Zombies (series) Section1 Episode21

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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive. Will zombies rein at top of the food chain.

Submitted: August 25, 2014

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Submitted: August 25, 2014



Episode 21

(Colton runs towards truck, zombie moans, Colton swings knife, zombie falls) Sarah, come on. We need to leave; said Colton. (Zombie behind Colton, gun fires, zombie falls) Grab her and let's go; said Dakota. (Colton pulls Sarah out of truck) We need to leave...let's go; said Colton. (All four running, zombies follow ) How much farther to the bridge; asked Jacob. It's over that mountain; said Dakota. Let's get there before dark; said Colton. (Footsteps running) Let's set up camp here tonight. We'll get there tomorrow; said Dakota. (Fire crackling, Coltonstandin guard, Jacob and Sarah sleeping) How long were you a scientist; asked Colton. Two years...what did you do; asked Dakota. Me and Jacob were both hunters. We killed whatever was terrorizing people; said Colton.

I should of called you when my father came. (Both laughing, twig snaps, both raise weapons) I'll check it out; said Dakota walking towards woods. (Light footsteps behind Colton, flashlight turns on) Do you see anything; asked Colton. No...nothing's up here; said Dakota turning around. (Figure behind Colton raises gun) Don't move; said the man.

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