S.O.B Story Episode 2 Season 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
In this Episode Greg gets everyone kicked out of the Brookeburg mall.

Submitted: January 07, 2015

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Submitted: January 07, 2015



S.O.B Story

Episode 2 Season 2

Sugar, Spice and, everything Greg.






In Brooksburg, Andrew, Greg, and Lacey all are walking together in the mall getting some early Christmas shopping out of the way



GREG: runs ahead of everyone and sees the Cinna_mon (Jamaican Cinnamon Roll place) in the middle of the mall.


GREG: Oh my GOD!!!

Screw Christmas, I need me some cinnamon rolls!

(he runs over to the Cinna_mon stand in the food court.)



20 Cinnamon rolls please! and make it quick!


CINNA_MON EMPlOYEE: Sir, that will be 80 dollars are you sure you want that many?



I don’t give a F**k how much they cost, I need them!


CINNA_MON EMPlOYEE: Okay, Well give me 10 minutes because I am with other customers right now.


The camera pans out and we see a long line of people.


GREG: I can’t wait that LONG!

I am offering to give you 80 Dollars for overpriced, overrated rolls!


CINNA_MON EMPLOYEE: Fine sir, but please don’t curse in here.


Heather and Andrew run up the Greg.


[Out of Breath] Andrew: Greg, What the hell are you doing!


[Greg runs off] Heather: [Yelling at Andrew] Andrew! Greg is sensitive! You know that! Go find him.


CINNA_MON EMPLOYEE: Ma’am, do you want these?...I mean He left and you look like a rich Bit..I mean A very respectable lady.


Heather: Ah, What the hell, It’s Christmas!




He looks up and we see a Victoria's Secret store.

Andrew heads inside. Andrew is walking around and he bumps into a rack of lingerie.


GREG: Ouch, Watch it buddy!


ANDREW: [Shocked] Greg! what the heck are you doing here?


GREG: Slurpee,(Greg's pet Chinchilla) told me telepathically to come and sit down here to meet women.


ANDREW: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. [Sarcastic] I am sure no one will think you are a pervert.


GREG: I’m glad I have your support.


He stands up and we see that he has taken his shirt off and replaced it with a double D bra.


ANDREW-To GREG: This is a new low, ever for you.


Please tell me that is not a Santa Hat hanging from your ‘area’.


GREG: I wanted to be modest, They wouldn’t let me go in the changing rooms.


ANDREW: Put on your pants we are leaving before you get us kicked out.


GREG: WOW! So I’m like so popular naked they would kick me out?

I’m like a porn star!


ANDREW: Sure you are, now put on your damn pants!


GREG: Am I am gay or straight porn star?

Because I feel like I would be both, but I wouldn’t bang guys, I would only cuddle them and tell them that God loves them.


ANDREW:[Annoyed] I am sure you are whatever the hell you want to be!


Cut back to Heather still at the CINNA_MON shop.


[Heather calls Andrew on her cell]


Heather: [Shocked, on the phone] He did what? Really? Well so much for Christmas shopping. Next year I am ordering online.




GREG: I’m really sorry...I


HEATHER:[Angry] Listen here you arrogant son of a Bitch! You pull another stunt like that and I will make sure you don’t see another Christmas, Are we clear?


GREG:[looks down] Yes Ma’am.


HEATHER: [Less Angry, More Concerned] Good, Greg, You have to learn to act more mature you get us kicked out of every single place we go. Grow up and stop acting like a frat bro.


ANDREW: Greg, I love you but you are such a pain in the ass. From now on you aren’t invited to anything we do, host, or go to for at least 3 months.


HEATHER: Andrew, that’s harsh…


ANDREW: Coming from the woman who just threatened to kill him I think what I said was justified.


HEATHER: Greg, I’ll miss you, Buddy.


ANDREW:[To Heather] He has to learn,[To Greg] I mean I don’t want to treat you like you’re three but I have no choice.


GREG: So if I act like a grown ass man I can hang out with my rich bitch and bastard again?


HEATHER: See, this is what we mean...Insulting us is immature.


GREG: Sorry.


ANDREW: Oh boy, we have a long way to go.




Trevor Stripling Copyright 2015


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