Sob Story Episode 7

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In this episode the question is answered. Is Greg gay?

Submitted: April 12, 2014

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Submitted: April 12, 2014




Sob story Episode 6

Going green for Karma.








GREG. I want s tomm too see them rainbessed in the skieesd!


Greg flings open the car door, falls out, and tumbles down a hill on the side of the road.


HEATHER.[Panicked] Oh My God! Next time lock the car doors!


ANDREW.[Yells] You are the one driving!


Heather stops the car and gets out. Andrew follows her down the hill.


Greg is at the bottom of the hill, bruised, cut, and covered with grass stains. Greg, starts crying.


GREG. Ther woys nowd raineeer bowooo


Heather, kneels down beside Greg.


HEATHER.[Motherly Voice] It's OK Greg, don't cry.


Andrew gets on his cell phone and calls  911


TIME SKIP: Ambulance arriving.


GREG. Prettyed colwors!


The paramedics lift him into the stretcher.


In the ambulance they anesthetize Greg.


TIME SKIP: To Greg waking up in a hospital bed.


GREG. What... What happened?


ANDREW.[Annoyed] You were drunk, dumbass!


HEATHER.[Concerned] After we left the museum you leapt out of the car, and rolled down a hill on the side of the road.


GREG.[groggily] No wonder I am sore. All I remember is visiting Oz and wanting to touch a rainbow. Thanks for taking care of me.


HEATHER.[Slightly annoyed][Scolding] You put yourself in danger, and acted like a fool.


ANDREW.[Very Annoyed] Who carries emergency alcohol with them? Next time I’ll shove a munchkin up your ass!


GREG.[Quite sure of himself] I do, And that would be considered sexual assault.


ANDREW.[Steamed] Well quit it! No outside food or drink, Buddy!


HEATHER][Scolding] Andrew, Leave him alone. He doesn't remember anything.


GREG.[Pleased] I remember having sex with a lawnmower.

Lots of grass clippings, and my boner turned green.


HEATHER.[Disturbed]  Um, Maybe you should rest now.


Andrew.[Mad] Yeah R.I.P!


Heather.[Empathetic] Be nice, Andrew!

Let Greg rest.


Heather leaves the room


Andrew. [Flips Greg off before he leaves][Fake Sneezes]F.U




ANDREW. Karma is a bitch,[Mumbles]Like Lacey, so he better watch out.


HEATHER.[annoyed][Upset] Hey, I heard that![Understanding] I guess you are entitled to your own opinion about Lacey. Just don't let her hear you say that.




ANDREW.[Upset] I don't know why Greg is such an asshole sometimes.


HEATHER.[Teasing] I don't know either. You can also be a asshole at times.[Smiles]


ANDREW. I know that's why you like me.[Smirks]


HEATHER.[Sexy] That's not the only reason.


ANDREW.[Heartfelt] I know, I love you, Honey.


HEATHER.[Heartfelt] I love you to.




The door to his room opens and an older nurse comes in.

She walks up to him, but he is asleep.

She slowly climbs on top of him.

When she starts bouncing on him he wakes up.


GREG.[Enraged] [Surprised] What the hell!!!


He pushes her to the floor, but not before she  grabs his hospital gown, and rips it off of him leaving him naked.


NURSE. Aww shucks, I thought it was green.


GREG. No bitch! It's long, sexy, and huge, but not green!


Greg covers himself back up with his sheet


NURSE. Well damn. I have always wanted to ride a big green dick. No hard feeling, right?


GREG. Help I am being raped!!!


Just then a group of nurses, and doctors come rushing into the room, but the older nurse is gone!


DOCTOR. No one is here sir.


GREG. She was here just a second ago.

Look at the camera footage!


Just then Greg receives a text.

It says.


NURSE’S TEXT. My name is Karma...


GREG. Look at my phone!


The doctor looks at Greg's phone.


DOCTOR. No one named "Karma" works here.


The group of doctors and nurses leave.


GREG. Sends back a text


GREG’S TEXT. I'm coming for you bitch! And not in the way you are thinking.


KARMA’S TEXT. Don't mess with me you have been warned.


Just then Karma appears in the room.


KARMA. Don't bother calling for help I will just disappear again.


Greg.[Scared] [Frightened] Don't hurt me, I'm warning you


Karma.[Walks closer to Greg] Don't worry I won't.


Greg.[Presses himself against the wall][Scared][Frightened] Why don't you go and mess with some other guy like the Hulk, or That guy on the green beans can, they both have green dicks!


GREG’S THOUGHTS. I wonder if my junk was green if I would have super powers?


KARMA. You already do.


GREG. Bitch, stop reading my mind!


KARMA. Kiss me.


She tries to kiss Greg,

but the police arrive.(because Greg had called them ahead of time. )


KARMA. Damn! Looks like the jig is up.

Just remember....


The police grab her, and handcuff her.


Karma. Karma's a bitch![Evil Laugh]


The police drag her away.

Leaving Greg rocking back and forth in the fetal position.





PERSON ON TV. And that is how I overcame my fear of cheese graters.


HOST. Give her a round of applause folks.[Clapping]


Andrew changes the channel

to the news.


NEWS REPORTER. Recently we have gotten word that a psychotic

woman broke into Brookeburg Hospital and sexually harassed one of the patients staying there.

Her name is Karma, and she harassed

Gregory lastname here.


HEATHER.[Shocked][Worried] Oh My Gosh! Greg!


ANDREW.[Calm] We don't know if Greg was raped so not so calm down.


HEATHER.[Panicked][Worried] We have to drive over there right now and check on him!


ANDREW. Can we at least call first?


HEATHER. Fine, but make it quick.


Andrew dials Greg's number.

Greg answers his cell.


GREG. Hey guys you will never guess what happened!


Andrew. Where you raped by Karma?


Greg. Kinda,

how did you know?


Andrew. It was on the News.


Greg. Did they show the security footage?


Andrew. No.


Greg. That's good, I wouldn't want the ladies all over this if they saw my sweet bod.


Andrew. You are fat, and awkward around women.


Greg. Jealous.


Andrew. As if!


Heather. Is he OK?


Andrew. Oh right, Heather wants to know if you're OK.


Greg. I taught that Bitch a lesson,

her ass will be rotting in jail!


Andrew. Glad to hear it.


Greg. She told me I have super powers,

but I think that bitch is off her rocker, too many shrooms.


Andrew. Why did she think that?


Greg. I don't know man!

Like I said before, she was loopy.


(Greg now secretly belives he had super powers.)


Andrew. Well at least you're not buying into the crap she told you.


Greg. I got to go, a nurse is here to give me a 'check up'.

Who is bad with the ladies again?


Andrew. Here's a tip. Leave Star Wars out of it.


Greg. Coming from a guy who can't have sex.


Andrew. I am almost healed up just you wait!


Greg. Eww dude gross! I don't want to have sex with you...

Unless you want to of course? I mean never... Maybe.

I don't know, bye, click.


Andrew. Hangs up the phone.


Andrew to Heather. I think Greg is gay...he just said he wanted to have sex with me.


Heather. Umm...OK...welll that won't happen as long as you are with me.


Andrew. Don't worry, babe. I am not gay.


Heather. I know, but Greg is bisexual?


Andrew. Maybe, I'm not really sure still, he is ok though.


Heather that's good.


Andrew The doctor said my penis is healed enough for sex.

So wanna do it?


Heather. I thought you would never ask.

Whipped cream bikini?


Andrew. Thank you Jesus!


Cut to Heather in a whipping cream bikini.


Andrew starts licking the whipping cream off her stomach


Andrew. Oh god this taste terrible!

I think it is spoiled.

Oh no....


Andrew runs to the bathroom and starts puking.


Heather follows him into the bathroom.


Heather. I'm so sorry!

I should of checked the expiration date on that can.


Andrew. Could you please wash it off the smell is making me feel even worse.


Heather turns on the shower.

And gets in.


She tries to do a sexy dance routine behind the shower curtain, but slips and falls.


Andrew. Laughs.


Cut to the next day.


Andrew. I guess maybe we should wait a little longer.


Heather. Agreed. We can still kiss though, right?


Andrew. I don't see why not.

but just in case. God if you don't want us to do this give me a sign.


Cut to a heavy makeout session.


Andrew. You.

Wanna try...again?


Heather nods.


They move the make out session to the bed.


They start removing each others clothes in bed.

The power goes out.


They fall out of bed into the floor while rolling around making out.


Andrew. Owww! Your knee is crushing my balls!


Heather moves her leg.


Heather. Sorry.

Maybe we should stop?


Andrew. No, we are already naked, we can't stop now.


Cut to the next day.


Andrew wakes up and leans over to kiss Heather.


Greg. Good morning.


Andrew is startled


Andrew. What the hell, Greg.


Greg. You said on the phone you wanted to have sex,


I moved Heather to the couch.


Andrew. You misunderstood me,

please tell me we didn't have sex.


Greg. I was too chicken, so I just looked at it


Andrew. Eww, I feel so violated.


Greg. Sorry, by the way you have a very pretty penis.


Andrew. TMI Greg.

Get out of my bed now!!!


Greg. But I have no clothes on.


Andrew. That didn't seem to bother you before!!!


Greg. It was dark and you were asleep.


Just then Heather  walks in.


Heather. What the hell Greg!

How could you!


Greg. grabs the bed sheet to cover his privates and runs out of the apartment.


Heather. What the hell, Andrew!


Andrew. I can explain.


Heather. Explain what? That you like guys?

I should of known.


Heather. You wanted a sign? There's your sign!


Andrew. Nothing happened...that I know of.

I woke up and Greg was there instead of you, honest!

You know I am a homophobe.


Heather. is in tears.


Heather. How could he.


Andrew. I don't know.


Heather . stops crying.


Heather. I know you wouldn't sleep with a man, and you would never choose Greg!


Andrew. I'm glad you understand.

I love you.


Heather. I love you to.


Andrew. Smiles


Andrew. I think I need sex to recover from that!


Heather. Smiles back


Heather. I think can help you with that.

The episode ends with another makeout session.

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