Sob Story Episode 11

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Andrew and Greg go to a Substance Abuse Class and run into someone unexspected

Submitted: April 17, 2014

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Submitted: April 17, 2014




S.o.b Story episode 11

You're  An Alien?

Written by Trevor Stripling/Comgree




SET. A Substance Abuse classroom


The episode opens with Greg, Heather, and Andrew in the Substance Abuse Class.




HEATHER. I signed you and Greg up for a Substance Abuse Class.  


ANDREW. I only became intoxicated because I was stressed.


HEATHER. Admitting your problem is step one.


ANDREW. But, I don't have a problem.


HEATHER. Yes, that is why you ended up bleeding on the floor in your underwear and had to be rushed to the emergency room! Because you 'don't' have a problem.


ANDREW. I don't want you to worry,

so if it would make you feel better I will go.

Oh and by the way, I was watching the security footage of me drunk. Watching myself strip kinda turned me on.


Heather. Um..? Okay.


ANDREW. Did you already convince Greg to come?


HEATHER. I told him he owed me for taking you to the strip club against your will and the museum incident.


ANDREW. I wish I could erase both memories.



Anyway we better get going you wouldn't want to be late.




Some New Age, Hippy, lady, comes through the door.


LADY. Hello my name is Karma.


ANDREW. (whispers to Heather) That is Karma, the one that is supposed to be in jail! She must be in a disguise.


HEATHER. Maybe it is a different Karma?


ANDREW. Maybe, she does look different than the Bitch I know.


Karma. You are all here to learn about how to release the

Grip on alcohol and live a more fulfilling life through art and inner expression.


GREG.(whispers) What the hell is she even talking about?


KARMA. The first thing we will do is draw our inner emotions that are masked by the bonds of alcohol.


Karma hands everyone a piece of paper. When she gets to Heather.


HEATHER. No thank you, I'm not here for that. I just came here to drop off my boyfriend and his friend.


Karma. Okay, but you are welcome to stay if you wish.


Heather. I have to be going now.


She kisses Andrew before she leaves.


Heather. Bye guys.


Andrew. Bye.


Heather leaves


KARMA. Now I want you to look inside yourselves, and draw whatever you see.


ANDREW. Draws a picture of a vase that is a light bulb, it is falling down and Heather is supporting it so it doesn't crash to the ground.


GREG. Draws a shin guard with a penis coming out of it.


ANDREW. What the hell is that?


A-Dick-Shin, get it? Addiction!


Andrew. Wow, ‘that's deep’.


ANDREW. Rolls his eyes.


KARMA. Walks over to the table and takes the pictures. She hangs them on a corkboard. She throws Greg's in the trash.


GREG. Hey! I thought this was America! Land of the free home of the Dick Pic!


KARMA. Karma's a bitch.


GREG. What? That doesn't even make sense.


KARMA. Fine.


She takes Greg's drawing out of the trash can and puts a piece of black tape over it so it acts as a censor bar.  


KARMA. Happy?


GREG. Yes.


KARMA. Now we have bottles of alcohol for you to smash.


ANDREW. It seems like such a waste.


KARMA. Waste the alcohol, or waste your life. Your Choice.


GREG. Grabs a baseball bat sitting against the wall and starts smashing bottles left and right.


GREG. Haha, I'm smashed!


When it comes Andrew's turn to smash. He picks up one of the bottles throws the bat at Karma and drinks it down.


KARMA. Muwahaha. I see I can't hide from you.

She turns back into the Karma they both know.


ANDREW. I knew it was you all along!


Karma.What is this Scooby Doo? Oh dear, sweet Andrew, I was hoping to end you and your friend’s life later, but I guess now will also work muahaha.


Karma starts spazzing out.

Her skin turns green and she looks more alien now.

She uses telekinesis to grab Greg and slam him against the wall.

Greg is knocked unconscious.


ANDREW. Leave him alone!

It's me you want Bitch!


KARMA. Is it, is it really?

It's not!


ANDREW. Die bitch!


He grabs a handful of pencils and throws them at Karma. She redirects them, like arrows they come right for him.


Andrew closes his eyes and prepares to die, but before the pencils  pierce his skin Greg pushes Karma back with his mind (like something out of Star Wars). The pencils fall to the ground inches from Andrew's face.


GREG. Oh my God, dude! I have “The Force”!


ANDREW.I..I see that.


Andrew looks amazed


Greg Throws Karma out of  the window with his new powers.

Karma Disappears in a cloud of smoke.


GREG. That was Crazy! Are you OK?


Greg Is trying out his new powers on all the stuff in the Classroom. He knocks Andrew unconscious by accident.


When Andrew wakes up he is in his bed

He thinks it must of been a dream until.


He goes to the bathroom and sees that written in the mirror

Is "Karma's A Bitch" lower down it says "I'm coming for you”.


All of a sudden “Katy Perry E.T” starts playing on his alarm clock.


ANDREW. Oh God I gotta get out of here.


He wakes up again from what just happened.


ANDREW. Karma... That's it



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