"A Twist In My Happy Ending"

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This was written to a girl that I was dating. Everything seemed perfect for awhile until a secret came out that destroyed the whole relationship eventually. I wrote this a couple of days after I found out.

being with you was so perfect to me from the very beginning the first night i had you there by my side was the night i never wanted to close my eyes because i was afraid god would take this sweet angel from my life everyday spent with you was the best i could talk to you for hours and get everythin off my chest we would lay not sayin a word and when you spoke it was the sweetest sound i have ever heard every kiss made this world seem like it was spinning i thought to myself my heart must be winning then fear came to our hearts i withdrew and it tore me apart what i thought of as a blessing, you thought of as a curse i sought guidance instead of talking to you first now each day, my intentions bending this is a twist in my happy ending

Submitted: May 30, 2010

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