Revenge Of The Demonic Puppets

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

The puppets are back. But when their master is put down. The puppets won't step aside until they get their revenge.

2015 A Year Later: (Footsteps walking, car unlocks, door opens, car starts then drives off, radio turns on, car pulls into driveway, front door opens) Dad...I'm home...Dad. (Footsteps walk into room) Dad I'm home; said Amy. Oh know I'm getting to old; said Crispin. Your only fourty-two Dad. Oh...I need to ask something. (Crispin grunts) Where's the puppets at; asked Amy. Um...I don't know. Wait...they might be in the suitcase. (Knock on doir) Get the door; said Crispin. (Door opens) Hey Lucas...come on in. (Lucas walks inside) Dad, Lucas is here; said Amty. (Suitcase opens) Hey Lucas...come on out guys. (Puppets walk out) So...what's new; asked Crispin. Well nothing really sir; said Lucas. I told you to call me by my first name or if you want, Dad; said Crispin. Well me and Lucas will be going to dinner together. So could I borrow the car; asked Amy. Of couse...just be safe; said Crispin.

(Car stops) We found the place. We'll wait until the daughter leaves; said Elizabeth. Good...then bring me those puppets; said Patrick. All right...let's go Lucas. Dad, we'll be back at ten. Love you...bye puppets; said Amy. (Door opens, Lucas and Amy laughing, car drives away, car doors open, people running) You three go around back. We'll go through the front; said Elizabeth. (Footsteps walking upstairs, puppets grunting) What's wrong. (Puppets run downstairs, Crispin follows, door opens) Hello...who's there. that you; asked Crispin. (Gun points, Crispin stops) Don't listen to me. Where's the puppets at...answer the question; said Tyrone. I'm not telling you. Now either leave or pay the price; said Crispin.

(Tyrone laughs) I have the gun; said Tyrone. (Crispin kicks Tyrone in his gut then punches him) I told you. (Guns cocking) You've got to be kidding. (Crispin runs, guns firing, Crispun grabs pen, paper then starts writing, footsteps run upstairs, guns click then reload) Puppets...come here. (People running upstairs, puppets run into room, door shuts then locks) Puppets...hide in there; said Crispin. (Puppets being placed into hole, Crispin puts box in front of hole, puts note onto box, shuts then locks closet door, door breaks down) Where are they; asked Tyrone. (Crispin cocks gun then shoots himself, people walking out of house, car doors shut, phone ringing) Is it done; asked Patrick. Well...we didn't get the puppets. We checked everywhere for them; said Elizabeth. Get back here; said Patrick.

(Car drives away, another car approaches, door opens) Dad...I'm home. Hmm...Dad. You want to go upstairs. (Both walk upstairs) Wait...maybe he's in his room. (Door opens) Dad...he's not in there. Let's go. (Both kissing, door opens, light turns on, Amy gasps) Dad...Dad-Dad-Dad. No...Dad; said Amy. He's pointing to something. In your closet; said Lucas. (Closet opens, Lucas picks up note) Let me see. \"Dear Amy, people came to steal the puppets. I couldn't kill them all. So I decide to do the iunthinkable. And I hid the puppets in your room. Good-bye sweetheart.\" Where's the puppets; asked Amy.

(Lucas moves box, puppets appear) I found the puppets; said Lucas. Hand them to me. (Lucas hands Amy the puppets) Fluffy Demon, Evil Cannon, Saw-Man, Roller Blade, Headless Skeleton, Dr. Roboto and finally Killer Baby Doll. Are all of you all right. (Puppets grunting) I can't belive he's gone. I want to know who came for them; said Amy. Well...maybe we should call the police; said Lucas. No...they can't find out about the puppets. But you know what I want...revenge. Revenge for my, father and I think they want it to. Listen puppets...would you like to get revenge for your owner. Get revenge for me and get pay back. Are you with me puppets...are you Lucas; asked Amy.

I'd never leave your side. But shouldn't we give them practice; asked Lucas. We'll start immediatelly. All right Saw-Man...cut this tree down. (Saw-Man grunts) Do it. (Saw starts, tree creaks, saw stops, tree falls) Wow...I think he's done with trainning. Roller Blade...I tied five balloons to the banister. Cut the strings then pop the ballons. (Roller Blade throws head and hand, balloon strings get cut then pop at the same time) Another one who doesn't need anymore trainning. Evil Cannon...knock these cans down. (Evil Cannon grunts, fires cannon then destroys cans) He's done. Who's next; asked Amy. I have an idea. Fluffy Demon...break this cinder-block; said Lucas. (Fluffy Demon picks up cinder-blick then crushes it to pieces)

Well...he's passes through. Dr. Roboto...make a perfect circle out of this metal. (Drill starts then cuts through metal) Wow...Headless Skeleton...cut this piece of metal in half. (Sword goes through metal) more puppet. Killer Baby Doll. (Amy draws target) Hit that target with your knife; said Amy. (Killer Baby Doll throws knife, knife sticks to door) She's got it; said Lucas. They're ready...let's go find out who killed my Dad; said Amy. How we gonna do that; asked Lucas. We'll start there; said Amy. Well let's go; said Lucas.

(Car driving, footsteps approach desk) Hey Tyrone...could I go into my Dad's office. Thank you. (Door opens) Find something interresting...or suspecious. (Amy bumps mouse, picyure appears) Hey look at this. Do you see this. The people who work here did it. Look at the one in the navy-blue jacket. It says Mr. J. Cooper's...J. Cooper...James Cooper. They work for Mr. Cooper. Oh...and here's the other clue. Tyrone was wearing it when we walked in; said Amy.

Sir...look in Mr. Blue's office. (Camera in office zooms in) The puppets are here...your orders; asked Eluzabeth. Kill those two then bring the puppets to me; said Patrick. (Footsteps walking) Team...we found the puppets. Their here...with Amy Blue and someone else. Kill the two then bring the puppets here; said Elizabeth. We need to leave Lucas. (Alarm goes off) Oh no...they know we're here. Let's go. (Guns firing, both hide behind desk) We won't be able to leave the room; said Amy. The window; said Lucas. I don't think so. That's a far drop. Plus...I'm terrified of heights; said Amy. (Gun fire stops, footsteps approach door) That's our choice; said Lucas. (Both run to window then jump out, window smashes, Lucas grabs wire, wire snaps, Lucas grabs Amy's hand, both fall into next level, window smashes, both groaning) We need to leave. leg; said Amy.

Here...put this over the wound. (Lucas ties cloth over Amy's leg) Let's go. (Both run out of room, guns firing) Get down...we need a distraction; said Lucas. The puppets. (Suitcase opens) We need help guys. (Puppets grunting, footsteps approaching) Someone's coming; said Amy. Freeze...don't move; said Triple. (Saw starts, Triple looks, saw cuts Triple's leg off, Triple screams, Killer Baby Doll stabs Triple's throat) Triple; said Jeff. (Gun fires, all running) elevator. (Elevator opens) Get in. (Gun fires, Lucas groans, elevator door shuts) arm; said Lucas. Well...we both got hurt; said Amy. (Elevator door opens) Let's go. (Gun fires) How did they get down here so fast; asked Lucas.

(Elevator door shuts) We need to stay and fight. know how to use this; asked Amy. Yep...let's do this; said Lucas. (Elevator door opens, both run out then take cover, gun fire continues) We need a plan; said Amy. You take left, I'll take right. Puppets...go up the middle; said Lucas. (Puppets run, Lucas and Amy start shooting, people getting shot) All right...I only have half a clip. You; asked Amy. Same; said Lucas. Come out you two; said Matthew. (Evil Cannon grunts, Matthew looks, cannon fires, Matthew falls) Matthew; said Dylan. (Gun fires, Evil Cannon runs, Ray walking, saw starts then cuts off Ray's leg, Ray screams, Dr. Roboto appears, drill starts then goes into Ray's head) Fall back; said Tyrone. (All running, blade gets thrown then cuts Tyrone's head in half)

(Footsteps running) Sir, they're killing our men; said Dylan. It's time to leave. The helicopter is on the roof; said Patrick. (Door opens, all look) Oh no; said Dylan. (Fluffy Demon hisses) We need to leave; said Patrick. (Puppets appear around room) Your not going anywhere Mr. Brooks. Someone who's wanted in most states; said Lucas. Well...someone caught me, but if you excuse me. I must leave, if I don't. We're all gonna die. If I press this button. So farewell good friends; said Patrick shooting Lucas in his leg. Ow. (All run) Amy...go get them. Take the puppets with you; said Lucas.

(Footsteps running, guns firing, helicopter starts) Get; said Patrick. (Helicopter flies away) Evil Cannon. (Patrick smiles, Amy waves, Patrick looks, cannon-ball hits helicopter, helicopter explodes) That was for you Dad. Guys...let's go home. You all right; asked Amy. I'm fine...did you get him; asked Lucas. Yes...come on. (Door bell dings) I'll get it. (Door opens) Hello. (Amy sees package) Hmm...hey Lucas, look at this; said Amy. What is it; asked Lucas. A huge package...oh a note. \"Dear Miss Blue...this is a warning. Those puppets might be nice. But there are other puppets like them...duplicates. And their in the package. Be safe. Sincerely Mr. Jefferson.\" There's more out there; said Amy. (Both open box, puppets appear in box, Amy picks up Killer Baby Doll, Killer Baby Doll's eyes open then laughs evilly)


Submitted: December 23, 2014

© Copyright 2021 coltondennis93. All rights reserved.

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