S.O.B Story episode 19

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
In this episode Heather, Andrew, and Ty Arrive in india India.

Submitted: June 02, 2014

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Submitted: June 02, 2014



S.O.B Story episode 19

An Indian affair


The episode opens with Andrew,Ty and Heather getting off the plane.


Heather. Knowing your history with snakes I was sure this would be like that movie Snakes On A Plane.


Andrew. Haha, very funny.


Cut to them in front of the airport.


Ty. I got someone to pick us up and take us to the ministry.


Andrew. Let me guess, Jesus?


Ty. No, someone else.


Heather. I wish you would stop mocking his faith.


Andrew. Sorry, Ty.


Ty. I don't mind.


Just then a car pulls up and they get inside,

the car starts driving.


Heather: So, Ty, what inspired you to devote your life to what you do.


Ty. Well I think it was God's calling for me to save these woman.


Andrew. (Rolls his eyes) So you are some kind of superhero or something?


Ty. Not really, I just enjoy helping others. Plus the people I help have crappy lives.


Andrew. I thought "Christians" weren't allowed to curse.


Ty. I'm not a saint, Jackass!


Heather. Well it's nice to see you have flaws.


(Heather secretly wishes Ty's good nature would rub off on Andrew)


Ty. Here we are.


The car stops and they get out.


The setting is something you would expect to see in a third world country.


Andrew. Wow, this place is a dump!


Heather. I can see why you need the money.


Ty. D.T.M.D is used to better the lives of others not ourselves.


Heather. Surly with Ten million you can make your life and other's lives better to.


Ty. Heck ya we can!


Heather. Come on Andrew, let's go unpack.


(Andrew and Heather leave)


Cut to them eating dinner with Ty at a Indian restaurant.


Ty. It's so good of you to join us.


Heather. If you need anymore money just ask.


Andrew. Keep in mind it is my money! So maybe don't ask!


Ty. Don't worry with the ten thousand we got last year we rescued almost three hundred women from captivity.


Andrew. That's a decent amount, but aren't the women scarred for life?


Ty. No, we have the best therapist,  psychologist, and doctors available. I am all three, oh and I am also the pastor of our church.


Heather. Wow, you are so accomplished. (She looks dreamingly at him)


Andrew. Ehem, eyes over her.


Heather. Oh sorry, I was just thinking.


Andrew. Sure you were. I admit I am impressed, Ty.


Ty. So are you guy's wanting to meet some of the women?


Heather. I would love to hear their stories.


Andrew. Sounds boring I'm gonna hit some of the tourist attractions, and don't worry I got Indian money.


Heather. OK, bye, Honey, see you later.


Cut to Heather talking with some of the girls at the ministry.


Heather. So, tell me about yourself.


(This is all being translated by a translator sitting in the room)


A older teenage girl is telling her, her story.


Teenage girl. I thought that being a prostitute was the only way to marry rich, everyone here is so poor, so I thought that if I found a foreigner and married him  I would become rich. But I didn't know that being a hooker would bite me in the end.


Heather. It is great that you learned from your mistakes.


Teenage girl. I found someone who I thought

loved me, but he just abused me and left me for dead.

Then I saw a flyer for D.T.M.D and everything changed.

I found a way to finally be happy and now I feel like God will help me through any trouble I am in.


Heather. I am glad you feel that way.


Teenage girl. I am now married and we have a beautiful baby.


Heather. It seems like things worked out for you in the end.


Cut to Andrew, he is wasted and acting like a fool.

Ty walks into the bar and tries to drag Andrew out.


Andrew. Dude wait! I gotta pee.


Ty. Uh, OK.


(He leads Andrew to the bathroom)


Andrew walks over to a urinal.


Andrew. I need help, I can't undo my zipper.


Ty. Fine, I will help you.


He undoes Andrew's jeans zipper, and pulls his penis out of the hole in his boxers.


Andrew. Don't make this gay!


Ty. Sorry, you can't really function right now so I am trying to help you.


Andrew. Fag.


(Ty gets away from Andrew infuriated)


Ty. Fine try to pee by yourself!


Andrew. I will!


Andrew tries to pee but the steam goes in every direction


Andrew. Can you help me!


Ty. I thought I was a fag.


Andrew. You're not. Help me!


Ty puts one finger on Andrew's penis to hold it in place as he pees.


Andrew. Thanks.


Ty. No problem. Now time to get you home.


Cut to them back at Ty's house.  Heather is sleeping in another room. Heather wakes up and feels Andrew next to her, it is dark and she can't see his face.


Heather. Andrew, Andrew wake up.


She starts kissing and feeling all over him, then moves down to his lower region.


Heather. You like that?


Andrew. Uh, uh huh.


Heather. I love you, baby.


Andrew. Ya...me....to.


Light starts to feel the room, turns him over and gets a look at his face.


Heather. Ty! (She covers her mouth) oh God.


Cut to Heather, Ty and Andrew sitting at the table.


Andrew. Sorry about last night both of you. I was way drunk, and made some bad decisions.


Heather. So did i.


Ty. No worries, how did you sleep last night?


Heather. Me? I slept great, better than great amazing!


Ty. OK? How about you Andrew.


Andrew. You should know...you stayed up late with me.


Ty. Right...


Heather. Andrew, can I see you in the other room?


Andrew. Sure, Honey.


Andrew and Heather go in the other room and lock the door behind them.


Heather. Theoretically speaking how do you feel about cheating?


Andrew. I would punch that sick bastard in the face!


Heather. Great. ( she gives a halfway smile)


Andrew. Oh my God did you cheat on me?


Heather. Um, I don't know exactly.


Andrew. What do you mean you don't know?


Heather. Well, I thought it was you since it was dark, but when the light shined in I saw a different face... I saw Ty's face.


Andrew. That sick bastard! I will kill him.


Heather. Wait! He was asleep he didn't know. Plus you are similar in more than one way.


Andrew. Well, if you really didn't know how could I be mad at you?


Heather. Really?


Andrew. NO! Hey Ty come here!


Andrew walks over and unlocks the door


Heather. Don't do something you'll regret.


Ty walk in the room.


Ty. What is it Andrew.


Andrew. This! You bastard!


He punches Ty in the face knocking him to the ground.


Ty gets up and swings at Andrew knocking him out cold.


Ty. What was that all about?


Heather. Last night you were in my bed, and I thought you were Andrew, I'm so sorry, Ty.


She collapse to her knees in tears.


Ty. I'm not upset, I can see the mistake, anyway this is all Andrew's fault. He was the one who got drunk, then made me stay up all night, I was dead tired and must of thought it was my bed. So what did you do to me last night?


She gets off the floor.


Heather. I am pretty sure I gave you a handjob and a blowjob.


Ty. Well I am almost married so my future wife might not like it.


Heather. I will take all responsibility for what happened.

The episode ends with Heather picking up the phone to dial Ty's wife's number.

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