Sob Story Episode 17

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this episode Andrew and Heather buy Greg gifts to say they are sorry for treating him badly at the pet store. Also Cliff gets to know Karma "really" well.


Sob story episode 17


Falling off a Cliff


The episode opens with Karma (in her human form), she is walking down the sidewalk with coffee in hand. She bumps into Cliff spilling hot coffee down his pants. The coffee burns his privates so he strips off his clothes and grabs the  newspaper Karma is holding.


Cliff. What the hell! Clutz!


(Tries to make a skirt out of the newspaper)


Karma. I'm so sorry! Can I do anything to make it up?


Cliff. Yes, you can stopping being a stupid excuse for a hot girl.


Karma. So you think I'm hot?


Cliff. I am gay so..


(Karma kisses Cliff on the lips, since she is an alien no one can resist her kiss.)


Cliff. On second thought, you can come to my place.


Karma. If you insist.


Cliff. Oh I do!


Cut to Heather and Andrew.


Andrew. Listen, Baby, I feel bad about treating Greg so badly.


Heather. I think he is used to it by now, but if you want to apologize buy him something nice.


Andrew. I have the perfect idea.


Heather. Is it at IKEA?


Andrew. Maybe.


Heather. Just make sure it's not cheesy.


Andrew. "Right" Greg wouldn't like anything cheesy at all.


Heather. You know what I mean.


Andrew. Did you find the perfect house yet?


Heather. Well I don't want something too big. People will think I'm a rich bitch.


Andrew. That's Karma's job.


Heather. Very funny, so you like Lacey now?


Andrew. Let's just say I've see her in a whole new light.


Heather. I knew you would come around eventually.

You know I was kinda mean to Greg also.


Andrew. You could get him something?


Heather. I think I might.


Andrew. OK, see you later, baby, I'm heading out.


(He kisses her before he leaves)


Cut back to Karma and Cliff at Cliff's place.

They are sitting at the dinner table drinking wine.


Cliff. You know I never got your name?


Karma. It's Karmal.


Cliff. That is a different kind of name.


Karma. What's yours?


Cliff. Cliff.


Karma. I love your protein bars!


Cliff. Uh...Clif Bars are not my brand, I'm in real estate.


Karma. Well, they are still delicious.


Cliff. OK, so wanna have sex?


Karma. You aren't subtle? Are you?


Cliff. I'm just so horny!

I haven't done it with a women since college.


Karma. I can give you whatever you want.


Cliff. I'm glad! Let's get to it.


(Karma kisses Cliff, then they start to make out.)


Cliff. Damn you're a good kisser!


Cut to Andrew at  IKEA


Andrew. Well I guess this is what he wanted most.


(He is standing by the vaugly phallus shaped candle that Greg loved when they went to IKEA the last time.)


Cut to him at the cash register.


Cashier. Is this all, Sir?


Andrew. Yes that is it, on second thought, (he picks up a greeting card that says "Sorry for acting like an ass") this to.


Cashier. Your total is $11.50.


(Andrew hands the cashier a few hundreds)


Andrew. Keep the change.


Cashier. Thanks! Have a great day! (Waves at Andrew)


Andrew. (Waves back.) Thanks I will.


Cut back to Karma and Cliff. (They are in bed.)


Cliff. Wow that was amazing! I might just have to swear off men!


Karma. I googled that.


Cliff. Thank the Google gods!


Karma. Like I was saying before, I will grant you anything you wish...however, Karma's a bitch so don't do anything stupid.


Cliff. I..I want revenge on Andrew.


Karma. Wonderful...


Cut back to Andrew and Heather at their temporary mansion. The door bell rings.


Heather. Gregs here. (She opens the door.)


Heather. Hi Greg.  Me and Andrew feel sorry for treating to badly at the pet store.


Greg. Thanks, but I'm sad. Slupee lost his halo and wings as soon as that angel lady left.


Andrew. That's too bad (Rolls eyes.)


Heather. Maybe when Jasmine comes back she will give your chinchilla its wings back.


Greg. Maybe it's like in that movie "Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings".


Heather. I hope so, Slupee was so cute with his little wings.

I got you something to cheer you up, follow me outside.


She leads him outside to the mansions beautiful driveway.

There is a strange car shaped lump covered with a sheet.


Greg. Oh my god! A new car!


Heather. Not just any car, (she tries to do a gameshow host voice.) A brand new Ferrari! This prize also includes gas and tuneups for  life!


Andrew. Wow, you really went above and beyond!


Greg. I love it so much! Thanks!


Andrew. I got you this. (He pulls out the candle from behind his back.) It's not much, but..


Greg. No freaking way! You got me the Wiener Wax candle from IKEA! I love it, I don't know which is better!


(He unexpectedly kisses Andrew on the lips.)


Andrew. Eww gross dude! I got your man germs all in my mouth. You will speak of this to no one!


Greg. Sorry, reflexes from my time spent in Europe.

Did you know that they show boobs on TV over there?


Andrew. Yes I did.


Greg. Mind if I test drive this baby?( Pointing to the Ferrari)


Heather. It is your car, so no.


Greg. Great!


Cut to Greg trying to figure out the manual controls of his new car. He floors it backwards into the garage, and slams into the garage wall damaging the surrounding luxury cars and damaging his pretty bad.


Andrew. GREG!!!


The episode ends.


Submitted: May 02, 2014

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