Pout's Day

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pouts day in school poo

Submitted: June 30, 2010

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Submitted: June 30, 2010



Once upon a time, in Fantasticy Land, there lived a young girl named Pout Pouters. Pout liked school alot so she has decided toshare with you her favourite school day ever.

Here is how it goes.............

Pout Pouters was walking to school with some kids in her class, Zeke the Zuchinni, Pinkie, Billy,Bob and, Joe.

Billy, Bob, and Joe are triplets. Joe is a girl.Pout was doing her worst subject. Art. She did soooo bad her teacher gave her detention.

After school Pout had detention. Zeke, Pinkie, Billy, Joe, and Bob were there. Since they were bad kids, they convinced Pout to brake out of detention with them.

They broke out and went outside. When they got outside, they saw a elephant. Pinkie wanted to ride away on the elephant. Which she did. But when she got 2 miles away, she fell off.

Pout was so scared she started to scream. Zeke was so scared he began eating himself. Then the recess bell rang. At recess, Pout played with, Zeke, Billy, Bob, Joe, and Mr. Tree.Mr.Tree is a tree. They played dodgeball. Mr. Tree won. That was the end of Pout Pouters day in Fantasticy Land!!!!!!!!!!

(oh and by the way, this isnt serious lol)

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