Zombies (series) Section1 Episode24

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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive. Will zombies rein at top of the food chain.

Submitted: August 28, 2014

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Submitted: August 28, 2014



Episode 24

Now what do we do; asked Jacob. I have an idea. But we need to agree; said Colton. (All nodding their heads) What's the idea; asked Dakota. I'll need a hand. (Rope being lowered, zombie gets caught in rope then is pulled up) Keep pulling. (Zombie gets to top of cliff then growls) Kill it; said Colton. (Shane hits zombie with bat) What's your plan; asked Dakota. We might need another one; said Colton. (Rope being lowered again, another zombie gets caught in rope then is pulled up, rope slowly breaking) The rope; said Dakota. (Rope snaps, Colton grabs rope, zombie growling, Colton slipping, all grab Colton's leg, loud talking, Sarah looks) Pull me up; said Colton. (All pull up Colton with zombie and breaths heavily, zombie gets up then growls)

(All four scream, gun fires, zombie falls, Sarah holding gun, all smiling) Now will you tell me; asked Dakota. (Colton pulls out knife then ripes clothing off zombie) We're gonna blend in with thecrowd; said Colton. (Knife stabs zombie, Colton cups his hands then smears blood onto himself, all look at Colon weird, rope goes down cliff, all climb down, moaning, all walking) This might work; whispered Jacob. Quiet; whispered Colton. (All continue walking by, zombie sniffs Colton, Sarah walking then falls, zombies look then moan and growl, Sarah screams, all look)

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