Trip To Grandad's

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A true story about when I visited my grandparent.

Submitted: May 18, 2014

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Submitted: May 18, 2014



This is a true story about a trip to my grandparents.


The date was May/ 3/2014, we were on our way to the Dairy Queen to meet my Grandad. When I say we I mean my mom, brothers, and me. In our beat up Expedition truck we zoomed along the road, the truck had seen better days, I had scuffed it up pretty bad learning to drive, lets just say it took some practice for me to “master” driving. The radiator was also leaking water badly, it was a race against the clock which would run out first. My mom’s  patience, the precious reserve of water leaking from the radiator leaving a trail of liquid on the open road, or my ability to entertain myself in the car. We arrived just in time as our Grandad was pulling up his tuck, it was an old vehicle like ours, but his fit him well while ours would be better suited for the trash heap.


Hi Grandad “I said as I stepped out of the car and ran to greet him”.


Hi boys “replied Grandad in his grandfatherly voice”. How are you doing?


“My brother Curtis replied” we're good, how about you?


I’m fine said Grandad. ready to get on the road?


We said our goodbyes to our mom, and climbed into his worn out truck.

as we were driving along I asked Grandad to tell us some stories from when he was in the Marines. (as a war veteran he has lots of stories)


tell us about how you got your Purple Heart, said Curtis.


Grandad, gave in a sigh and started to talk. It all started back when I was in Vietnam, we were caught in a minefield and four of us didn’t make it. A mine went off behind me and the shrapnel pierced my skin, it dug it’s way down into my legs, and imbedded itself into my back. Whoo it hurt! They flew us to Hawaii for surgery, and boy was it cold in the gurdy, I only had a sheet on so I was freezing. When we reached Hawaii the hospital rushed to get as many of the pieces out that they could before knocking me out for surgery. It hurt so bad when they had to pick out the pieces! After I recovered enough I was sent to california for rehab.


Were you still in the Marines after that, asked Evan.


Ya, I was there for thirty years! I was not much older than you when I started, Trevor, said Grandad.


The time in his truck seemed to rush by even though it was a four hour round trip.

When we arrived at his house he invited us inside. The inside was beautiful, just like I remembered. You could tell they were wealthy even though they choose to live in a normal sized home. The thing I remember most is the books, and a giant flat screen TV was set upon a glorious entertainment center. The dining room had luxurious chairs that seemed to cry out for a bigger space, a mansion perhaps? The kitchen was remodeled in a tuscan-esc way, and my favorite thing...The Nespresso Machine that sat on the counter next to the display case of vaguely sexual themed items, such as a rhino horn that was beautifully carved to look like an erect penis, or the ashtray that resembles a ceramic pinup girl. that part was strange indeed, but I didn’t mind too much.


Since it was my birthday I had the whole day already planned out. I wanted to eat the most delicious morsels at Romano’s Macaroni Grill and visit the giant, spinning, orb, tower in the middle of town, (you know what i’m talking about every city has one) otherwise known as Reunion Tower, From it you can see the place where John. F. Kennedy was shot. It is a glorious site.


We arrived at the Tower. What an awe inspiring sight. It  cost forty nine dollars for us to get in. this was a rare treat for someone to spend that much on one event, since my family is dirt poor.

Even though we don’t have to most money, being around my grandparents makes me feel rich.


The elevator opens as we get on it, it smells like money, that or Pine-Sol I can’t decide.

The floor’s rush past as we are carried to the very top.


The elevator operator notices that Grandad is a Veteran because of the cap he is wearing. The cap says “Us marines veteran 20 years” It also is embellished with scroll work, shields, and eagles.


My buddy has been serving for two years in Iraq, it is tough, says the elevator operator(he has a name tag, but I am so overwhelmed by everything I forget what it says.)


“Grandad replies by saying” I served over 20 years.


The elevator opens and out we walk, onto the luxe lobby, it is better that I could of dreamed “I think to myself” Wow, I say.


we walk out onto the observation deck, Grandad starts talking about when certain buildings were built. I listen intently to him, he sounds knowledgeable like a tour guide of sorts.


We then visit the restaurant that is at the very top of the tower. twelve dollars for a hamburger, that's not bad, says Curtis.


I know where you can get a steak dinner for ten dollars, says Grandad.


We leave the overpriced restaurant and start driving to Macaroni Grill.


The only Macaroni Grill I know of is by Six Flags, that is twenty miles away, says grandad.


Two hours later, and without directions I am starving.


Just stop at whatever italian restaurant you find, I say slightly annoyed.


We eventually find a Spaghetti Warehouse, Close enough, I’m starving, I say.


The restaurant's decor is a mix between Italy, the circus and, a church (due to the stained glass everywhere).


I order fettuccine alfredo, it is delicious, but lacking salt.

When we are eating dessert I ask Grandad who his favorite musical artists are. He names off the Classics ones like Johnny Cash, Elvis, etc.


All of a sudden “Katy Perry Firework” starts playing, I start singing it because I am a huge Katy Perry fan. After a few verses of my best rendition, I ask grandad if he knows who Katy Perry is.


Grandad replies, Is she a singer?


I say, Yes.


after we are done eating, we get back into his truck for the long drive home.

What a great day that was.






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