Zombies (series) Section2 Episode28

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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive. Will zombies rein at top of the food chain.

Submitted: September 01, 2014

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Submitted: September 01, 2014



Episode 28

(Shane, Sarah and Jacob hammering nails into wood) Hey, it's getting pretty late. I wonder where Colton's at; asked Sarah. You know, I'll check the roof; said Jacob grabbing rifle. (Sarah and Shane continue hammering nails into wood, door opens, Jacob sets up rifle, looks through scope, sees parking lot then doesn't see Colton's motorcycle, Shane stops hammering) That's good enogh; said Shane. (Footsteps approach) I don't see Colton's motorcycle in the parking lot; said Jacob. So, what do we do; asked Sarah. We'll go look for him. Let's go. (All three grabbing guns, Shane sees Colton's guns) Hey, Colton forgot his guns; said Shane. Let's hurry...he could be in danger; said Jacob.

(Door opens, Sarah walks towards vehicles) Wait...it's only two buildings down. Let's walk, just stay close together; said Shane. (All walking then get to building, door opens, all walk into building) Check all the rooms. He could be anywhere; said Jacob. (Doors opening, Jacob walks then grabs door knob, shadow moves behind door, Jacob walks towards door, raises gun then reaches for door handle, door opens, Jacob looks inside, zombie appears then growls, gun fires then echos down hall) Jacob; said Shane.

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