Zombies (series) Section3 Episode56

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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive. Will zombies rein at top of the food chain.

Submitted: September 18, 2014

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Submitted: September 18, 2014



Episode 56

(William screams, all look) Who's missing; asked Colton. William; said Joshua J. running. (Zombie on top of William, Joshua J. swins gun,zombie falls off William, Colton and Shane grab William, Joshua J. stabs zombie, Devin B. sees door opened then runs to it, zombies appear, Devin B. raises gun, gun clicks) Shit; said Devin B. (Clip falls, Devin B. bends down, grabs clip then looks, zombie grabs Devin B. then pulls him into room, Devin B. screams) Devin; said Joshua J. (Colton pulls Joshua then shuts door, William leaning against wall) You all right; asked Shane. Well. I got scratched; said William. Colton...how long; asked Shane. Hopefully we have time; said Colton.

(Shirt ties around William's arm, Colton looks at knife, Shane sees ax, glass gets smashed) Colton, use this; said Shane throwing ax. (Colton catches ax then looks at Joshua) Hold onto his arm. Really tightly; said Colton raising ax. No, don't do it. Don't do it; said William. I'm sorry; said Colton swinging ax. (William screams, screaming echos, Kyle, Gariann and Sarah hear screaming) Guys; said Sarah smiling.

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