Zombies Vs. The Mummy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

At the end of the world. A group must survive zombies. But the group unearths a mummy. Who will survive these undead rivals.

(Footsteps running, door opens then shuts, moaning) Shh. (Footsteps move by door) Where's the others; asked Peter. I don't know...they were behind us; said Danielle. (Gun cocks) Let's find them quickly; said Peter. (Door opens, Peter and Danielle walk into hallway, zombie appears, gun fires, both run, footsteps walking) Keep your eyes open. They could be anywhere; said Bill. Do you think the others are safe; asked Emily. Yeah...only if they were bitten; said Bill. (Footsteps walking) Bill...footsteps; said Emily. Stay here; said Bill. (Bill slowly walks to corner, footsteps getting closer)

(Bill points crossbow, Peter and Danielle appear) Geez...you guys all right; asked Peter. Of course...any other survivors; asked Bill. No...let's get out of here; said Peter. What about my brother; asked Bill. Don't worry...we'll find him. We just can't stay here any longer; said Peter. (Bill nods, door opens, zombie bites Emily's arm, crossbow fires, zombie falls, Emily groaning) We need to do it; said Bill. No...we aren't killers; said Danille. What do we do then; asked Bill.

We take her with us. Then kill Emily when she changes; said Peter. (Emily sees Peter's gun, grabs it then shoots herself, gun fire echo's) Well, now we can leave; said Bill pulling arrow out of zombie. (Another group running, zombies moaning, footsteps walking) Sir, the mall. We could be safe there; said Dalip. Let's move...keep moving; said Matt. (Door opens, all walk into mall) I'll check the doors; said Dalip. Be careful Dalip. This place could be crawling with zombies; said Matt. Yes sir; said Dalip. You four girls all right; asked Matt. Yeah...thanks for saving us; said Jenna.

(Footsteps walking, Dalip stops at statue) \"The Great Prince Of Egypt\" Prince James Jeremiah. (Dalip scoffs then sees amulet) Thank you Prince Jeremy; said Dalip walking away. (Prince Jeremiah's eyes glow, footsteps approach) Did you see anything; asked Matt. No...not a thing; said Dalip. So...were you girls waiting for someone; asked Matt. Yeah, my sister Danielle Sheet. She was with another group; said Jenna. Was there sommeone named Bill with them; asked Matt. Yeah, why;asked Jenna. Bill's my brother. We got separated awhile ago; said Matt.

I need to use the bathroom; said Tyra. Me too; said Elizabeth. All right...Dalip, escort them to the bathroom. Do you two ladies need to go; asked Matt. Not me, Karan; asked Jenna. (Karan shakes her head no) Follow me ladies; said Dalip. (All three walking then pass platform, Dalip stops then looks at empty platform) Which way; asked Elizabeth. Left; said Dalip walking towards them. (Prince Jeremiah appears then growls, door opens then shuts, Dalip stands by door)

(Footsteps running, Bill sees zombies coming) Hurry up Peter; said Bill. This way...quickly; said Peter. (All run across bridge, zombies eatting carcass's) What now; asked Danielle. (Zombie sees group then moans, zombies walking towards group, gun fires, Peter looks over bridge, water flowing) Jump...off the bridge; said Peter. (Danielle jumps) Go Peter...I'll be right behind you; said Bill. (Peter jumps then Bill follows) Guys, this way; said Danielle. (Bill and Peter swim towards land) This way; said Peter. (Bill looks up at bridge, zombies moaning, Bill follows Peter and Danielle)

(Footsteps walking, Bill points at two zombies) They''re the only ones here; said Bill. Any ideas; asked Danielle. You two stay here. I'll make sure; said Bill. Be careful; said Peter. (Bill walks out, arrow hits zombie, Bill reloads crossbow, zombie moans, Bill fires crossbow, zombie falls, Bill grabs arrows) All right; said Bill. (Zombie moans then pins Bill against bus) Bill; said Peter. (Zombie tries bitting Bill, gun fires) Thanks...I thought there were only two; said Bill. Let's move; said Peter. (All three walking)

(Tyra and Elizabeth giggling, Dalip listening) Let's try to get this blood stain out; said Tyra. (Dalip looks through key hole, Tyra takes off her shirt) Maybe I should do the same; said Elizabeth taking off her shirt. (Dalip unbuckles his pants then starts jerking off, water running, shadow appears over Dalip, Dalip looks, Prince Jeremiah grabs Dalip's throat then speaks different language, Dalip shows amulet) Sorry for taking it; said Dalip. (Prince Jeremiah opens his mouth then sucks Dalip's life out of him, Dalip falls then is dragged, door opens)

I wonder where that guy went; said Tyra. (Elizabeth sees amulet then picks it up) Cool; said Elizabeth. (Both walk away, Prince Jeremiah watches them walk away, footsteps walking) Up here; said Peter. (The mall; said Danielle. Let's move quickly; said Bill. (Zombies moaning, all three run towards mall, doors shaking) Damn...it's locked; said Peter. (Bill sees gutter) Wait in the dumpster. I'll get you in; said Bill climbing gutter. Let's hide; said Peter. (Danielle opens lid, zombies moaning, gun fires, zombies getting closer, Danielle and Peter hiding, Bill gets to roof) Stay in there you two; said Bill.

(Footsteps walking) Where's Dalip; asked Matt. I thought he came back; said Tyra. (Footsteps approaching) Dalip...Dalip; yelled Matt. (Prince Jeremiah appears) Who's that; adked Karan. (Prince Jeremiah speaks different language, gun cocks) Run; said Matt. (All running, Tyra trips) Tyra, come on; said Elizabeth. (Tyra grabs Elizabeth's hand, pulls Elizabeth down then runs, Elizabeth groans, Prince Jeremiah grabs Elizabeth, opens his mouth then sucks out Elizabeth's life,Elizabeth falls, Prince Jeremiah growls, crossbow appears, Bill walks towards door, door opens, dumpster lid opens) Let's move you two; said Bill. (Gun fires, all three run into mall, door shuts)

(Zombies banging on doors) Thanks for coming back; said Peter. Why wouldn't I; asked Bill. Well, maybe we could stay here; said Peter. (Foootsteps running then stop) I think we lost it; said Matt. Where's the other girl; asked Jenna. She was left behind; said Tyra. You three hide, I'll go find her; said Matt. She's probably dead; said Tyra opening door. (Zombie grabs Tyra's arm, Matt raises gun, gun clicks, Tyra gets pulled into room and screams, more zombies appear) Run; said Matt. (Door opens then shuts) We're gonna die. All of us; said Karan. Quiet Karan...do you have a plan; asked Jenna. No...wait. (Matt remembers image of the amulet) The amulet...we could us the amulet; said Matt.

(Bill, Peter and Danielle walking, Bill sees amulet) Hey...this amulet belongs to that Egyptian statue. Prince James Jeremiah; said Bill. (Peter sees Elizabeth's body then feels no pulse) She's dead...Bill, take that back. Me and Danielle will see what happened here; said Peter. (Both walking in different directions, Prince Jeremiah appears, zombies moaning, Prince Jeremiah's eyes glow, zombies fly through the air, Prince Jeremiah speaks different language, door opens, Matt appears then sees Prince Jeremiah, Prince Jsremiah growls)

(Door shuts) Get down; said Matt. (Door breaks down, Prince Jeremiah appears, all three cowering, Petdr and Danielle see Prince Jeremiah) Get down; said Peter cocking gun. (Gun fires, Prince Jeremiah falls, Peter and Danielle get to room) Back up...let's go; said Matt. (All running, Prince Jeremiah growls, Bill gets to platform) Where's the-. (Smashing sound, Bill looks, zombies moaning) Geez...they don't give up; said Bill. (Footsteps appraching) Bill what's wr-...oh no; said Peter. We should leave; said Matt. (All turn, Prince Jeremiah appears, all back up, Karan runs) Karan; said Jenna. (Karan continues running, Prince Jeremiah grabs Karan by her throat)

Please; said Karan. (Prince Jeremiah sees zombies then throws Karan into herd, zombies ripping Karan apart) Bill, use the amulet; said Matt. The amulet makes him stronger. But, I've got a better idea; said Bill firing crossbow. (Arrow hits Prince Jeremiah's arm, Prince Jeremiah growls) Find another way out; said Peter. (All start to run, Prince Jeremiah appears in front of group) What now; asked Jenna. (Bill looks at zombies) I have another idea; said Bill running towards zombies.

Bill; said Matt. (Bill stops, zombies go towards Bill) Come on; said Bill running. (Group runs towards zombies, Prince Jeremiah appears in front of group again, Bill jumps onto Prince Jeremiah's back, Prince Jeremiah shakes Bill off his back, grabs Bill by his throat then picks him up, Bill raises gun, gun clicks, Prince Jeremiah smiles) What do we do; asked Jenna. (Matt sees amulet, grabs it, ties explosive to it then runs towards Prince Jeremiah) Go to hell; said Matt jammimg explosive and amulet into Prince Jeremiah's mouth. (Prince Jeremiah, lets go of Bill then backs up into zombies, zombies bitting Prince Jeremiah)

Everyone get down; said Bill. (Matt presses trigger, Prince Jeremiah and zombies explode, all coughing) Well, one problem's done. We have another; said Peter. (Zombies moaning, guns cocking) Let's roll; said Bill.


Submitted: November 14, 2014

© Copyright 2021 coltondennis93. All rights reserved.

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