What others don't see

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A story of a young man who believes he has an extraordinary ability, he can see the future.

Submitted: January 16, 2015

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Submitted: January 16, 2015



For as long as I can remember I have had this ability. Some might call it a curse, I call it a gift, and it’s not like I can just have it taken away, right?


I guess I should really back up and tell the full story…When I was in the car seven or so years ago, I brought my camera in the car with me. It is a nice camera not one of those cheap models, I mean it costs over 1000 dollars for all the components.I had saved up for years to buy that camera and protected in with my life.


I was snapping pictures as my parents drove down the road. We have a pretty old SUV, but it still runs pretty good. As I was snapping pictures I kept seeing a yellow Beetle car. Little did I know as the time I would be seeing a lot more of that vehicle. We turn and pull into the grocery store parking lot, and that car is already there parked.

Skip ahead a few hours and as we are loading the groceries into our car I see an older lady with white hair step into that yellow beetle and drive away. I snap a few more pictures of the car as she is driving away.That night I dreamed about that lady and the yellow Beetle car.I kept having the dream of that car and that old lady for years. Until one day it stopped.


You will never believed what happened after that. Years later I saw her again, and this time she was a employee at Walmart she was saying something to me I couldn’t understand, I was creeped out and scared  by this and walked away as fast as I could. I was definitely having a sense of deja vu. That is when I met Madison, we were good friends and I shared secrets with her I never told anyone else about.

Including my newfound ability to see what others don’t see to see the future. To see the future, at least glimpse of it all this information came to me at once, I was told when I would die, when she would die, how long the world would last and a million other things. However I realized that the future is not set in stone and can change from what it once was when you saw it. That is why I am not right 100% of the time. The future is constantly evolving and changing and is really impossible to know everything about. But that didn’t stop me from asking myself seemingly impossible questions about the future sometimes weeks in advance and still getting a correct answer when the time came around. I would ask questions such as, what will happen a week from today and would get glimpse, such as seeing a person I don’t know or finding out something ahead of time before anyone else did. I would ask what would happen that day and if I would get to do something that was out of my control. It was great at the time.


Now I feel like It is always random and sometimes I doubt my ability, but then something happens to reassure me. Now I am just told random things throughout the day and all of it come true. The worst thing is when I see a young child of baby and my mind tells me that they are going to die before they become a successful adult. In a way I feel like I am killing them.

But I can’t tell the parents, what would they do?


As I change as a person so do my abilities and sometimes I get nothing and sometimes I get too much, so I am glad on days where there is a nice balance. I also have to hide most of the information I get because if I told the people they would think I am stalking them of reading their diaries or something. Some days I wish I could just shut it off but I don’t know how and when it is gone I miss it and feel incomplete.


Oh and that car, I have seen it so many times, I sometimes wonder if It is not really there. If I don’t see it on the roads it appears in my mind. What is so special about this car, is connected to me somehow?

I hate the color yellow and think these kind of cars are ugly.

What does this mean!


Here is what I  have been told so far

  1. The world will end in 20200 years

  2. I will lose my left arm for a day in some form be it paralyzed or cut off and replaces with some robot arm idk I am getting that it will be like it feels asleep and I can’t move it, so basically I lose function of my arm for one day

  3. I will live until I am 82, or 92, or 30 I get conflicting answers

  4. I will have my artwork in a gallery of some sort

  5. I will enter an artistic reality competition and get third place

  6. I can almost always tell who will win a reality competition, but I doubt that answer.

  7. This one is the worst, I have had this recurring nightmare about getting raped and having a bullet cut across my cheek when I refuse. Also I am in college at the time.

  8. I will write a magazine article and it will be published

  9. I have seen myself in my early 20s before

  10. Not really related, but I used to not recognize myself in the mirror like it was surprising every time I saw myself in the mirror, It was like oh that’s how I look.

  11. I have also been told I will never get an std, so that’s good I guess, but I still am going to be careful and smart when I do have sex.

  12. I have trouble distinguishing my visions of my goals versus what will really happen. However if I am told more than a few times it is not my goals most of the time.

  13. I will watch a very small part of a horror movie at a friends house and then end the friendship over it because they made me watch it.

  14. I am not sure if this is just wishful thinking or what, but I see certain friends as  actresses walking the red carpet (This has happened 10 or 20 times now and I just can’t ignore it.)

So as you can see it is a blessing and a curse.

I have to take the bad with the good.


The way I am told.

My dreams are too cryptic for me to see anything, I get a vision of something in my head and then I am told repeatedly that this will happen and sometimes it is scary. Like with the rape thing, It happens over and over again at least once a day for a few weeks/ months. Or it just happens rarely at random times and days which is what happens more often. Other times I ask myself if stuff will happen, but I feel like that is kinda wrong so I don’t do it very often. 

The fear I feel at times is real, it's too much to handle seeing people die over and over again, it's like on Lord of the Rings where Frodo looks into the elven mirror and sees what will happen if he doesn't win. Sometimes I can't sleep at night because of the costant torrmenting, but the flip side is knowing things that other people can't even begin to fathom. If I lose my ability to see the future I don't think i'll be the same person so I have a great fear of losing my power. Also what if i'm told something terrible and can't go on...either way I won't let the fear control me.

Thank you for listening to my story.

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