Zombies (series) Section1 Episode25

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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive. Will zombie rein at top of the food chain.

Submitted: August 28, 2014

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Submitted: August 28, 2014



Episode 25

(Sarah screams, all look, zombies growling) Run...get out of here. (Guns firing, zombies falling) I'll get Sarah, go; said Colton. (Zombies surround Sarah, hand grabs Sarah's hand then pulls her out, Sarah sees Colton) Thanks; said Sarah. We're not out yet; said Colton. (Both running, gun fires then jams, Colton tries to cock gun) Something wrong; asked Sarah. It's jammed. (Zombie growls, gun fires, Dakota appears) Go with Dakota. I've got another plan. (Both running) Come on...I'm right here; said Colton. (All get to road, zombies moaning, guns firing, Colton pulls out explosives then attaches them to wall)

I'm going back for Colton; said Dakota running into herd of zombies. (Gun fires, Colton running then goes into Dakota, both groan) Dakota. (Gun fires) Let's go buddy; said Dakota. (Both get to the others) There's to many; said Jacob. Not anymore; said Colton pulling out trigger. Wait, I'll do it. "Cause, they've gave me this; said Dakota showing bite mark. (All sigh) We need to move; said Shane. Take care of yourself. The bridges is right there; said Dakota. (Colton shakes Dakota's hand) Let's go; said Colton. (All running) Die you fucking bastards; said Dakota running and pushes button. (Explosion, all walking across bridge, in Colton's mind) In this world, peopledie. But, people who do good are sometimes rewarded. Now we moveon. And whatever happens, we will be victorious. No matter what happens to us; said Colton.

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