Sob Story Episode 8

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
In this episode Andrew Plays a prank on Greg.

Submitted: April 12, 2014

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Submitted: April 12, 2014



Sob Story Episode 8


It's Not Easy Being Green Mean


The episode opens with Greg panicking.


(In the last episode Greg realised his penis was a green hue.)


Greg. Oh no, wht am I supposed to do.

Maybe this is just a prank?


He decided to take a shower in case it is just paint or green dye. He turns on the water and gets in the shower.


Cut to green dye circling the drain.


Greg. Whew, I knew it was just dye.


Just then Kama appears in his bathroom.


Karma. Tisk tisk, will you never learn.

It is fate.


Greg. Looks down,  and realizes his penis is still green.


Greg. What the hell, Bitch!


Karma. Don't you see, you are cursed. I will always get you in the end.


Greg. Don't look at me.


(He tries to cover up his privates)


Karma. Throws Greg a towl.


Greg. Andrew was right, you are real.


Karma. Ya I'm real.


Greg. What can I do to take away the curse?


Karma. You can help others.

The green  will keep spreading unless you cancel out all your bad karma.


Greg. I will try ,Karma.


Karma. Good, now I have to go.


Greg. Why can't you just poof out like you did before?


Karma. Ugh, you know nothing!

I can't leave because my powers have to recharge.


Greg. OK, then leave through the door?


Karma. Silence fool!


She leaves through the door.


Karma. calls Andrew on her cellphone.


Andrew. How did it go?


Karma. He bought it, hook,

Iine, and sinker.


Andrew. Excellent.

On to phase 2.


Karma. You owe me extra for him being



Andrew. Don't worry, you will get payed.

I got to go, bye.


Heather. Who were you talking to?


Andrew. Karma Strudel.


Heather. Ya right.


Andrew. I am serious, look!


He shows her the phone.


Heather. That is her real name?


Andrew. No, it's Karmal Strudel, but she goes by Karma.

She is part of my plan for Greg.


Heather. Is she sweet, (laughs)


Andrew. (Laughs) you wish.


Heather. Have your fun,

just don't hurt Greg!


Andrew. Don't worry I won't.


Cut to the next morning.


Greg wakes up.


He goes into the bathroom to brush his teeth and sees that his hands are green.


Greg. Ahhh, what's going on?


Cut to Karma walking down his apartment complex hallway with permanent green dye in hand


Cut to Andrew talking on the phone with Karma.


Andrew. Did you execute phase 2?


Karma. Yes, I used the permanent stuff.


Andrew. You did what! You were supposed to use temporary dye.


Karma. Karma's a Bitch, what else can I say?


Andrew. Your fired!


Karma. You sure you want to do that?

I can be a real Bitch to you.


Andrew. I wouldn't do that if I were you, I bailed you out of jail! I can put you right back in.


Karma. I'd like to see you try.

What you don't know can hurt you.


Andrew. Fine, just stick to the plan.


Andrew. Calls Greg.


Greg. Hey Andrew.


Andrew. Hi.


Greg. I know you did this to me!


Andrew. I'm sorry, it got out of hand.

She was just supposed to dye your hair green.


Greg. That is the only thing not green!


Andrew. I have a plan, listen.


Cut to the next day very early in the morning.


Karma. Opens to door to Greg's apartment, goes to his room with green hair dye in hand, and is about to dye Greg's hair. When all of a sudden, Greg grabs her wrist and handcuffs her to the bed.


Greg. Karma's a Bitch!


He pours the hair dye all over her head.


Andrew. Jumps out of the closet, and calls the police.


Andrew. The police are on their way,

Karmal Strudel!


Greg. Thank


Andrew. I found the dye sollevent in her purse, her you go


He hands the dye sollevent to Greg.


Greg. Douses himself with it, and the green dye drips off of him onto the floor.


Cut to the police arriving to take Karma back to prison.


As they drag Karma away, she says her catchphrase


Karma. Be warned.. Karma's a bitch!

(Laughs evilly).


Greg. Save it Carmel!


Andrew. She is just like villains in the old cartoons.


Greg. I know. That Bitch is wacko!


Andrew. I'm glad she is dealt with.


Greg. I know! She gives creeps me out.

So you saying that you care about karma was just a lie?


Andrew. No, I care about the big elephant in the sky also!


Greg. Ya, and I worship the mermaid goddesses with giant boobs...That last part might be true.


Andrew. I can't believe I thought you were gay.


Greg. Ya, I know right!


Cut to the next day at Heather's and Andrew's apartment


Greg. I went ahead and bought you guys replacement sheets.


Heather. Shh, Andrew is still asleep.

You didn't have to, but thanks.


Greg leaves.


Cut to later

Heather and Andrew are eating breakfast.


Heather. Greg brought over the sheets.


Andrew. Good, you didn't tell him that I bought him the Zbex for his birthday, did you?


Heather. Nope.


Andrew. Good.


Heather. I'm glad your not as big of jerk as people think.


Andrew. What are you talking about? I'm a giant jerk!


Heather. (Smiles) OK, sure you are.


Andrew. I hope Greg's birthday goes according to plan.


Heather. Knowing you're the one behind it, it won't.


Andrew. Gee, thanks.


Heather. I'm kidding, silly.


The episode ends with them hanging up decorations for Greg's party.




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