Prehistoric Poultry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a nest of eggs if discovered. People take the eggs back to civilization. But are we ready for a new kind of species.

(Boat goes towards island, water crashing) Sergeant, what are we looking for; asked Jimmy. I'll tell you when we see it; said Sergeant Noris. (Boat hits land, people get off boat, crates being opened, guns appear then get cocked, all start walking into woods, Sergeant Noris looks down, all stop) Why'd we stop; asked Jimmy. To see which way it went; Sergeant Noris. I don't know what way it-; said Jimmy being interrupted. Everything is never eye level, son; said Sergeant Noris. walking ahead. (Jimmy steps, squishing sound, all see footprint then follow Sergeant Noris, bushes move, nest appears) Serg., aren't those eggs; asked Jimmy. Yes...and it's even better than the creature; said Sergeant Noris.

(All grabbing eggs then put them into crates, crates being carried, Jimmy approaches Sergeant Noris) Serg., I think this is a bad idea. The mother is probably close by; said Jimmy. Then we'll capture the mother too; said Sergeant Noris. (Crates go onto boat, roaring in distance, all look, trees falling) Sergeant, we need to leave; said Jimmy. No, it's time to capture it; said Sergeant Noris. (Guns cocking, Jimmy goes to boat, people running, tree breaks then crushes people, creature appears then roars) Serg...come on; said Jimmy. (Sergeant Noris aims gun, creature swings it's tail, Sergeant Noris gets hit ,goes into tree, groans then reaxches for gun, creature squishes gun,creature raises right foot, Jimmy moves Sergeant Noris, foot hits ground)

Thank you James; said Sergeant Noris. (Both goes towards boat) We need to lose the eggs; said Jimmy. No...they're to important. I need them; said Sergeant Noris. (Creature bites Sergeant Noris's leg then throws him, Jimmy goes into boat, boats engine starts then drives away, creature roars,Jimmy throws crates overboard then sighs) Their yours again; said Jimmy. (Two eggs appear under seat)

Two Weeks Later: (Dishes being washed, door opens) Dad's coming; said Louise. Are you sure; asked Trina. Yeah. (Engine rumbles, boat approaches dock, house door opens, boat stops, Will walking towards house) Dad; said Louise running to Will. (Will hugs Louise then goes towards Trina) Honey. (Will kisses Trina) How's everything here; asked Will. Great, now. I'm glad your back; said Trina. (Will smiles then walks towards Trina then kisses her again) I missed you; said Will. (Both walk into bedroom, clothes fall to floor, Trina moaning, both laying on bed, Will kisses Trina's nose, coffee being poured) Here; said Trina handing cup of coffee. Thanks; said Will looking at paper.

(Knocking on door) I'll get it; said Louise. (Door opens, Jimmy appears) Louise...get your parents; said Jimmy falling. Mom, Dad; said Louise. (Trina and Louise approach) James; said Will. (Trina and Will carry Jimmy to couch) Will, who is he; asked Trina. My younger brother; said Will. I didn't know you had a brother; said Trina. Well there's a span between us; said Will. How big of a span; asked Trina. Ten years. I wonder what happened to him; asked Will. Let's wait until he wakes up; said Trina. (Louise walks outside then sees suitcase, suitcase opens, two eggs appear, Louise takes eggs then hides them into hoodie pockets)

(Will and Trina talking, Louise walks past then goes upstairs, door closes, Louise pulls eggs out of hoodie pockets) Eggs, I wonder what type; said Jimmy. (Jimmy groans then wakes up) Hey Jimmy; said Will. you doing; asked Jimmy. Fine...hey, what happened to you; asked Will. I don't remember anything; said Jimmy. Well, just sit tight and relax; said Trina. (Jimmy falls asleep, Louise holding eggs, knocking on door) Just a sec. (Louise hides eggs under bed) Come in; said Louise. (Door opens) Come see your Uncle James; said Trina. All right down; said Louise. (Door shuts, night falls, Louise opens window, climbs down tree then goes into woods, shovel digging hole, Louise places eggs into hole then burys them)

One Year Later: (Footsteps walking, Jimmy looking at paper, Trina approaches) Hey James; said Trina. Trina...hey, this guy in the paper says there's a new kind of species; said Jimmy. Yeah. (Trina sees picture of Sergeant Noris) He looks like a leader of an army; said Trina. His name's Professor J. Noris. You know, he looks familiar; said Jimmy. Hey, since you can't remember anything. I've got a psychologist's number; said Trina. Sure, I'll give it a a shot; said Jimmy. (Louise appears) I'm going out; said Louise. Just be careful; said Trina. Louise, every morning you go out there. Are you hiding something; asked Jimmy. No...what I do isn't important; said Louise walking outside. He'd be a great lawyer; said Jimmy.

(Will approaches) Well, I'm off to the meeting; said Will. Have fun; said Jimmy. (Louise starts dirtbike then drives into woods, hole appears, dirtbike shuts off) Here chicks...where are you; asked Louise. (Female creature squawks, Louise looks then pets female creature, twig snaps, Louise looks, man appears, sees female creature then runs, Louise looks at female creature, Will opens door, people talking) Everyone please take a seat. We have an important announcement. Everyone, please welcome our new boss. Professor J. Noris; said Tim. Thank you. Now I'd like to thank Tim Burts for this chance. I'll be the best boss ever. Now please get to work, thank you; said Professor J. Noris. Mr. Noris, hi I'm Will Burnston. I'd like to welcome you; said Will.

Burnston...are you related to a James Burnston; asked Professor J. Noris. Yeah, he's my brother. If you want to, come see him. How about dinner with my family; asked Will. A home cooked meal, sounds deliteful; said Professor J. Noris. (Phone rings, Professor J. Noris answers phone) I found it; said the man. If you'd excuse me. Where are they; asked Professor J. Noris. A kid has them. In the woods by the lake; said the man. When they're alone. Grab them; said Professor J. Noris. (Phone clicks, Professor J. Noris sighs then walks away, knocking on door) Hey kiddo, I'm going for a walk. Want to come; asked Jimmy. No thanks; said Louise. Suit yourself; said Jimmy.

(Door olens, Jimmy runs into woods, Louise watching then follows, Jimmy stops then sees footprint, Louise behind tree, female creature by Louise then squawks lowly) Shh...where's your brother; asked Louise. (Jimmy bends down, touches footprint then stands, male creature behind Jimmy, Jimmy turns around, male creature squawks at Jimmy, Jimmy falls) This is just a dream. A real and fury one; said Jimmy. (Male creature gets closer to Jimmy) \"NO\" (Jimmy and male creature look) Don't hurt him; said Louise. (Male creature runs off, Jimmy stands, Louise approaches with female creature) I'm not crazy. You've gotta explain; said Jimmy. Well, these creatures were those eggs I found; said Louise. Out here; asked Jimmy. No...your suitcase. Last year; said Louise. A year...I'm trying to...comprehend. We don't tell your parents. Not yet; said Jimmy.

(Door opens, Trina appears) Hey, were you two hanging out; asked Trina. Kind of. We've found out some surprises; said Jimmy. That's great. Oh, were having company for dinner. Will's new boss. That Professor fellow; said Trina. Well...more the more surprises, right Louise; asked Jimmy. Yeah; said Louise. (Male creature walking, man whistles, male creature squawks then runs towards man, net captures male creature, male creature squawking, man pulls out walkie) We've got it; said the man. Good...take it and wait for my orders; said Prpfessor J. Noris. (Car approaches, knocking on door, doir opens) Hello Prpfessor; said Trina. Please, call me Noris. It's my last name, but I like it; said Professor J. Noris. Hello Noris; said Will. must be Louise. And James Burnston. How you been, son; asked Professor J. Noris.

You've met before; asked Will. If we did, it's a blur to me; said Jimmy. Well, how about a home coocked meal. Where's that; asked Professor J. Noris. This way sir; said Trina. (All eatting, So, what's your major; asked Jimmy. I'm actually a paleontologist. But I went to our business. 'Cause I stopped looking for extinct creatures; saud Professor J. Noris. That's interesting. Have you ever seen a bird dinosaur; asked Jimmy. No, I haven't. Dinosaurs are extinct; said Professor J. Noris. Yeah, but what if there were; asked Jimmy. We'd be dead; said Professor J. Noris laughing. (Trina and Will laugh along) I've got another question for you; asked Jimmy. Shoot; said Professor J. Noris. What happened to your leg; asked Jimmy. Well, it was surgecally removed. I had an infection; said Professor J. Noris.

Any more questions, Jimmy; asked Will. No; said Jimmy. Well, this was a great meal. I must get home and sleep; said Professor J. Noris. (Car drives away) Louise, I'm gonna borrow your bike. I'll bring it back; said Jimmy. Follow's over here; said Louise. (Dirtbike starts then drives off, Jimmy sees car, car pulls into parking-lot, Jimmy turns off dirtbike then slowly walks toqards building, door opens, Professor J. Noris walks inside, Jimmy climbs ladder, gets to roof then sees male creature through window) It's mad Serg.; said the man. Nice work Jefferson. You wish you had your Mommy. Well, here she is; said Professor J. Noris. (Door opens, Mother creature roars, male creature squawking) Sir, why does this one have feathers on it's head; asked Jefferson.

'Cause that's a male; said Professor J. Noris. Serg., there's another baby creature out there; said the man. Go get it then. Capture then bring it here; said Professor J. Noris. (Man walks away) I better tell Louise; said Jimmy. (Gun cocks, Jimmy looks, man laughs, footsteps approach) Serg.; said McLaire. James Burnston, what a surprise. I guess you want to rejoin my crew; asked Professor J. Noris. Rejoin. (Jimmy remembers tree falling, Mother creature biting Sergeant Noris's leg) Now I remember everything. You didn't die after all; said Jimmy. Nope...after it threw me. I should have. But Jefferson found and saved me. Then we captured the creature together; said Professor J. Noris. They shouldn't be disturbed. All they wanted was peace. To live free; said Jimmy.

Well now I could live free; said Professor J. Noris. (Louise looks outside, knocking on door, door opens) You're suppose to be sleeping; said Trina. I'm waiting for Uncle Jimmy; said Louise. No, time for bed; said Trina. (Louise goes under covers, Trina turns off light then shuts door, Louise gets up, opens window , climbs down tree then whistles, female creature appears then squawks) Take me to my Uncle; said Louise climbing onto female creature's back. (Female creature runs through woids, male creature squawks, Mother creature moans) Serg., after we capture the second one. What are we gonna do with them; asked Jefferson. Show them to the world; said Professor J. Noris. (Jimmy struggling) You won't get away with this, Sergeant Noris; said Jimmy.

Oh my poor boy. If I have to get away. I'd would've done it already; said Professor J. Noris. (Female creature stops, Louise gets off) Stay here, I need a closer view; said Louise walking to building. (Footsteps walking, door opens) You'd better be sleeping. (Trina removes covers) \"WILL\"; yelled Trina. (Will approaches) Where's Louise; asked Will. (Both run downstairs, door opens Jefferson and others appear) Hello Mr. Burnston. Let us in. We need to talk; said Jefferson. (All walk inside, Will and Trina on couch) Who are you; asked Will. Not important. I work for Sergeant Nooris. You know him as Professor J. Noris. All we want is the creature; said Jefferson.

What creature; asked Trina. Your son knows. Where is he; asked Jefferson. Not here; said Trina. You two, upstairs. Check outside. (All walk away, Jefferson looks at Trina and Will) Listen, I'm an officer. I'm gonna help. I'm just undercover. (Footsteps approaching) Anything; asked Jefferson. No; said minion #1. I guess we should go to Plan B. (Jefferson pulls out gun then shoots minions #1 and #2) Get to your car; said Jefferson. I heard a gun shot; said minion #4. (Jefferson turns, minions #3 and #4 appear, Jefferson shoots minions #3 and #4) Thank you; said Will. We need to get to your brother. Sergeant Noris has him and the creatures; said Jefferson. What creatures; asked Trina. I'll explain on the way; said Jefferson. (All walk tp car, engine starts, car drives away, Louise clumbs ladder, female creature squawks)

Go hide; said Louise. (Female creature squawks again, Mother creature shakes. chains) You qon't break those; said Professor J. Noris. Serg., Jefferson isn't responding; said McLaire. Go find him; said Professor J. Noris. Yes sir; said McLaire. (Door opens, banging sound, McLaire looks then points to his side, munions walking, female creature squawks, minions fall, female creature jumps at minion, minion screams, female creature bites other minion, sees McLaire then squawks, door shuts, pounding on door) What's going on; asked Professor J. Noris. The other creature is here; said McLaire. Get out there and capture it; said Professor J. Noris. (Window opens, Louisr climbs through window, sees Jimmy then walks towards him) What are you doing here; whispered Jimmy. Helping, now stay still; said Louise. (Rope gets untied, Louise and Jimmy walking to window) Let's go; said Jimmy. (Louise sees creatires) Not until we save them; said Louise running to cage.

(Male creature squawks, minion looks) The creature; said minion #12. (Guns firing, Louise ducks behind crates, Professor J. Noris pushes minions) Stop, you'll hit the creatures; said Professor J. Noris. (Jimmy grabs gun then peeks out, gun fires, Professor J. Noris falls, guns firing) Sergeant; said McLaire. I'm fine...he shot my fake leg; said Professor J. Noris. (Car approaches then smashes through building, minions get crushed, window rolls down) Hey Serg., mind if we crash the party; laughed Jefferson. Shpot him; said Professor J. Noris. (Guns firing, Jefferson, Will and Trina crouch down, Louise goes to cage then unlicks it) Oh no; said Louise running towards Jimmy. (Male creature squawks loudly, everybody looks)

The creature; said Professor J. Noris. (Minions run towards hole in building, female creature appears, minions fall then run other way, McLaire raises gun, Jefferson punches McLaire) I've wanted to do that for awhile; said Jefferson. (McLaire pulls out knife then swings it, Jefferson dpdges knife, Professor J. Noris crawls away, Louise runs towards Mother creature) It needs a key; said Louise. (Jimmy shoots lock, lock breaks) There you go; said Jimmy. (Louise takes off chains) You're free Mama; said Louise. (Mother creature roars, Jefferson struggling) Give up you piece of shit; said McLaire. (Jefferson sees male and female creatures, male and female creature squawk, McLaire looks, Jefferson twists McLaire's arm then jams knife into his gut) Now, you become their meal; said Jefferson.

(McLaire crawling, male and female creature squawk thenstart eatting McLaire, McLaire screams) Is everyone all right; asked Jimmy. Hey, where's Professor J. Noris; asked Will. (Professor J. Noris behind building then climbs tocar, door opens then shuts, Professor J. Noris sighs then laughs, engine flooding) Come on you bitch. (Engine starts, Professor J. Noris smiles, thudding noise, Professor J. Noris, looking around, male and female creatures appear on sides of car, thudding continues, Professor looks in rear-view mirror, Mother creature appears then roars), get away; said Professor J. Noris looking through passangers mirror. (Mother creature raises foot then squashes car)


Submitted: December 05, 2014

© Copyright 2021 coltondennis93. All rights reserved.

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Jonah Ryan

I'll be honest, this is really, really hard to read with the way it is written. Your formatting needs a lot of work. It's really hard to read one great big wall of text. It seems like you're trying to write a screenplay, in which case there are specific formats and layouts you should be using. Templates are easy enough to find online, I would suggest you look into those and try to emulate that style. Best of luck in the future to you.

Sun, December 7th, 2014 6:39pm


Thank you for your honesty.

Sun, December 7th, 2014 11:34am

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