The Calm Before The Storm (Book 1)

The Calm Before The Storm (Book 1) The Calm Before The Storm (Book 1)

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Status: Finished

Genre: Other



A story about a young English man, who receives electrical based superpowers. Contains violent scenes and language. Also may include very controversial scenes later on.
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A story about a young English man, who receives electrical based superpowers. Contains violent scenes and language. Also may include very controversial scenes later on.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Calm Before The Storm (Book 1)

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A story about a young English man, who receives electrical based superpowers. Contains violent scenes and language. Also may include very controversial scenes later on.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 30, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 30, 2012





“So I say ‘Listen love. As long as I’ve still got a face, you’ll always have a seat!’’ “Ha ha ha ha ha!” Everyone seated nearby turned their heads in unison, as the man’s laughter at his friend’s fucking terrible joke vibrated off the walls of the train. The train was heading north towards Nottingham from London. If one was to gaze out of the grubby windows long enough, one might see something a little more exciting than the boring plain empty green fields or the depressing downpour of English weather. For instance, every so often a fly would ram into the window of the speeding train at such force that it dropped towards its death. Occasionally one would stop to watch the trains speeding in the opposite direction as the whole carriage shakes.

However, in this day and age no one stares out of the window of a train anymore. Today people have IPods and Laptops and other gadgets people use to entertain themselves during a long journey. Or simply because they are unsociable cunts. The thing is, nowadays people don’t make time to talk to strangers on trains, and they prefer to keep to themselves while they mindlessly judge the others around them. There were a few interesting characters in this carriage. Aside from the two men with their terrible sense of humour,  there was a businessman in a nice thousand-pound suit, clearly on his way to deliver goods to a buyer, currently he was tapping away on his laptop like there was no tomorrow. Across from him was a sleeping black woman who would fidget far too often which began to amuse the party of four teenage girls who were obviously on their way back from a night out in London. The giggling coming from them was infuriating to anyone who didn’t have their earphones in to block out the rest of the world.

I could sit here all day describing the different people and various surroundings of the environment of the train, but you’re probably getting bored and wondering where the fuck I am going with this. So let’s return to the main point of interest which is the two men in the middle of the carriage. “This woman doesn’t actually exist does she? You’re just talking bollocks.” “Oi, you’re just jealous because the only women you’ll ever get will have special needs!” he laughed maniacally. “Fuck you.” Sighed the other man; he was fuck ugly morbidly obese and bald so you could see the tall slightly better looking man’s point.

After an awkward silence between the two, the tall man asked rather abruptly, “What time have you got?” The bald man’s eyebrows narrowed as he raised his wristwatch to his eyes. “‘Bout ten past by my watch”. The tall man huffed, “Alright Gideon, I’m going to go and make sure everyone is in position”. Gideon nodded at the tall man and kept his gaze fixed upon him as he pushed himself up and strode towards the door at the other end of the carriage. This was the end carriage, so this door was his only exit. The tall man did not look around him as the door grew closer; he had a job to do. “There can be no distractions now”: I’m assuming he thought as each step was taken on the carpeted ground. Upon reaching the door, he firmly grasped the handle, pulled it down, stepped inside the next carriage and slammed the door shut behind him.

This startled the sleeping black woman who bolted upright in her seat before slowly going limp and drifting off back to sleep again. The business man was completely unfazed and after taking a sip of his coffee, proceeded to tap away at his laptop again. The party of girls stopped giggling and chatting momentarily, and stared over at Gideon. Somehow, he sensed this and craned his neck round to look at them. He gave them a rather creepy grin, which must have unsettled them as they immediately stopped staring and resumed their chat. “Sluts” Gideon muttered under his breath before turning his neck to face the window again. The train was advancing on a tunnel as the rain died down a bit. Gideon knew what was about to come, he had done things like this before, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t afraid.

The train was in the depths of the tunnel now, as the train lights blazed above. Gideon’s heartbeat increased. He could feel himself sweating as he knew what he had to do any minute now. He breathed deeply as his shaking hand slowly crept inside his pocket and grasped the metallic item within. The sleeping woman awoke again; when without warning, the train screeched to a halt in the middle of the tunnel. Obviously this came as a complete shock to everyone, including the business man who ceased his tapping to see what had gone wrong. “Why the fuck have we stopped? I have somewhere to be in an hour.” He shouted rather angrily. Of course no one could answer him because everyone else had no idea; everyone else, except Gideon.

Gideon just smiled at the business man’s comment; the train stopping in the middle of the tunnel was all part of the plan. “I’m going to go and have a word with the driver” said the business man as he slammed his laptop lid shut. He made for the door at the far end – the same one that the tall man had gone through a few minutes back. He never made it there however as Gideon forced him onto the ground. “How dare you assault me, you ignorant little shit!, I’ll have you know that I…” but he never finished his sentence, as Gideon smashed him right in the face with his fist. The black woman looked upon the scene with horror and stiffened in her seat. You could see the fear in the eyes of the teenage girls who turned to look just as Gideon pushed him to the floor. “If I were you, I’d shut the fuck up” Gideon demanded as he stared coldly into the business man’s eyes. He looked up at Gideon, his nose broken and streaming with blood. Slowly he nodded as approval of Gideon’s request. “Good, now get back in your seat.” commanded Gideon. The business man slowly crawled backwards before standing up and creeping back to his seat holding his head up to prevent his nose from losing too much blood. One of the girls, the chubbier looking one screamed so loud, it echoed off the side of the train.

This caused Gideon to withdraw what he had been keeping in his pocket all this time, a Glock 17(oh come on, you must have seen this coming). Everyone gasped as he promptly pointed his gun at the girl who immediately concluded her screaming. “Unless you want me to unload in your fucking face, shut the fuck up. That goes for the rest of you as well.” No one made any noise after that. It was completely silent, so one could tell that the rest of the carriages were in the same situation with an oppressor holding them against their will. “Wow Gideon you sure know how to make friends.” The tall man had returned through the door at the end, the door silently shutting behind him. Gideon turned to look at him with slight anger in his eyes. The tall man dismissed this and patted him on the shoulder as he stepped past. Craning his neck, he inspected the booth where the businessman was now cowering. Disgusted by the sight of the man’s bloody nose he turned away. “Christ Gideon, did you have to make such a mess of his face?” he said with disappointment. “Fuck off” said Gideon, but the tall man wasn’t paying attention. “Hello everyone” he announced, raising his hand in a wave as he span round to face everyone.

“Do you know who we are?” he asked the group. The girls and the black woman shook their heads; the businessman was in too much shock to say or do anything. “I didn’t think you would” he said smiling. He clapped his hands together, “My name is Mr Mountrom, and I’m sure you’ve met my associate, Gideon”. He indicated towards Gideon who grunted in approval. “Now as long as I’m here, you should all consider yourselves to be in my power” he added with sincerity. The girls seemed fearful of this. “If you haven’t noticed yet, the reason why you’re not hearing any noise is because we have men in every carriage.” He began parading up and down the carriage with his arms folded behind his back like a vulture. “You’re probably wondering what we’re doing here and if you’re not, then you are a little bit thick” he said in a patronising voice with a wide smile. “Well it’s quite simple really; we are nothing more than common thieves trying to make our way in the world” This he said with a disappointed frown. “Oh don’t look at me like that; I can see the dismay in your faces.” The business man scowled in disgust whilst still holding his nose, causing Mr Mountrom to smirk in his direction.

“So without further ado, Gideon here shall relieve you of your valuables.” He concluded abruptly. Gideon picked up his brown duffel bag from the underside of his seat with his left hand, while keeping his right hand clasped around the Glock.  He then went to each person in turn, shoving the bag under their nose whilst pointing the gun right between their eyes. The girls, quite obviously had mobile phones, Ipods and the works, aswell as a small amount of money. The black woman had barely anything of value, only her watch and a cheap pay-as-you-go phone. Curiously, this did not seem to bother Mountrom in the slightest. The businessman obviously was loaded; he had his laptop of course, an I-phone 4S, a rolex and over a thousand pounds in his wallet. “Never trust a bank eh?” Mountrom laughed. “Let’s have a look at what nice things you all have then” He peered into the duffel bag that Gideon had opened and once again showed a look of disappointment. “Really? Is that all you have to offer me? I thought we were friends now.” He cracked a huge grin and added, “No matter, I’m sure my other associates will have been more successful.”

“And here they are now”. Right on cue, the door at the far end of the carriage swung open. A blonde man, who one could only assume to be one of Gideon’s associates as he carried a pistol as well, limped into the carriage carrying a duffel bag of his own; no doubt full of valuables aswell. Following afterwards was an Asian man, about five-foot 4 with black hair. Except he was not entering willingly, he was being brutally forced by the brutish associate of Mountrom who was also carrying a pistol. “What’s with the limp, Steven?” Mountrom asked, puzzled. “Fucking little bastard attacked me.” Steven responded. This brought yet another wide grin to Mountrom’s face “You got decked by this little chink?” “Fuck off Kieran” retorted Steven.

Kieran Mountrom only smiled again at this. You could tell by the look on Steven’s face that he really disliked Mountrom, and was obviously only on this job for the pay.  “Calm down Steven” replied Mountrom sarcastically, but Steven said nothing and gripped his weapon tighter. Mountrom motioned towards the Asian man, who was staring at his feet. “Bring him forward.” Steven and the blonde man grabbed each of the Asian’s arms and thrust him forward so hard that he collapsed on his knees. His neck slowed straightened as he coldly looked up into Mountrom’s face, who just stared back with that fucking annoying grin. “Ahh, Jung Tak-Wai I presume” uttered Mountrom. Jung Tak-Wai said nothing; he just carried on staring into Mountrom’s eyes. “I believe you have something of interest to me.” Again, Tak-Wai remained silent; he could not be intimidated by men like Kieran Mountrom. “Don’t be shy now, you can trust me, now tell me where it is.” This time Tak-Wai looked down at Mountrom’s shoes, and spat at the ground between them.

Mountrom’s grin quickly faded from his face, and was replaced by anger. He turned to Steven and the blonde man and said “Tell Alex to get the train up and running.” Steven and the blonde man looked at each other with surprise. “Keiran…” the blonde man began, but Kieran cut him off. “Shut up, just do as I say and get the train running, or I’ll cut your pay.” He said this without even looking them in the eye; he was too focused on Tak-Wai. Of course, Steven and the blonde man did not protest to this as they wanted the spoils of their victory. Slowly they turned towards the door and walked out in single file, making barely any sound. If one listened closely, one could hear Steven conversing about the current events that were occurring with Mountrom’s associates stationed in that carriage.

Back to the person in question, he was staring back at Tak-Wai. A silence enveloped the two as a single bead of sweat slowly dripped down from Tak-Wai’s forehead. Mountrom’s fist clenched firmly. “I’m going to ask you again” Mountrom began calmly, but still with authority. “And this time, I want an answer that doesn’t result in the exit of ones bodily fluids.” He said with contempt. Clearing his throat he proceeded to ask the question again “Where the fuck is the information I seek?” Tak-Wai remained silent throughout, but you could tell in his eyes he had the information that Mountrom sought. Unfortunately for Tak-Wai, Mountrom picked up on this as you could see anger developing in the contours of his face. Promptly, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a .44 Magnum. Quite excessive, but clearly he wanted to make a point. He pointed it with at Tak-Wai’s forehead. “I know, that you know the information that I need and if you don’t tell me, then I have no hesitation in blowing your brains out right here.” This time Tak-Wai decided to answer Mountrom. “Even if I told you where it is, what would you hope to accomplish?” he said with a smirk that rivalled that of Mountrom’s.

Mountrom became more stressed with Tak-Wai and cocked back the hammer of the Magnum with a satisfying click. By this point, everyone else was in too much shock to say or do anything, including Gideon who was sweating profusely. “That’s none of your business you just fucking tell me what I want to know right now or I’ll….” “What?” cut across Tak-Wai. “If you kill me how do you intend to find it? Right now that information is the only thing keeping me alive.” Mountrom clearly wasn’t as clever as one had previously thought. “Do you think you’re the first to come to me seeking this information?” Tak-Wai added. “Fidelli came to me first a year ago, Hojo in the summer and Wallace two months ago. I also know that Zharkov, Williams and James are looking for me. None of them had any luck getting the information out of me, why should you?” Mountrom just look darkly and without hesitation, shot Tak-Wai in his right shoulder.


“WELL MAYBE THEY WERE NOT AS PERSUASIVE AS I!” Mountrom shouted down the carriage as Tak-Wai fell to floor screaming and clutching his bleeding shoulder. The girls were in tears now; the woman just turned away and seemed to pretend it was all a dream. The businessman just closed his eyes and focused on preventing his own bleeding. Gideon said nothing, just kept his hand firm around his glock. Mountrom seemed to calm down; Tak-Wai showed no signs of letting up the information though. “No, of course if I killed you, then I would never find it, even if my rivals have already” Mountrom addressed Tak-Wai who was writhing on the floor in pain. “But let’s see how much luck I have when you have someone else’s fucking blood on your hands.” He moved over to where the girls were sitting, and grabbed the nearest one by the arm. She and her friends were all screaming and tried to drag her back to no avail. She was short, blonde, with green eyes; not exactly skinny but definitely not on the fat side. Tears streamed down her face as Mountrom dragged her to the centre of the carriage, right in front of Tak-Wai. She was staring at her feet, clearly she did not enjoy the current situation and it was distressing her. “What is your name girl?” Mountrom asked determinedly. The girl, still staring at the ground and sobbing replied “A…Amy.”

Mountrom then turned to Tak-Wai again who was looking at Mountrom with shock and remorse, but still clutching the wound in his shoulder. “Now, Tak-Wai I want you to look Amy in the eyes, and know that you caused her untimely demise” and with that, he span Amy round to face Tak-Wai and pressed the gun to the back of her skull. Before Tak-Wai could say anything (and you could see he was ready to give up the information.) or Mountrom could fire his weapon and end Amy’s life right before Tak-Wai’s eyes, Steven and the blonde man burst into the carriage. Even though they had both worked with Mountrom before and they knew his character, they were still shocked at the scene that lay before them. Mountrom was less than pleased with this interruption “I thought I told you to get Alex to start the train!” he said with anger laced into his voice. “We did!” started the blonde man with worry. “Alex put it into gear and everything. We tried multiple times but it won’t start and no-one, not even the train driver himself can explain what has happened to it!” Steven concluded with a great deal of worry in his voice, Mountrom began to sweat and shake. He tightened his grip on the Magnum but made no further move to pull the trigger on Amy. “Well Steven, you’re half right. No one on this train can explain why it won’t start, no-one except me.” I announced from my seat.

Mountrom, Steven, Gideon, the blonde-man, Tak-Wai, even Amy turned towards me. The guy sitting in the seat who had been relieved of his phone and wallet only 10 minutes prior and seemed to pose no threat at all and had been forgotten (They seriously need to stop forgetting me, it’s almost always their downfall.). Mountrom took his aim off Amy and rather predictably pointed his gun at me. They all looked so surprised, bless them. Mountrom then smiled, again. “And what would a 15 year-old boy, interested in AC/DC know about such things?” Mountrom said patronisingly. Obviously he was referring to my AC/DC hoodie; how dare he mock them! I turned to him and smiled back. “Quite a lot actually, seeing as I am the one who’s preventing it from starting. Oh and for the record, I’m actually 17 but everyone gets that wrong so don’t worry.” Mountrom looked taken aback at this and moved towards me gun still in hand, pointed at me, who was completely unfazed by it. “And how did you do that exactly?” he asked me.

I was getting sick of this guy, but as always I had to negotiate with him. I turned to him with all seriousness and then said. “First, let Amy go and give Tak-Wai some medical aid, then I’ll start talking.” Mountrom sneered, but obliged to this and signalled Steven to help Tak-Wai. Amy, with some relief slowly walked back to her friends and sat down without a word. Her friends although making an effort to comfort her, were watching me and Mountrom with great interest. I watched as Steven went and retrieved the first aid kit from the end of the carriage and began bandaging Tak-Wai. After this, Mountrom began again, pointing the gun at me. “Now talk.” He demanded. I couldn’t help it; I had to humiliate this guy. “I hate to shatter your ego, but this isn’t the first time I’ve had a gun pointed at me.” Mountrom again looked shocked at my cockiness. “Who are you?” He asked completely puzzled. “Who I am is not as important as what I am, you will discover” I answered with complete confidence. Mountrom was not in the mood. “Alright cut the bullshit, how and why are you stopping the train from starting?” Good he was getting down to business. “Well how is a little bit complicated, why is much simpler so I’ll begin with that if you don’t mind. Why don’t you take a seat?” Mountrom sat down opposite me slowly, resting his gun hand on the table while keeping a firm grip.

“Basically…” I began my explanation to Mountrom. “….what you are doing here on this train is Illegal and in complete infringement of these people’s rights as human beings.” Mountrom looked as if he couldn’t take me seriously. “You have stolen from these people, broken that man’s nose…” I pointed to the business man who did not respond but acknowledged it. “….shot Tak-Wai and almost killed a defenceless young girl. I cannot just let you walk away from that and allow you to commit further atrocities”. Mountrom looked at me for a moment and then burst into laughter, as did Steven, as did Gideon, as did the blonde man. The rest of the carriage looked at me in disbelief. “And how exactly do you propose to do that?” Mountrom asked whilst still laughing. “There are 18 of us on this train, all armed. You don’t even have a gun!” Gideon bellowed at me. I smiled at this; clearly they’d had no experience with one like me before. “I can see where you’re coming from; the odds do look like they’re against me. However before I can answer this question, I must first answer your previous one which is: How did I prevent the train from starting?”

I looked at each of them as though I was a teacher reading out a story to 6 year olds. “Electricity, that’s how.” Mountrom and his associates looked at each other and then back to me with complete confusion. “Elec..tricity?” Mountrom repeated. I rolled my eyes; they couldn’t see the blindingly obvious right in front of them. “This train is electric.” I said as though talking to a complete retard. “The electricity stop, the train no run anymore.” I said in an imitation of a thick person. Mountrom was getting sick of me; he had had just enough of my bullshit. Everyone else seemed to be just as confused and was awaiting an explanation. “And exactly how did you stop the flow of electricity to the train?” he was finally asking the right question. “Through an electro-magnetic pulse” I replied in all seriousness. “An electro-magnetic pulse?” Mountrom looked at me as though I’d said something completely absurd. “Don’t be ridiculous, we looked through all of your belongings and found no device capable of such a thing. There is only one person in the world capable of performing an EMP without a suitable device and he….” Mountrom suddenly stopped and turned white as a sheet. “No…..” He began. I just continued smiling, I was enjoying where this was going. “It can’t be…’re him? You’re Conduit?” The penny finally dropped. “One could refer to me as such.” I replied. In an instant, every one of Mountrom’s associates had their guns pointed at me, the other members of the carriage were shocked and relieved at the same time. “Now that you are aware of this information…” I continued. “…what do you intend to do with it?” Mountrom just looked at me darkly and smiled one final time before answering, “Kill him”.

“Wrong answer” was my reply, and swiftly before any of them could react, I directed a stream of electricity from my fingertips, into the overhead lights. From there I sent the electricity hurtling down into each of Mountrom’s associates and Mountrom himself, being carefully not to hit any of the passengers or Tak-Wai. It was an amazing sight to behold, for those who had not seen it before, as after I had relinquished the electricity on each of them, they all fell to the ground limply. Everyone looked at me in shock (get it? shock?). “Oh don’t worry, they’re not dead” I reassured them. “I only gave them enough voltage to render them harmless for the time being”. I got up and stepped over Mountrom’s limp body. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and deal with the rest of them.” I said with a smile as I walked towards the end of the carriage. Everyone carried on looking at me with disbelief as I moved past them; I was used to it though.

The other 14 of them didn’t put up much of a fight as I moved through each carriage. I would go through this in detail, but pretty much the same process occurred each time. I entered the carriage, they all pointed their guns at me, and I rendered them unconscious. The only exception was Alex, who after seeing me come through into the driver’s cabin immediately dropped his gun and surrendered to me to escape the fate of his associates. I liked Alex, he seemed clever to me. The rest of it is boring really, I found the driver, restored power to the train and he got it up and running again. Then I decided to contact the old bill on my mobile phone and get them to be ready to pick up 18 criminals and send ambulances for Tak-Wai and anyone else they had assaulted. You should have heard them when I told them all of this, they were fucking hysterical.

“I suppose congratulations are in order” said Inspector Smart with regret after I had disembarked from the train in Nottingham. I really disliked this guy; he always put a downer on things. Even for a police officer, he was a right cunt. I’m joking, Smart was all right and could be funny at times, he just wasn’t….well, smart. “Well, thank you Inspector; it seems you’re better at giving congratulations than earning them yourself”. This really rattled his cage. “Fuck you, just because you shoot lightning from your hands, you think you’re better than the police force?” I smiled at him as I watched the procession of criminals being loaded into their respective police cars. “I was merely jesting Smart, there’s no need to get angry with me”

He didn’t respond, just stared out into the night sky. “Are you sure that was wise?” he finally broke the silence. I turned to him puzzled. “What?” “Letting all those people, letting me and all these police officers see your face?” I sighed, he continued. “You’ve been so careful up until now, Conduit. You never compromised yourself, never showed anyone your face, always kept yourself masked. Now, they’ll definitely come after you. They may not know your name but at least a hundred people have seen your face today and it won’t take them long to track you down”. He was right of course. I should have been more careful, but the men on the train had already seen me, what difference was it going to make if I had concealed my face then? And it’s not as if I could stand around and watch Mountrom execute Amy. “Well, what are they going to do?” I responded. “I’m more powerful than all of them, there’s nothing they can do to stop me”. It was Smart’s turn to sigh. “You’re a good man Conduit, but you’re not all powerful”. I took this into consideration but did not respond. As the police cars with Mountrom and his men drove off, Smart turned to me once more. “So what was the point of all this? They seemed a bit over-armed for simple thieves and there wasn’t a great deal of valuables on the train.” Tak-Wai was being led into an ambulance across the car park. Remembering something from earlier, I headed towards it. “Conduit?...” I stopped in my tracks and turned round to him and looked him directly in the eyes. “Because Inspector, they weren’t simple thieves” and with that I carried on into the night. 

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