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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive. Will zombies rein at top of the food chain.

Submitted: September 13, 2014

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Submitted: September 13, 2014



Episode 50

(People walking, door creaks opened, man walks towards door, door opens, zombies appears then bites man, people screaming, zombies appear then chase people, guns firing, zombies falling) Let's go find Colton; said Sarah. Lead the way; said Shane. (Both running, door opens, zombiemoans, Shane swings baseball bat, Jacob lungdes, gun fires, Jacob falls then starts crawling towards Colton, Colton pulls out knife) I'm sorry brother; said Colton stabbing Jacob's head. (Colton falls then continues sobbing) Sarah, this way; said Shane. (Andrew sees zombies) Miles, get the truck. We're leaving; said Andrew. (Both running, Colton sees Andrew and Miles run past then follows them, Shanr and Sarah get to room) Sarah, over here; said Shane. Who is it; asked Sarah. It's Jacob; said Shane.

Damn...hopefully Colton doesn't see; said Sarah. (Andrew and Miles get to truck, truck starts, Colton grabs Miles then pulls him out, truck drives away) You killed my brother; said Colton. No...it was Andrew; said Miles. (Colton puts down knife) I won't kill you. But you will die; said Colton walking away. (Miles raises gun, zombies bite Miles , Miles screams, truck stops) A way out; said Andrew. (Truck turns around, gun cocks, Colton raises gun, Andew looks in mirror) For you Jake; said Colton. Gun fires, tires get shot, truck flips, Colton walks away, door opens, Andrew crawls out, zombies moaning) Shit; said Andrew(Zombies start eatting Andrew, Shane and Sarah appear) Colton; said Sarh. Let's go. (Colton, Sarah and Shane standing in front of grvae) Good-bye brother; said Colton.

Bye Jake; said Sarah. (Shane nods) Let's head south. (All three walking away, in Colton's mind) It's now just the three of us now. We might have lost my brother. But he will always be with me. And what lies ahead, will be new for us; said Colton.

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