopher. (Deep voice) Bring her here. Rhiannoni, you brought company. (Mr. Jefferson stands up) Who are you...wait...your Miss Blue. Daughter of Crispun Blue. What are you doing here; asked Mr. Jefferson.

I came for-; said Amy being interrupted. For the puppets. Well...sorry to say this but no. These puppets belong to me; said Mr. Jefferson. (Lucas slowly walks towards suitcase) Sir behind you; said Christopher. (Lucas grabs suitcase, guns firing, deep voice) Go get the suitcase; said Mr. Jefferson. (People running, Mr. Jefferson starts to walk) Don't move sir...give her back the puppets; said Rhiannoni. (Deep voice) No... their mine; said Mr. Jefferson. Shoot him...shoot him Rhiannoni; said Amy. (Deep voice) Come on Rhiannoni...shoot your Uncle. Shoot your Uncle, Rhiannoni; said Mr. Jefferson. He's your Uncle; said Amy. Yes...I can't; said Rhiannoni.

(Footsteps running) Where'd he go. Andrew go down there. Vanessa go that way. We'll meet on the other side; said Christopher. (Footsteps walking) I need your help guys; whispered Lucas. (Suitcase opens, puppets run into different directions, footsteps walking, Fluffy Demon hisses) How did you get out. Well...let's see you stop this; said Andrew. (Evil Cannon grunts, Andrew tries pullung trigger, cannon goes off, Andrew gasps then falls, footsteps approach) Nice going guys. Where did the other four go; asked Lucas. (Other footsteps walking, walkie-talkie static) Christopher...I'm on the other side. Where are you; asked Vanessa. I'm almost there...give me another five seconds; said Christopher. Mama...Mama; said Killer Baby Doll. (Gun fires, Killer Baby Doll runs) Where'd you go; asked Vanessa. (Blade starts, Vanessa looks around, blade goes through Vanessa's neck)

Vanessa...are you all right. Vanessa. (Christopher touches Vanessa, Vanessa falls) Vanessa. (Killer Baby Doll and Roller Blade run, gun fires) Get back here; said Christopher. (Lucas punches Christopher, Christopher drops gun) Stay away from the puppets; said Lucas. You made a bad mistake; said Christopher. (Both Christopher and Lucas fighting, Christopher falls then kicks Lucas's knee, Lucas groans, gun cocks, Christopher laughs, Dr. Roboto sticks drill into Christopher's leg, Christopher screams then falls) Puppets...come on; said Lucas running. (Gun fires, Lucas groans)

(Deep voice) Now either shoot me or I'll shoot you; said Mr. Jefferson. You wouldn't kill your niece; said Rhiannoni. (Deep voice) No...I wouldn't, but my puppets will; said Mr. Jefferson. (Duplicate of puppets approach) Uncle...please; said Rhiannoni. (Deep voice) Sorry...puppets attack; said Mr. Jefferson. (Guns firing, duplicates falling) We need to leave; said Rhiannoni. (Boxxes opening, duplicates walking out) Rhiannoni...look out. (Rhiannoni looks, cannon fires, Rhiannoni gasps) Rhiannoni...damn it; said Amy.

(Footsteps walking, Christopher groans) me; said Christopher. Give meyour hand. (Mr. Jefferson picks up Christopher) Where are the puppets; asked Mr. Jefferson. I think over there; said Christopher. (Footsteps walking, Mr. Jefferson sees blood) This way Christopher...we're getting close; said Mr. Jefferson. (Lucas groaning) There he is; said Christopher. (Footsteps approaching, Mr. Jefferson kneels) So...where's the puppets. Either you tell me or you get shot; said Mr. Jefferson. Lucas spits at Mr. Jefferson) I'm not telling you nothing; said Lucas. (Mr. Jefferson pulls out gun) I didn't want to do this. (Blade hits Mr. Jefferson's hand) Ow...the puppets, get them; said Mr. Jefferson.

(Christopher runs after puppets, Mr. Jefferson takes out blade) Get back here...oh puppets; said Christopher. (Saw starts, Christopher stops) Christopher...stop fooling around; said Mr. Jefferson. Who says I'm fooling around; said Christopher. (Fluffy Demon grabs Christopher's leg then throws him off catwalk onto computers, electric. sparks fry Christopher, Christopher gives dying gasp) Christopher...go ...we're leaving; said Mr. Jefferson. (Gun fire) Lucas...Lucas...let him go; said Amy. Sorry...but I need to leave. If I stay here, the building will explode. So I must make my leave; said Mr. Jefferson. (Puppets jump at Mr. Jefferson) Lucas. (Lucas runs, Mr. Jefferson throws puppets then runs) Let's go; said Amy.

(Duplicates walk in) Let's get out of here; said Lucas. (Both running) Hey...the puppets; said Amy. (Puplets fighting duplicates) We won't have time to save them. We need to leave; said Lucas. (Both running, door opens, building explodes, both fall) You all right; asked Amy. Yeah...well the puppets are gone; said Lucas. (Gun cocks) You...get destroyed my puppets. Now I'm gonna destroy you. (Sirens in distance) Well...maybe another time; said Mr. Jefferson running. (Lucas runs, jumps at Mr. Jefferson then punches him continuously) Don't move; said Lucas. (Mr. Jefferson grabs gun then tries firing it, another gun fires, Mr. Jefferson falls down) Now he could stay; said Amy. (Police cars stop, doors open) Miss Amy Blue...thanks for calling. Mr. Eugene Jefferson...a perspn who's wanted around the world. You're under arrest for making illegal puppets made of illegal machinery; said the Sheriff. (Door opens then shuts)

(Police car drives away) Well...let's go home; said Lucas. (Both start to walk away, Amy looks back) Lucas...look; said Amy. Lucas turns around, puppets appear in line) Guys...your alive; said Lucas. Let's go home guys; said Amy. (All walking away)


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