Robot Swat Team

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Three kids left on the wasteland planet that was once earth, must save the planet, one robot busted to pieces at a time.

Submitted: May 29, 2012

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Submitted: May 29, 2012



Rob just watched as the lucky families boarded the spaceship launching off to Mars, to start a better life, while he sat on the waiting bench with a thin ragged blanket, which he called his home.


Its 2130 and all that is left of earth is ruins and the growing in mass W14 robots.  Scientists designed W14 robots when humans were getting lazier than ever, to help them out with everyday things.  They didn’t know at the time, but the chip that the scientists put into the robots contained something no robot should ever have. The ability to think. They became out of control and stated revolting against the humans.  As they became smarter, they started to learn more, finding out about weapons and how to use and create them. They gained in numbers and started their plan.


Since life is almost impossible on Earth because of the destroyed land, pollution and the small fact that the world is being run by Robots, all the people that could afford to, were getting shipped off to Mars. Where now has many cities, a running government, tourist trips to the moon, the whole deal. Now only a few survive on Earth.


Rob looked around in the station. Shiny metal lined the walls and floors. Practically the only nice place in the world right now. Everything has been destroyed. Rob walked out of the doors to the station and sighed. His parents told him that when their parent’s grandparents were kids, everything was different on Earth. There were mountains full of snow, beautiful oceans that weren’t so polluted you couldn’t swim in them. There’s nothing like that now. Just ruins and endless piles of junk.


Rob was just about to walk back inside when something tackled him from behind. They tumbled down a small hill that used to be a car. When they stopped rolling, Rob sprung up.


“Who the heck are you!?” he shouted.  It was someone his own age, around 16, had blond hair, a black sweatshirt, and a gun strapped on his back.


“SHHH! Calm down,  I’m with the SWAT team,” he said.


Rob had a puzzled look on his face.


“The SWAT team? All of the army got moved to Mars.”


“No! Not that one. Since there’s only a couple of us around here now, we must take care of our selves.  We all got guns to blast the robots with. Aint no robots coming near our hometown.  Since you still alive, come with us. You need a meal? We got food.”


Rob was pretty much speechless. But he followed the stranger down the make shift path of piles of junk.


“By the way,” he said,” I didn’t catch your name?”






They walked in silence pretty much the whole way. When they were close Zach freaked out and motioned for Rob to hide behind what used to be a oil barrel.  “What’s going on?” Rob asked. Zach shushed him. He pulled out his gun from the strap on his back. Rob had a shocked look on his face.  Zach held down the trigger and blasted out the contents on a nearby robot that exploded into metal parts and scraps.


Robs eyes opened. “Wow, that was impressive.” Zach chuckled.


After a couple more minutes of leaping over jump they got to a steal warehouse. Not that big, around 150 feet across both ways.  Zach did a knock on the door, and in a couple of seconds it slid up, and a girl around his age with blonde hair was standing in the doorway.


Zach pointed to him. “This is Zach, a new recruit. Zach this is Jenna.”


“H-Hi,” Rob stammered out. Jenna looked him over like a bug that she just squashed underneath her foot then went back into the room.


“So we’ve been seeing a mob on their way to the base. Tomorrow we’re going recon. Get the new kid trained up real nice. Its gona be messy tomorrow.” Jenna said.


“So Rob, let me show you around.”  Zach said



He pointed to the back wall. It was filled with weapons of all types. Guns, knifes, a bazooka, and an electric spear. Zach could see Rob’s interest in the weapons.


“Pick two, one your going to be carrying around, one to strap on your back just incase.”


Rob walked to the wall. He picked up a sub machine gun. It was light and felt right. He picked up a backpack, put it in, and strapped it on. Then his eyes feasted on the electric spear. He picked it up, careful not to touch the tip.


Zach eyes widened. “The spear? We haven’t had much luck with that one.” His eyes turned grave, but quickly switched back to his quirky attitude. “Sure is a lot harder to use the guns though. Means you have to get up close in personal with that metal deathtrap. But if you want to risk your life first day on the job go ahead.”


Rob didn’t care what he said about it. It just felt right in his hands.  Then, Zach showed him the other side of the warehouse. It had 3 bunk beds, a desk, a stove, and microwave. 


“You hungry?” Zach asked.  Rob nodded eagerly.


Zach heated up a microwave-dinner and they sat down on the bunks eating it. Once they were done eating, Rob faced him.


“Better get some shut eye new kid, got a long day tomorrow. And we’re going to wake up extra early to use those toys you got there, anyways try not to get your head tore up by a robot in your sleep.”


Which Rob was pretty sure was Zach’s way of saying goodnight.  Rob hopped in the top of one of the empty bunks, and sleep found him easier than he thought.


Rob woke up in the morning to icy cold water being thrown at his face.

“Ahhh! What was that for!!?” Rob yelled as he lurched forward.


“Rise and shine sweetheart, got some training to do, “ Zach said, already dressed and ready to go.


“C’mon, get your weapons and meet me outside.”



In the back of the warehouse  was a firing range with a full scale model of a W14. 

“Get out your gun first,” Zach said.


Rob got it out and put his hands in position.


“Now,” Zach said,” The robots hard drive and wiring is all in the head, so that’s where you gotta aim. Now go ahead and shoot a burst. “


Rob didn’t hesitate; he pulled the trigger and unloaded on the bullets. One after another they flew into the robots head. Even though, this was just training Rob was having a ton of fun. I mean seriously, how often do you get to blast robots heads open? Just as Rob was really getting into it, it happened.


BOOM! There was a bang a little bit to the left. Zach jumped a little bit but immediately became serious again. He put fingers to his mouth, (the universal shut up sign) and motioned Rob to the bunker. Jenna was already there, waiting.  There was noise outside. Commotion, rumbling, and the unmistakable zing of metal. Robots.


They burst out the door. Since this was Robs first invasion he almost wet his pants. The robots had dark red eyes that stared into your soul. But apparently that didn’t bother Jenna and Zach. They were ripping up robots like cutting through paper. Zach was piercing perfect shots through the robots head every time.  And Jenna seamlessly hopped from pile of rubble to pile of rubble, stabbing robots with her long knife like it was no big deal. And Rob on the other hand was standing very still right at the exit to the bunker. Zach saw him and looked confused.


“What ya doin? Get out there and start bustin!”


That snapped Rob into gear. He  readied his gun and started blasted away, with no real aim. He was tearing sheets after sheets of metal.  As he was shooting, he couldn’t hear everything around him. A cold human like hand grasped his shoulder. He gasped and whipped around. Too close for gun, he thought. He  quickly strapped the gun on his back, and grabbed the electric spear on his back, and switched the large red power button on. Instantly it was buzzing with bright blue energy all over the tip. He dug the top right into the heart[if that’s what you call it.] of the robot. It buzzed and dust started to arise from its ears. He finished it off with a good jab and got back to work on the ones coming toward him. And he was getting used to it.  Blasting round after round, finally, the noise ended. No more commotion, no more blood thirsty demon-bots. Just the same wasteland it was.


He looked toward Zach and Jenna, who both had a look of exhaustion and surprisingly approval on their faces. As they were walking back to the bunker, taking a ice cold swig of water, they each patted him on the shoulder.


“Nice job rookie.” 





*This will either stay as a short story or I will continue writing and make a novel out of it. Please respond, and critique.

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