what was unrequited remains like dust.

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Nothing special, only something that was.
Skeletons. A lingering apparition. Something like THAT.

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Ambling down the moonlit path
I saw you sedentary and fair
the wrath formerly in your eyes
is now a cold, lifeless stare

Darkest eyes, darkest hour
it's all the same when you're walking this road
but of course, you've found it, you've discovered the meaning
and now your words have cracked from their flow

Did we all see the meaning
playing this stupid little game
when we talked under the stars
pointing fingers and making the blame

It all seemed like fun, once
gathering your thoughts like a child
some sick bastard with an arrogant tongue
all your bones were defiled

but now looking back
it's all so dead and lame
what we once thought was for real
seems like some silly old game

And my thoughts for you vanished
like some ebbing smoke from flames
what I once believed in caves in
and I feel like I'm going insane

Worthless and tired he sits
scribbling it down on the parchment
it's just something he wants to forget
because it just comes back to torment

Sometimes the moon isn't the same to him
for it brings back unwanted memories
wipes his blood on his art and tries a new start
but it never works, though he bows on his knees

Finding some place to hide
is the only way, he reckons
but it tears at his soul and it emaciates him more
knowing life is only lasting for seconds

And he boils all his shame, puts you on the blame
when nothing else matters anymore
but the dried blood and the striped patterns
are covering the forsaken lore

What to do, now, he thinks?
If the Master Therion is dead!
What good will it do, and how far will it go
when it's bashing him against the head

Every good in life is gone, and the evil lurks on
but still he tries to find meaning
in some scribbled down words and the ancient birds
this era has only just started


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