World At War II: A New Beggining

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They Tought Rojez Was Dead, Hes Not, What Will Happen To Cpt.Miller And Woodrose Now? They Are Captured An Put into A Jail With 20 Other Prisoners. Will He Meet New Friends Along The Way Or Will he Die Trying To Escape? Find Out In The Sequel To World At War I: A Journey Of Revenge

Submitted: November 02, 2011

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Submitted: November 02, 2011



Woodrose got out the phone in his pocket. “Damn the nuke screwed up my phone” Woodrose said “We have no communication to HQ” he started looking around at the other Marines “They’re all dead” Woodrose said. He went towards Rojez’s dead body. He searched him for a brief moment and took out an ACS Module. “This ACS Module has all of Rojez’s contacts, hideouts, operations, etc. this was the real objective. Killing Rojez didn’t matter we needed this ACS Module. General Valentine told me about it. He told me not to tell anyone. We need to get this to General Valentine” Woodrose said. “If we live that long” I said as I lit up my cigar.

“I have a plan” I said to Woodrose. “Could it get us killed?” Woodrose asked “Maybe” I said “I’m in” he said. “Alright come with me. Let’s search the inside of this building for a laptop” I walked through the door blasted open by the Nuke, Woodrose followed. After about 10 minutes of searching we found a bomb shelter inside Rojez’s basement. We looked inside and found a laptop. I sat on a chair and turned on the laptop. “Give me the Modem” I said to Woodrose. He hesitated for a brief moment but handed it over. I plugged it into the computer using a USB cable I found in Rojez’s bomb shelter.

I opened it up and clicked on a file named “Emergency Hideouts”. It was encrypted meaning it needed a password. I opened up Command Prompt and wrote in a few sentences and numbers and thanks to years of hacking experience I got past the password lock. The file showed a Map with visual locations of nearby bases, the nearest one was about 100 Km away. I clicked on the file and it opened up another map showing where the vehicles were.

On the side was 8 ATVs and on the roof of a building was an attack chopper. “Woodrose load your guns, we are going to a nearby Nazi emergency shelter” I said “What’s the plan?” Woodrose asked “There is a Nazi military base nearby, we silently work our way up to the top of the building where we should find an attack chopper. We get in the attack chopper and blast our way back to USA. It should take us six to eight hours to reach USA using a helicopter if everything goes right. Once in USA we fly to our base” I said “How are we supposed to walk that far?” Woodrose asked “We don’t walk, we ride there. Come on I’ll explain on the way”

I unplugged the Modem and gave it back to Woodrose who tucked it into his pocket. We were walking up the stairs and told Woodrose to open the door while I lit up another cigar. He opened it and as I hoped we saw 2 ATVs. I signaled Woodrose to fill the ATVs with gasoline while I scavenged for Ammo and Guns.

I wandered around until I saw a closed door. I opened it and saw Guns of every type on the wall. I shouted for Woodrose and he came to the room. I told him take whatever he liked and he took some guns and loaded them. Inside the weapon room was another room which had fresh clothes inside. I took a pair of artic camouflage pants, shirt, and jacket. Woodrose took some clothes as well and decided to change to. After we were done changing and my cigar finished Woodrose told me that the ATVs were ready to go. We walked to the room and got on the ATVs.

Thanks to the nuke that Rojez sent the door was busted just like the others. We drove out the door and then stopped. “Okay Woodrose, according to this map I found in the bomb shelter we go north for 5000 m. It shouldn’t be that hard since we have ATVs” I said “Race you there” Woodrose said I accepted the race offer. I took the cigar out of my mouth and threw it on the floor. “See you on the far side ready, set, and go!” I said. As soon as I said go we raced towards there reaching 100 Miles per hour.

After about 2 hours of racing we stopped the ATVs. “Shhh…..” I said to Woodrose “The enemy base is approx. 300 meters north, you take point” “Affirmative” said Woodrose. Woodrose went with complete stealth after about 3 minutes of walking we saw two Nazis, a blizzard just started, “Okay Woodrose” I said “We will be Ghosts in this blizzard so let’s take this nice and easy. You take the one on the left I’ll take the one on the right, right now good luck” we towards the soldiers and killed them with our knives. I heard voices up ahead. I signaled Woodrose to hide the bodies, while he hid the bodies I hid in a bush. I saw eight Nazis coming our way with dogs. They passed by without noticing anything.

I got out of the hiding and signaled Woodrose to come out. We walked towards the enemy’s base without encountering any resistance. It’s too easy I thought. Once we could see the base we saw a huge building in the middle with a helipad on top. This isn’t going to be easy I thought. “Woodrose” I whispered “Come here” he came right beside me “Remember we are going to make this quick. I am changing plans. Take the Sniper Rifle in the ATV’s trunk and go to that top ledge and provide me Overwatch and Sniper Support. Turn your Bluetooth on, I am going in” as soon as I said that he went towards the ATV.

I sprinted towards the entrance of the Nazi base. There was one Nazi guarding the outside with a dog. I hid behind a rock. “Woodrose, one enemy guard is at the entrance with a dog, any other guards nearby?” I whispered into my Bluetooth I heard nothing gunshots go off “Woodrose is everything alright? I repeat is everything alright?” this time I heard no answer. I decided to go back up there to see what was happening. I went to the top of the cliff, where he was, and saw nothing but his sniper.

“Woodrose” I whispered “Are you there” “Get out of here now!” someone shouted I drew out my pistol and went towards the voice I saw Woodrose tied up on the ground. “Woodrose, what happened” his mouth was taped shut. I put my pistol back and took out my knife and walked towards him. “Don’t worry” I reassured him as I tried to cut him loose. After about 10 seconds of cutting someone pointed a gun to the back of my head “Move and die” he said in a German accent.

There were about 10 men making sure we go to wherever they were taking us. After about 20 minutes of silence and walking we arrived at a jail. Well the words were written in German but judging by the jail cells and soldiers guarding the area. I kind of figured it was a jail. He walked downstairs through the cold jail cell. Woodrose was right behind me. We walked until we reached a door. One of the soldiers unlocked it and threw us in. After getting up we saw a huge crowd of people there.

We walked towards it to see a bunch of soldiers and prisoners crowding around a fight. I saw one soldier take money, there betting on fights I thought. “Heres another one” a soldier said he grabbed me and threw me in the fight circle. It was a man who looked like he was in his mid-forties. He charged at me the crowd cheered with excitement. He threw me onto the floor. He whispered play along as he fake punched me to my stomach. As soon as he did that, the prisoners jumped on the jail guards seizing there weapons and then shot them. He threw the man who tackled me a gun. “Get up” he said as he boosted me up, Woodrose was beside me.

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