Hyenas 3: Their Opening Meal

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
The hyenas are back but are really hungry. And once people start being eatten. No one will survive as their meal.

Submitted: February 11, 2015

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Submitted: February 11, 2015



(Footsteps walking, dog barks, gun fires, duck falls) Go get it boy. Go on...go get it. (Dog sniffing, bushes rustling, dog barks) What is it boy...another animal. Well go get it...go on. (Dog runs into forest, man #1 picks up duck, bushes rustling) Duke...here boy...Duke. (Growling from forest) Duke...here boy. (Hyena appears) What...hey little fella. What you doing in the forest. (Hyena growls) Oh...you have a temper...maybe I should shoot you. (Another hyena appears then growls) Where are you coming from. (More hyenas appear then growl, man #1 raises gun) Stay away...get away...get back...get. (Man #1 turns around, hyenas surround man #1 then growl) Stay away...get; said man #1. (Hyenas jump at man#1, man#1 screams)

(Footsteps walking) Honey...where's the shampoo at; asked Michael. Check your bag...if it's not there then try mine; said Melissa. (Shower starts, Melissa humming, Michael looking through bag then pulls out gun) What the hell...how'd that get in there. (Michael puts gun into back pocket then pulls shirt over it) Honey, I'm going to the store. I'll be back. (Car door shuts, engine rumbles, car driving, Michael sees car on side of road, car stops, door opens, Michael walks towards car) Hello..hello..is something here. (Michael pulls out cell-phone) Hello...yeah, it's Officer Fredrickson. I'm down by the quad path. I think old man Harold went hunting again. I thought you suspended his license; asked Michael. We'll be there soon; said officer #1.

(Michael hangs up, buttons beeping, phone rings) Hello...hey dad; said Carlon. Go get your mother. (Carlon hands phone to Melissa) Melissa...honey, I'm gonna be awhile. I found old man Harlod's car. I think he went hunting. So I'll be here; said Michael. (Cars stop, doors open) What's going on; asked the Sheriff. We need to go find old man Harold, sir. (Guns cocking) All right...I need two teams. One will check towards the mill to the east. The other will check the valley to the west. All of us will meet back at this spot. And take your GPS just in case you get lost; said Michael.

(Footsteps walking) Hey...how much farther is it. My feet are killing me...ow; said Kimberly. How about I rub them. I give the best rubs ever; said Robert. No thanks...so how much farther; asked Kimberly. It's about ten to twenty minutes. We're almost there...you can make it; said Raven. (Footsteps continue walking, bushes rustling) Hey...two animals are dping it. Give me your paintball gun. I hope you like this. (Paintball gun fires, animals run, Robert laughs) Yeah...keep running...stupid animals; said Robert. (David grabs gun) Knock it off...give me the gun. Benjamin, keep this away from him. Now...let's keep moving. Your brother's an asshole. Why did we bring him. I'm fine with your friends, but not him; said David.

Don't worry...we'll have time alone. There it is...guys, we're here. I'll go show you aroud...let's go David; said Raven. I'll be there. I'm gonna check something. (David walks towards woods, looks at bushes, sees blood, brings out test tube, pours blood into tube then walks to cabin) Hey.. whete's my microscope...thanks; said David. What are you doing; asked Raven. I found some blood outside and it's fresh. So whatever it was I could find out. Raven...I need my lab-top. Whoever's blood this is will appear on here; said David. (Keyboard buttons being pressed, lab-top beeping) What's it doing; asked Benjamin. Loading the picture...here it comes. (Picture pf dog appears) Wait. (Buttons being pressed, picture zooms in) That's Duke...he's old man Harold's dog. I wonder if he knows; asked David.

You think we should call him; asked Raven. Yeah...I'll do it. Just read off the number. (Phone dialing then rings) Pick up...pick up...damn it...he's not home. Maybe he's looking for him; said David. I'm going for a walk. If anypne wants to join me they can. Except you Robert, I'll be back soon; said Kimberly. (Doir opens, Kimberly starts walking)

(Footsteps walking, walkie-talkie static) Michael...we found old man Harold. He's dead sir. His body is really chewed up; said officer #2. All right...thanks for telling me. Well...the search is over...Harold's dead. Call the medics and tell them we found Harold's body. (Michael looks into field, animal walking towards woods) Hey...let me see your binoculars. (Michael sees hyena) Uh...look in that direction. Is that a hyena. (Officer #2 looks, sees nothing then shakes his head. no) What...give me those. (Muchael doesn't see hyena) All right, listen team...we have a new assignment. I just saw ahyena in the field. Now it might sound crazy but it's the truth. Now whoever wants to come along they could. But I know what I saw; said Michael walking towards field.

(Footsteps walking, Kimberly sees water, takes off her shoes then puts her feet into water) The water's nice. (Kimberly takes off shirt, twig snaps) Hello...is someone there. (Kimberly takes off pants, jumps into water then starts swimming, another twig snaps) Who's there...hello; said Kimberly. (Robert starts laughing) So...tbese your clothes; asked Robert. Put them down. Robert, put them down; said Kimberly. You want them...come and get them; said Robert. running.

(Kimberly chases Robert, Robert ducks into bushes, Kimberly stops) Robert...come on, stop playing games. Robert...Robert...once I find you...your dead; said Kimberly walking towards cabin.

I got her clothes. (Bushes rustling) Kim...Kimberly, is that you. Kimberly...all right, you could have them back. Kimberly...Kimberly...Kim. (Hyena appears) Whoa...hey little guy. What you doing out here. Are you alone.. maybe I could take you home. Come here. (Robert chases hyena) Come here you bastard. (Hyena whinning, other hyenas growl) What the. (Hyena appears then growls) Oh no...I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm leaving...sorry; said Robert starting to walk. (Hyena growls, Robert stops, more hyenas appear, Robert runs,hyenas jump at Robert, Robert screams)

(Screaming echos) Someone is out here. It came from that way. Let's go...quickly; said Michael. (Footsteps running) Hey Michael...is that old man Harold's dog; asked officer #2. Geez...no normal animal does that. We need to find that guy quickly; said Michael. (Bushes rustling) Sir...over there. (Hyena jumps at officer #2 then bites him) Get it off me; said officer #2. (Guns firing) Stop...it's dead. What did I tell you. It's a hyena and you didn't believe me. (Walkie-talkie static) Sheriff...Sheriff...I found Harold's dog. It's dead...but listen to this. I found what kill the dog...it was a hyena. What are hyenas doing in these woods. Sheriff...Sheriff. Something's wrong...the Sheriff ain't answering. You two take him back. The rest of us will go on. Just be careful...I think there's more out here; said Michael. (Footsteps walking)

(Kimberly walks into cabin) Where 's Robert, I'm gonna kill him; said Kimberly. Uh Kim...you''re half naked; said Raven. Yeah...'cause your stupid brother took my clothes; said Kimberly. Where is he anyway; asked Raven. I thought he came back here; said Kimberly. No he didn't; said David. Maybe he got lost; said Benjamin. Well then we need to find him. You three girls stay here...just in case he comes back. Me, Benjamin and Flea will go find him. We'll be back before nightfall; said David.

(Footsteps walking, bushes rustling) Over there...keep your eyes open. (Bushes stop rustling, Michael slowly walks towards it then moves bushes, all see chewed up carcass) Damn...this must of been that guy who screamed. Let's keep moving...we need to kill those animals. Before spmething else happens; said Michael. (Walkie-talkie static) Yeah...uh Mike, we have a problem here. The Sheriff's dead and so are the others. Maybe we shiuld call off the search for today. Hey...what's that...what the; said officer #3. (Screaming over walkie-talkie, hyenas growling) We need to stop them, quickly. Their getting smarter every second we wait; said Michael. Uh sir...we have a problem; said officer #4 pointing. (Michael looks, five hyenas appear then growl, all raise guns, htenas jump at officers, guns firing)

(Footsteps walking) \"ROBERT\"...where are you. \"ROBERT\"...\"ROBERT.\" Once we find him, hopefully I could kill him; said David. (Flea sees tracks) Hey...these aren't regular anuimal tracks. These tracks are from a animal from a different continent. I would say maybe from...Africa; said Flea. Well...at least we have a tracker with us. What kind of animal do you think it is; asked David. Maybe a cheetah; said Flea. A cheetah...I don't think so. Maybe a cougar or panther; said David. Well...my other suggestion was gonna be a hyena. But the thing is, hyenas wounldn't survive up here. Hyenas need heat and there's no jeat here; said Flea. What if they keep feeding constantly...wiuld it survive then; asked David.

Probably...but it would have to do it hourly. Also, the hyenas would be more hungeryer, faster and a lot meaner; said Flea. That is a load of-; said Benjamin being attacked by hyenas then screams. Run...go. (Hyenas chase Flea and David) Keep running Flea; said David. Dave...look. (Both stop then look down cliff, hyenas approaching) Dave...we need to jump. It's either water or their meal; said Flea jumping. (Water splashes, David looks, hyenas growling, David jumps into water)

I can't wait any longer. I'll go find him; said Beyonce. No...we need to stay here. They'll be back soon...just wait awhile; said Raven. No...I'm gonna find him myself; said Beyonce opening door. (Hyenad bites her leg, Beyonce falls then screams) Let go of her...let go; said Raven hitting hyena. (Hyena falls, Kimberly hits hyena continuously) It's dead; said Kimberly.

(Beyonce groans) Help please; said Beyonce. (Both carry Beyonce to couch, footsteps approach) Their back...guys; said Raven walking towards door then stops. (Gun appears) Who are you...answer the question; said Michael. I'm Raven...who are you; asked Raven. Officer Fredrickson...but call me Michael. Are you alone here; asked Michael. No...me and two of my friends are here. Also...three other wemmt looking for my brother; said Raven. Well, we need to find them fast. Oh...did this waych belong to someone; asked Michael. Yeah...it's my brother's. He's being looked for; said Raven.

Does he have a blue shirt, black pants and long black hair. (Raven nods) Well...I don't know how to say this, but he's dead. An animal attacked him. Well, actually a pack did; said Michael. A pack...a pack of wolves; asked Raven. No...something more dangerous. It was a pack of htenas. You think I'm an idiot, don't you; asked Michael. No...a hyena tried to kill my friend. The body is over there by the door; said Raven. (Micharl walks towards hyenas body) Was this the only one. (Raven nods) Well...this is how it is. This is a baby hyena...not that much dangerous. Now...the mother isn't that far away; said Michael.

How much farther; asked Raven. (Michael looks up, hyenas coming towards cabin) Well...that answers your question. (Htenas run towards cabin, both Raven and Michael shut door, hyenas trying to knock down door) We need to leave. (Raven and Kimberly pick up Beyonce) Here...I'll carry her...just go. Is there a back door; asked Michael. (Raven tries opening door) It's stuck; said Raven. Watch out. (Michael kicks open door) Go...into the woods; said Michael. (All running into woods, on other side of cabin, David and Flea run out of woods then towards cabin, David spots hyena then stops) Flea...stop running...\"FLEA.\" (Flea looks then falls over hyena, hyenas attack Flea, Flea screams) I'm out of here; said David running down dirt road.

(Footsteps running) What way; asked Raven. Wrll...one leads farther into the woods. The other back to the cabin. But I don't know what direction; said Michael. Wait...the stars...we could follow the stars. If you ever took astrology at night. The stars line up in the sky. It makes an arrow...right there. It's left...let's go; said Raven. Well we better move fast...here they come. (Hyenas running towards them, all run down path) Keep going...whoa. (Water racing then splashes) We need to get over to that side; said Michael. (Hyenas stop then walk slowly towards them)

We need to jump into the water; said Raven. Your right...everyone jump. (All jump into water, Michael resurfaces) Is everyone up...Raven...Beyonce...Kimberly; said Michael. I'm fine...Kimberly...Beyonce...where are you; asked Raven. I'm over here...I also have Beyonce; said Kimberly. Get to land...give me your hand. (Michael pulls all three up, brings out flashlight then turns it on) Everyone stick together. (Footsteps walking) Ih no...look where we are; said Michael. Well...let's go down the road; said Raven.

(Raven starts to walk) Wait...listen...you hear that. (All listening) There's no noise...run...run fast as you can. Everybody run. (All run, hyenas appear then chase them) Don't look back...keep going; said Michael. (Beyonce looks back, hyena growls) Could you run faster; asked Betonce. I'm going as fast as I ca-ah; said Michael tripping. (Beyonce falls down hill then hits rock) Ow...my back. (Bushes rustling) Guys...is that you; asked Beyonce. (Hyena appears then growls, Beyonce gulps, more hyenas appear then attack Beyonce, Beuyonce screams, screaming echos) Oh no...I think tgat was Beyonce. You guys head that way. I need to kill these things; said Michael.

(Footsteps running) Something's coming; said Kimberly. (David appears then runs into Michael) Sorry...guys, where's the others; asked David. They...uh...died; said Raven. Who's this guy; asked David. I'm Offocer Fredrickson and we need to leave; said Michael. (Hyenas appear, all run) Where we heading; asked David. (All running, Michael sees shed) Everyone in here; said Michael. (Door opens) Michael...get in here; said Raven. Stay safe. (Shed door shuts) Come on...this way. (Hyenas chase Michael, Michael runs into cabin, hyenas follow, back door opens then shuts, hyenas growl) Ha...wait...the front door. (Michael runs to front then quickly shuts door, hyenas continue growling) Yeah...now your trapped; said Michael.

(Hand touches Michael, Michael screams) Whoa...it's just us. So...they in there; asked Raven. Ya...and we should leave. That cabin won't hold forever; said Michael. (All walk away) Why didn't you kill them; asked Raven. Because...I need to get you all out of here. (Wind blowing) Wait...you hear that. (Helicopter flies above) No...we need to run; said Michael. Why; asked all three of them. (Michael sees hyenas approaching) Their coming...run...go-go. The hyenas are coming, also that helicopter has missiles. (Helicopter drops missile, explosion) Everyone get down; said Michael. (Hyenas get fried, all four coughing then walk out of woods, ambulance sirens going off) Hey...thanks for saving them; said David. No problem...hey, stay safe. (Micjael sees Melissa and Carlon, Carlon runs towards Michael, Michael picks up Carlon) I know...but I have something for you. Hey Officer Parker...I quit. Now you can be the Deputy; said Michael walking away.


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