John Ginger has returned, and this time, he has found a new girlfriend. More specially, he brainwashed a girl to be his girlfriend. Will her friends free her from John's curse?

The girl walking through the square was a writer for the local gazette. She had clocked out for the night and was now heading home. However, she saw from across the street a woman being overpowered by a teenage boy in a trench coat and hat. She went over to separate the scuffle.

Emerging victorious, the girl was busy reveling in her victory. Unfortunately, the trench coat clad boy rendered her unconscious by whacking her in the head with a baseball bat. The boy then dragged her body away from the area.

As soon as word spread that Tina Leslie had disappeared, Sydney Kyle and Neil Senics, Tina’s friends, set out to find her. Unfortunately, when they interrogated all possible witnesses, they each say they didn’t have a clue where she was.

For months, Sydney and Neil kept searching for clues. One night, they were lucky enough to find one. On a rooftop near downtown, Sydney discovered a little slip of paper. Upon further investigation, she found it was an invitation for an engagement party. Sydney immediately recognized the handwriting.

“Ginger...” she growled.

Sydney and Neil quickly drove to a house that looked like it was decorated for Halloween. There were blood splats on the windows, bones and gravestones scattered on the lawn, and there was a cauldron full of synthetic models of women’s feet with red toenails on the front porch.

This specific house was known to so very few as the residence of John Ginger, a psychopathic teenager who murdered his girlfriend and her friends on Halloween night. Police never arrested John for fear that he’d kill them before they had a chance to arrest him.

Sydney, knowing the door was never locked, opened it as soon as she and Neil approached the house. The interior was just as macabre: clay models of zombies on the couch, random ravings on the walls written in blood, and creepy music sounding throughout the building. The two went upstairs to confront John and rescue Tina.

As soon as Sydney and Neil entered his bedroom, a guard robot immediately noticed them. “John, it appears we have company,” the robot said. Soon afterward, a teenage boy with a white painted face, red lipstick in a drool fashion, orange hair, a scar across his left cheek, a t-shirt, sweatpants, and boots emerged from a dark closet.

“Ah, so nice of you to join us,” John said in a sadistic, yet polite tone. 

“How long has it been since I last had visitors? Two… three months? Ah, whatever.

“Point being, I’ve actually been expecting you.”

“Where’s Tina?” Sydney queried menacingly.

“Tina?” John said, acting confused.

“I believe the blond haired one is referring to your new girlfriend,” the robot replied.

“Oh yes. Now I remember!” John exclaimed.

“New girlfriend?” Neil exclaimed.

“Yes,” John started to explain. “My old girlfriend was one who could not be trusted by herself, as demonstrated two Octobers ago. This past October, I taught her a lesson, and she is no longer a concern to me.

“As the months went by, I realized my dream as global conqueror, but I needed that special someone to help rule this planet with me. After a long search,” John walked towards a curtain, smiling grimly, “I finally found her.” He then opened the curtain, revealing a girl with a white painted face, pink lipstick, dark eye shadow, pink hair and eyebrows, a ballerina tutu, a bikini top, and no shoes and socks. Sydney and Neil immediately 
recognized her.

“No…” Sydney gasped.

“My God,” Neil uttered.

Tina stood still while laughing like a homicidal maniac. Sydney contemplated what to do first; kill John or free Tina. She eventually charged after John and started to strike him. However, he countered every one of her attempts.

Meanwhile, Neil tried to free Tina of John’s brainwashing. “Tina!” he shouted. “Tina! Tina, it’s me, Neil, can ya hear me?”

“Oh, I believe she’s become deaf to your attempts of freeing her,” John told Neil. “Besides, look at her finger.” Neil looked down and spotted a ring on Tina’s middle finger on her left hand.

“You… you mean-?” Neil sputtered, disgusted.

“That’s right. We plan to spend the rest of our young lives together, forever… and ever!” After John said this, he leaned forward to Tina and kissed her passionately for five seconds before he disappeared downstairs, leading Sydney to follow him.

In the darkness of the living room, Sydney tried to uncover John’s current location.

“What’s the matter, Syd?” John queried from a different location. “No witty comeback? No threat? Then I'll provide a narration.” As if on cue, a video started playing on the television, starting with John dressed in a lab coat. “I’ll begin with how I peeled back the layers of the young lady’s mind.” The screen changed to show Tina, in her normal clothing, struggling to free herself while strapped to a table. “Well, she bravely tried to fight it at first.” A table with chemicals in test tubes and beakers was seen scrolling across the screen before showing John holding a strange remote. Upon pressing a button, the screen then showed Tina being electrocuted. “You would’ve been proud to see how strong she was.”

Sydney finally realized that John was behind her, sitting on the staircase. He went on nevertheless. “But all too soon the shocks and the serums took their toll, and the dear girl began sharing such secrets with me. Secrets that are mine alone to know, band geek.

“It’s true, madam. I know everything. And kinda like the kid who peeks at his birthday party preparations, I must say, sadly anticlimactic.” As John went on, Sydney began to feel enraged. “Behind all the flare and hostility, you’re just a third chair trumpet player crying out for attention.

“It’d be funny if it weren’t so pathetic.” John then stopped himself, as if he were contemplating something. He then went on, “Aw, what the hell. I’ll laugh anyway.” John then started his evil laughter as Sydney rushed up the stairs to grab him and push him against the wall. She then punched him in the face three times, causing his nose to bleed.

“If ya don’t like the movie, I’ve got slides,” John offered. However, Sydney dragged John to his bedroom and once again pushed him against the wall.

“I’ll break you in two,” Sydney growled threateningly.

“Oh, Sydney, Sydney, Sydney,” John tutted. “If you had the guts for that kinda fun, you would’ve done it an hour ago. I, on the other hand…” John took out his butcher knife and slashed Sydney’s arm, causing her to let go of him, he then slashed her stomach, making her fall to the ground. 

“You’ve lost, Sydney Kyle. Tina is mine. The last sound you will hear will be our laughter.” John took out a gun and tossed it to Tina. “Here ya go, sweetie. Make Daddy proud. Give me my early Christmas present!”

As Tina readied the gun, she tittered like a maniacal schoolgirl.

“Tina…” Sydney gasped.

A gunshot was heard, but a flag that said BANG! popped out instead.

“Do it!” John urged.

Tina kept laughing and laughing, then she finally fired the flag, but, in a worst case scenario, it impaled John’s chest.

“That’s not funny,” John said as he crumpled to the ground. “That’s not… funny…” Seconds later, he lied face down on the floor, presumably dead.

Tina then started to bawl like a baby. As she got to her knees and sobbed loudly, Neil and Sydney went to comfort her.

“It’s okay, Tina,” Sydney coaxed. “He won’t hurt you anymore.”

“Yeah,” said Neil. “Let’s go home.” The trio then walked out of the house and back to the car.

As soon as they drove off, John opened his eyes and laughed evilly for a very long time…

Submitted: October 01, 2015

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