Eye Of The Hurricane

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When a terrible hurricane comes up the coast. People must learn about it or be sucked up into the eye.

Submitted: January 10, 2015

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Submitted: January 10, 2015



(Boat floating, Steve and Alley sleeping, wind blowing, clouds appear, thunder and lightning in sky, water crashes into boat, Steve and Alley wake up) What's going on; asked Alley. Stay here, it might be dangerous; said Steve. (Footsteps running, Steve grabs wheel, engine flooding, boom swings then hits Steve, Steve falls overboard) Steve, are you all right. Steve; said Alley going outside. (Wind picks up, Alley falls, boat rises then gets thrown, Alley screams then smackes against water, sky clears)

Two Hours Later: (Beeping on radar, Jake K. types) This xan't be; said Jake K. What's wrong Jake; asked Ann. It says that the hurricane's gone. Is this hooked up right; asked Jake K. Yes, Angela and Jonas hooked it up. And they're tech-nerds. Let me see; said Ann looking. (Beeping continues, footsteps walking) Something wrong; asked Jake T. Yeah, the radar says the hurricane's gone; said Jake K. It's gone...I'll tell Charlie and Hilary; said Jake T. grabbing phone. Where's the others at; asked Ann. Down in the lab; said Jake T.

(Phone ringing, hand grabs phone) Hello; said Charlue. Sorry to bother you. But, were looking at the radar. The hurricane is gone, sir; said Jake T. (Charlie groans) Me and Hilary will be thete soon. (Phone hangs up) We need to get to the lab; said Charlie putting on shirt. (Hilary sits up) Can't we stay here; asked Hilary. Well, this is what us meteorologists do. Come on and get dressed; said Charlie. (Hilary groans then lays down, car driving) Why did I marry you; asked Hilary.

'Cause you love me and the job; said Charlie. (Car pulls into lot then parks, doors open then shut, footsteps walking, people in lab, door opens) Guys, we need you upstairs; said Hilary. (People walking upstairs) Here they are; said Jake T. Now, show me the radar; said Charlie. Look for yourself. (Charlie looks) It disappeared, like how it came; said Jake K. Hurricane's do that Jake; said Charlie. Yeah, but this hurricane had these wind speeds; said Jake T..

(Charlue looks at papper) This ain't good. You're sure about this. (Jake T. nods) Damn it; said Charlie. What's wrong; asked Hilary. It's a God damn strong hurricane; said Charlie. Which means; asked Jonas. If it keeps doing what it's doing. It could kill all humanity. Which means, it's a \"Super Hurricane\"; said Charlie. (All groan) Well, can't we stop it; asked Bonnie. Well, with our technology. I think we could. But, we need to find out where it's heading first; said Charlie.

(Robert whispers to Jake T.) All right...something's happening on the news; said Jake T. (T.v. turns on, reporter on t.v.) We just found a boat which has been destroyed. As well, two bodies were found. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Peterson were found today; said the reporter. Give me a map. It was here, on the Pacific coastline. So, it might head either up or down. We need to get out there, fast; said Charlie.

(Equipment being placed into van, Charlie looking at pictures) So, do you have a plan; asked Hilary. Well, if we could get our equipment out. We could destroy it. No more hurricane; said Charlie. Let's just hope it works; said Hilary.

California Coastline: (People surfing, sky turns black, wind blowing, water crashing, people trying to swim, water rises, surfers being thrown up, thudding sounds, trees falling, van driving, doors open) This is dangerous; said Jake T. Let's do what we came here to do; said Charlie.

(Cases opening, poles go into ground, Jonas pulls out wire, paper flies, Charlie chases paper, paper in water, Charlie looks up, wave forms, all look then run, Charlie watching) Charlie; yelled Hilary. (Robert pulls Charlie, wave crashes, Robert falls by pole then touches it, water hits pole, Robert gets electrified, van drives away, sky clears, all sitting at rable, girls crying, Charlie kicks chair) Damn it...this is my fault. I should of ran. But, something kept me there; said Charlie.

Stop blamming yourself. It's not your fault; said Hilary. Come on boss, what should we do; asked Jonas. We'll, go as planned. Try to destroy it; said Charlie. All right...let's get something to eat. Then call it a day. We'll start fresh in the morning; said Hilary. (All walking, Charlie and Hilary sleeping, footsteps walking towards pool, Jennie puts down towel then takes off clothes, water splashes, Jennie swimming, footsteps approach) You don't mind if I join you; asked Jonas.

Come on in. The waters great; said Jennie. (Jonas goes into water) Ah, this is nice; said Jonas. You know what else is nice; asked Jennie throwing bra at Jonas. Welk, I won't say no ti that; said Jonas kissing Jennie. (Footsteps approach) Mind if I join; asked Jake K. Yes; said both Jennie and Jonas. (Jake K. goes into pool) Let's finish this some place else Jonas; said Jennie. (Both get out of pool) Have fun Jake; saidJonas. You too; said Jake K. laughing.

(Wind blowing, Jake K. closes his eyes, thunder and lightning appear, Jake K. looks then gets out of pool, lightning strikes ground, Jake K. falls into pool, lightning hits telephone pole, Jake K. resurfaces, telephone pole falls onto Jake K., Jake K. being crushed and electrified, thunder and lightning disappears, sun rises, ambulance pulls up, all walking then see Jake K.'s body) That's Jake; said Charlie. What happened; asked Hilary. The wind must of knocked it ovee; saud hotel guest.

We need to do this fast; said Charlie. What do you reckon; asked Jake T. We go out to the ocean. We should be able to do it; said Charlie. (All walking, poles being pulled out, two boats appear) Why two boats; asked Jonas. For better reception. You take two poles. We'll take two. Hilary, Ann and Angela with me. Jonas, Jennie, Jake T. and Bonnie together. Follow us; said Charlie. (Boats start then drive off) Do you think we'll destroy it; asked Hilary. Your doubting me; said Charlie.

(Clouds appear then rain, thunder and lightning in sky, Charlie points) Over that way; said Bonnie. (Boats go over) We're gonna do it; said Charlie. (Wind gets stronger, boat shakes, Bonnie falls out) Pull her up; said Jake T. (Boat turning) Stop turning; said Jennie. It's the wind; said Jake T. (Bonnie raises hand, engine rumbles, Bonnie looks then screams, blades cut Bonnie's chest, engine turns off, Bonnie goes under, Jennie starts crying) What's going on over there; asked Charlie over radio.

(Jake T. grabs radio) Charlie, we lost Binnie. She's dead; said Jake T. (All gasp) I read you. Let's head back; said Charlie. (Boats turn around, boat bounces, all three fall) What the hell; asked Jennie. Charlie, look; said Hilary. (Boat rises, Jake T. falls out of boat, water splashes, all watching boat) Jonas and Jennie are still on there; said Charlie. (Boat starts breaking, two figures falling, smacking sounds, Hilary sees object flying towards them) Duck; said Hilary. (All duck, blade decapitates Angela, all three look, Angela's body falls off boat)

Get us out of here; said Ann. (Charlie looks, Jake T. gets to boat) Did you see that; asked Jake T. (Boat drives off, all four sitting at table) We need to do something; said Hilary. Yeah, and fast too; said Jake T. (Charlie looking at picture of hurricane) I've got it. Where would it be safer. On the ourside or inside; asked Charlie. Inside, what you getting at; asked Hilary. For a hurricane. The outside is disaster. But what about the inside; asked Charlue. Someine's loopy, a hurricane doesn't have an inside; said Jake T.

Yes it does. 'Cause we, use, people. We have an eye. It's a vulnerable spot on us. What about the hurricane; asked Charlie. Yeah then attach all four poles; said Hilary. (All four get to boat, boat drives off, poles being set up, cloyds appear, rainning, thunder and lightning in the sky, boat bounces) I can see it. Everybody get ready; said Charlie. (Rumbling, all nod, poles make square light then shines up, rumbling continues, Jake T. falls, bags fall onto Jake T.'s ankle, boat rises) Get off the boat; said Ann jumping off.

(Hilary follows, Charlie looks then goes to Jake T.) You won't have time. Just leave me; said Jake T. Good-bye brother; said Charlie jumping off. (Water splashes, all resurface) Push the button; said Hilary. I don't have it; said Charlie. (Jake T. pulls out trigger) Good-bye hurricane bitch; said Jake T. pushing button. (Boat explodes, light shines into sky, clouds disappear, all three swimming, people cheering, all three walking) Let's go home; said Charlie. (Van drives away, blue sky appears, Jake T.'s spirit appears then smiles)


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