Zombies(series)Section 1 Episode2

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When a virus spreads around. People must learn how to survive.Will zombies rein at the top of the food chain.

Submitted: August 05, 2014

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Submitted: August 05, 2014



Episode 2


Thank you for saving us; said Shane. No problem...let's go Jake; said Colton. What about them; asked Jacob. They ain't our responsibility; said Colton. What if it was you. You'd want to be in a secure place. Come on buddy; said Jacob. Fine...but if any of you get lost. It's your problem, not mine; said Colton walking away. Follow him...just be quiet; said Jacob. (All walking, Colton kneeling) Where are we going; asked Sarah. This building; said Jacob. All right..when I get across. You need to stay low; said Colton. (All nodding, Colton pulls out smoke bomb then rolls it)

(Smoke appears, Colton runs across) Go ahead; said Jacob. (Sarah, Valerie, and Devon K. get across, Shane goes to run, Jacob grabs Shanethen throws themselves into bushes, ki9d zombie walks past) Thank you; said Shane. (Kid zombie moans, Jacob and Shane see kid zombie come towards bushes) I'll distract him. Get to the building. (Jacob throws branch at kid zombie) Come on...I'm right here; said Jacob running. (Zopmbies follow Jacob, Shane peaks out then runs to building) Get in. (Door shuts) Where's Jacob...where is he;asked Colton. He distracted them for me; said Shane. (Colton scoffs)

Where are we; asked Devon K. (In a safe place. (Lights turn on) Don't worry, no one can get in; said Colton. Why did you choose this building; asked Shane. For the view; said Colton. What view; asked Valerie. (Colton looks at the four of them then smiles, roof door opens) This view; said Colton pointing. (Sarahs, Valeries, Devon Ks and Shanes eyes widen,zombies walking around town)

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