Eye Of The Hurricane 2: California Heat

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When the hurricane returns to California. The survivors must beat the it again. But will they survive the heat.

Submitted: January 13, 2015

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Submitted: January 13, 2015



(Books being placed down, Charlue appears) Hello class, I'm Charlie P'Nawl. My wife, Hilary P'Nawl. And ine if the best meteorologists I know. Miss Ann Hart. Now, we are going to teach you about meteorology; said Charlie. (Ann writes on chalkboard, Alex and Thomas looking at Ann's butt) Look at that; said Thomas. (Charlie kneels by Thomas) You know, I want you two to stay after class; said Charlie.

Yes sir; said Alex. (Charlie walks away, bell rings, Alex and Thomas walk towards desk) What are we in trouble for; asked Thomas. Well first, I want you to apologize to Miss Hart. 'Cause I heard what you said. Apologize; said Charlie. Sorry; said Alex. Yeah, whatever; said Thomas. Well, since you apologized. You two will help with our project; said Charlie. Yes sir; said Alex. (Alex and Thomas walk out of classroom)

Thanks Charlie; said Ann. (Knocking) Hi, I'm Staci Blue. I heard you say something about a project. Could me and my friends help; asked Staci. (Charlie looks at Hilary and Ann) Sure...I think we have something; said Charlie. Thanks; said Staci walking away. So, what's the project; asked Hilary. I don't know. Think of one, won't you; asked Charlie smiling.

(Water appears then splashes wildly, wind blowing, trers falling, neeping on computer, Charlie wakes up then walks to computer, Hilary gets up) What's wrong; asked Hilary. (Charlie points)

(Hilary looks) It's back; said Charlie. I'll get Ann; said Hilary. (Charlie grabs paper then reads them, sun rises, Thomas and Alex standing by door) Where are they. They said to meet them here; said Alex.

(Group approaches) Where is Mr. P'Nawl; asked Staci. Who cares; said Thomas. (Footsteps approach) Sorry, but we can't do the project. We have stuff to do; said Charlie. (Door opens, all walk into room, Charlie, Hilary and Ann sitting at desk) What's better than a project; asked Staci. Listen, a hurricane is coming again. But these numbers are weird; said Charlie.

(Alex looks at paper) 'Cause these numvers are faded. But, it looks to me like the hurricane's not alone; said Alex. What do you mean; asked Charlie. This paper says there's a heat wave coming; said Alex. A heat wave, then it'll be dangerous to go outside. Durin' the day; said Charlie.

(All look outside, people on beach, water slowly gets sucked up by sand, heat rises, woman on beach start burning, people screaming then start burning) What do we do; asked Alex. We need to get to my house. I need my equipment; said Charlie. What about outside. The sun will probably kill us; said Hilary. Yeah...only if we stay in the shade; said Charlie. Let's get going; said Ann.

(All grabbing items then walj to door, creaking, all stop, creaking continues, windows smash, all fall, sun shines in, all in shade,, Ann looks, sunshine goes towards her, Charlie grabs Ann) You all right. (Ann nods her head yes) Is everyone here. (Charlie sees Freddie under desks) Freddie; said Charlie. (Freddie groans, Mollie and Patrick run to Freddie) I'm stuck; said Freddie. Hang on; said Patrick. Help; said Mollie. (Suzanne runs over)

(Hilary steps forward, Charlie hold out his hand) The sunlight is blocking thier path; said Charlie. (Sunshies goes towards Mollie, Freddie, Patrick and Suzanne) The sunshine...guys; said Alex. (All four look, sunshine gets closer) Goid-bye guys; said Freddie. (Sunshine hits all four, all four burning and screaming) Let's get to my house. Quickly and shady; said Charlie. (All running then stop at doors) You see any shade; asked Hilary.

Yeah...stay in the shade only; said Charlie. (All walking in shade) How far's your house; asked Staci. Just through this alley; said Charlie. (All walking down alley) At least there's no sunshine down here; said Ann. (Alex moves Ann, sunshine appears, all look) Sorry for grabbing you so fast; said Alex. You saved me; said Ann. We can't go this way. We have to take the long way; said Charlie.

(All turn, sunshine blocks them) Now what; asked Thomas. (Sunshine gets closer, Charlie sees window) Through there; said Charlie jumping through window. (All go through window, Alex goes through window, sunshine hits Alex's hand) Ow...that hurt; said Alex. Maybe we should wait until night; said Hilary. Yeah, everyone is gonna wait here. Once night comes. We'll be home free; said Charlie. (All sit, Thomas looks out window)

(Staci approaches Thomas) You all right; asked Staci. I'm gonna leave. I don't think they know this shit. I mean, a hurricane brought this heat wave. If you want, come along; said Thomas. How; asked Staci. I'm gonna steal that car. When I'm alone, I'm leaving; said Thomas. I'll come too; said Staci. (Alex walks to Ann) Hi...I'm sorry for what Thomas said; said Alex.

What did he say; asked Ann. He loved your ass. But I didn't say anything; said Alex. (Charlie and Hilary talking, Thomas nods to Staci, both slowly walk away, Alex and Ann laughing, Alex looks then sees door opened) Something wrong; asked Ann. Charlie, Thomas and Staci are gone; said Alex. (All look out window, Thomas and Staci walking in shade) Be careful; said Hilary.

(Thomas and Staci get to car) Get in quickly; said Thomas. (Door opens then shuts) That was close; said Staci. Where's the keys; asked Thomas. (Both looking, sunshune goes slowly onto car, both continue looking, sunshine on roof) Oh no...the sunshine; said Charlie. (Thomas grabs keys) I found them; said Thomas. (Both look, sunshine goes into car, both scream then get burnt, Charlie looks then sees tarps) I've got an idea; said Charlie.

(Tarps moving outside, all four carring tarps) It's working; said Hilary. We're almost there; said Charlie. (Door opens, all walk into house) What are we looking for; asked Alex. Four poles; said Ann. Right there; said Charlie. (Poles being put into bags) What now; asked Alex. Get on the school, plant these. Then just like the hurricane. Good-bye heat wave; said Charlie. (All grab tarps then walk outside)

(Ann's shoelace gets caught) Wait, my shoelace...it's stuck; said Ann. Help her; said Charlie. (Alex tries untying shoelace, sunshine gets closer) Hurry; said Hilary. (Alex pulls out knife then cuts shoelace) Go; said Alex. (All running, sunshine hits hydrant) That was close; said Charlie. (All running into school) Up to the roof. Then plant those poles; said Hilary. (Roof door opens, tarps moving, Alex and Ann plant poles into roof)

(Hilary and Charlie plant poles) They're ready; said Charlie. (Ann and Alex go to walk, tarp is caught in ground) Ann, wait; said Alex echoing. (Tarp rips in half, Alex in sunshine then burns, Ann, falls, gets knocked out then is covered with tarp) Ann, I'll get her; said Charlie. (Hilary goes into stairwell, Charlie grabs Ann then runs to stairwell) Is she all right; asked Hilary. Hopefully; said Charlie.

(Poles turn on) Here; said Hilary. For you Jake; said Charlie pushing trigger. (Light goes into sky, explosion, both fall then look) Did we do it; asked Hilary. Stay here; said Charlie walking out. (Sunshine on Charlie, Charlie looks at Hilary) It worked; said Hilary running to Charlie. (Ann groans) What happened; asked Ann. It's over; said Hilary. (All three on roof then cheer) I think we should leave California. To much weather problems; said Charlie. (A three laughing)


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