Zombies(series) Section 1 Episode1

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Zombies is a series of episodes that deal with people surviving an apocolypse.

Submitted: August 04, 2014

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Submitted: August 04, 2014



 Episode 1

(Footsteps walking, deer eatting grass, gun cocks, deer looks up, gun fires, deer falls, footsteps approach deer, twig snaps, Colton looks around, walks towards deer,pulls out rope, ties it to deer then starts dragging it, another twig snaps, Colton stops then raises gun, figure walking, Colton hiding behind tree, pulls out a knife then looks in knifes reflection, man appears, Colton puts knife back, breaths slowly, turns then sees no one) Where'd he go. (Moaning behind Colton, Colton turns, gun fires but misses the man,man knocks gun out of Colton's hands, Colton pulls out knife) Come on; said Colton. (man lunges at Colton,Colton moves)

(Man moaning, Colton puts foot on mans throat, jams knife into mans head then pulls it out, footsteps approach) Having fun, Colton; asked Jacob. Yeah...help me with the deer carcass; said Colton. (Both walking, a woman is chewing on deer carcass, Colton sighs) Stupid creatures; said Jacob. (Woman growls, gun fires) Let's head back. It's getting late;said Colton grabbing gun. (Both walking, stop then see building, zombies walking around building) How much amo. do you have; asked Jacob.Not enough for them; said Colton. (Screaming, both Colton and Jacob hide, fou people run past)

(Moaning, Jacob nods, Colton and Jacob appear from behind trees then fire guns, zombies fall, Colton looks at all four people, all four people breathing heavily, Colton and Jacob look at each other)

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