Sob Story Episode 9

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

In this Episode Greg has a birthday, and Andrew finds his inner 'performer'.

Sob Story Episode 9


Birthday trash.


The episode opens with Andrew hanging up balloons and streamers in an huge mansion that was rented for Greg's party.


Andrew. Dammit balloons, why are they so hard to tie?


Just then Heather walks in.


Heather. Honey, don't forget to pick up the froyo machine.


Andrew. Forget this! I will do it now.

You finish the decorations.


Heather. OK, and remember we don't want tons of alcohol.


Andrew. Why are we even taking the chance?


Heather. Because it's his birthday.


Andrew. Fine booze and  yogurt, anything else.


Heather. Well we already have all the food, so nope.


Andrew. OK love you, bye.


Heather, bye.


Cut to Andrew at the liquor store

It has been broken into by a group of frat guys and

they are super drunk.


Frat guy. What the hell bastard!


Andrew. Leave me alone!, I'm just here to buy something.


Frat guy. Well we run the place now and everything is free.


Andrew. Fine.

I'm leaving!


When Andrew goes to his car he sees that the fraternity house guys have filled the car with alcohol of all kinds.


Andrew. What the hell!


Frat Guy. Here you are princess. Now give me a kiss!


Andrew. Back off fag!


He gets in his car and drives away.


Cut to him at the froyo place.


Andrew. I need 10 quarts of froyo.


Manager. We don't sell that  that much to one person.


Andrew. It is for a party.


Manager. In that case why don't we have one of our employees come to the party with a machine.


Andrew. Fine, just bring it here by 8:00Pm.


Manager. OK, have a nice day.


Andrew. Don't tell me what to do.


Andrew leaves.


Cut to him and Heather back at the mansion.


Andrew. I took care of everything, but some idiotic teenagers held up the liquor store!


Heather. Oh, that's terrible.


Andrew. I now have a car full of stolen liquor.


Heather. How did that happen?


Andrew. Well, the teenagers filled my car with booze when I was inside trying to pay for the 10 bottles I wanted.

Now I have 100!


Heather. Well just write a note to the owner with $100

Attached explaining the situation.


Andrew. I called the police.


Heather. Good, so what should we do with all the alcohol?


Andrew. I don't know.


Heather. What about we take the amount we need and return the rest to the owner?


Andrew. I was already thinking of that.


Heather. Ok, well we can do it after we have the party. The store is probably wrecked anyway.


Cut to that night. Hundreds of people are outside.


Heather. Oh my God! Who invited them all?


Andrew. Greg?


Heather. He must of, but we told him just to show up.

So much for returning the booze.


Andrew. Opens front door to the mansion.


Andrew. Now listen, there are going to be some rules!


The crowd ignores him and storms the house.


Greg is at the back of the crowd.


Greg. Hey guys! Great party! I invited a few friends!


Andrew. Greg! Why did you invite so many people!


Greg. Because I like to party!


Heather. Remember Greg, don't get drunk!


Greg is ignoring her


Greg. Whoo Parrr-taaay!


Cut to everyone having a good time.


From across the room Andrew sees Greg with Lacey.


Andrew. WTF man!


Greg. What you mean?


Andrew. Lacey! What you doing with him?


Lacey. It's nice to see you to Andrew.

I can't say hi to the birthday boy?


Andrew. Leave him alone you bitch!


Greg. Andrew, I think you are drunk.


Andrew. I have only had 10 beers!


Andrew. I thought you loved me Lacey!


Greg. Let's leave Drunko alone.


Lacey. Good idea.


Cut to later.


Lacey and Greg are sitting on a porch swing outside.


Greg. Why are you dating that Son of a bitch, Ramone?

I thought we had something.


Lacey. We never dated.


Greg. We went on one date and I kissed you.


Lacey. Greg, We haven't even had sex.

I've never even seen your penis.


Greg. I can show you it right now?


Lacey. No thanks.


Greg. Fine, just tell me you haven't seen Ramone's penis either.


Lacey. Well...


Greg. Is it big?


Lacy.. It is hu..I'm not having this conversation with you.

You seem to like other things more than women.


Greg. Nuh uh, it goes


Star wars


Frozen yogurt...


Lacey. Stop!....we just aren't right for each other.


Greg. Fine, suck it bitch!


He leaves.


Cut to Andrew, so drunk he is stumbling around.


Heather. What the hell! Why did you drink so much


Andrew. I was stressed. Stop yelling at me!


Andrew. Walks over to a column and starts clumsily dancing like a male stripper.


Heather oh my God! Stop it!


She is too upset to do anything so she leaves.


Andrew. What are all you lovely ladies doing out here tonight.


The guest at the party start cheering him on.


Andrew. My name is Amazing Andy, cousin to Magic Mike!


The guests go crazy, whistling and cheering


Andrew. Hit it DJ!


The lyrics to Katy Perry "Birthday" start playing.


Andrew. Is putting on a real show until he cuts himself on the marble pillar he is dancing around.


He bleeds all over the floor and column but continues his routine.


The guests are all put off by the bleeding so they leave.


As he is about to take everything off when a piece of the ceiling falls down and knocks him unconscious.


Cut to Andrew waking up with  paramedics around him.

He is in his underwear and very confused.


The party is over and Andrew has come to his senses.


Andrew. What...what happened last night?


Heather is their by his side.


Heather. You decided to be Magic Mike last night.


Andrew. I was Amazing Andy.


Heather. Whoever you were, it was stupid.

I came back after things calmed down and saw blood everywhere.


Andrew.I guess that would explain the blood soaked underwear.


Heather. Why did you have to act so stupid.


Andrew. I drank too much because I was stressed.


Heather. I'll talk to you later about this, I'm sure you lost a lot of blood.


Andrew. Well I don't feel great.


Heather. I still love you.


Andrew. I love you to.


Heather. Rest now.


Cut to Greg in the other room with the remaining guests still cleaning up. He sees Lacey across the room and runs up to her.


Greg. Lacey, I love you!


He gets down on one knee


Lacey. What are you doing?


Will you...


He looks across the room the froyo machine is still there.


Greg. Froyo!


He runs to their machine and fills his face with froyo


Lacey. I knew you liked yogurt more than me! bastard!


Greg. Lacey wait! I still want to date you!


The episode ends with Greg running after Lacey.


Submitted: April 13, 2014

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