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A mentally insane patient at a high security institution plans how he will escape. A news article about him in the end has an unexpected twist. This one took me 35 minutes to write.

Submitted: June 03, 2014

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Submitted: June 03, 2014



Soon, I will be free. It is raining hard outside. I have only seen rain like this in this town once before. In an hour, it will snow. Half an hour after that, the lines will become heavy, and the power will shut down. They will bring all the patients into the cafeteria where they have a backup generator and heating. In an hour and a half, the lights will turn off. They will open the door to my cell, from which I only get to come out once a year. They wouldn’t want me to freeze in here. They could get sued. They will put handcuffs on me. They won’t be able to see that I have insulation surrounding my wrists where the cuffs will go. They won’t see me snag the keys from right outside of the room, since it will be pitch black. Their flashlights won’t do much good when they are focused on the cell across from mine, because the lady in there will be yelling as soon as they open the door for my escape. They will avert the lights just for a moment, and that will be long enough for me to take the extra keys under the main ones, and slip them into my arm cast. I broke my arm to get the cast on purpose 5 days before when I overheard the police radio say that there are clouds moving in from the southeast, which is an anomaly. They could never have guessed that this kind of weather would occur. I broke my arm in such a way and place that would make the swelling go down faster on the upper part of the arm than the lower. This means that they will not replace my cast with a smaller one; they will leave it on even though there is a space for something about the size of hospital keys can go. They won’t replace it because to do so, they have to open my cell door to let in a doctor, and that would mean risking the doctor’s life, and my escape. The doctor isn’t scheduled to come in for another week. I will slip the keys into my cast, then walk with the security  guards like nothing happened. I will even tighten the cuffs over the insulation so that it does not come loose while they tug on the chain to keep me going with them. I will be the last one that they throw through the cafeteria doors, since my cell is the furthest one away from it. The emergency lights will be on at this point, but they only last 45 minutes. Just before they close the doors, I will slip a piece of previously broken cast into the lock where the bolt should latch. The bolt will only go in 3 quarters of the way; not enough for them to notice. Since it is not latched all the way, it will not clip into the door jam. This means that I could still use the key from the inside without the outside key to get through the first part. When the emergency lights turn off, they will need ten minutes for the generator to warm up the building lights completely. This means one or two minutes of complete darkness. When this darkness happens, the difficult part of my plan will ensue. I will slip off the handcuffs, use the key on the lock, get through the squeaky heavy metal door without anyone noticing, and knock out the security guard that is guarding the door from the outside of the cafeteria. Once this happens, all I will have to do is walk out the front doors. The institute is so confident in their security that they would not even send anyone out into the rain to watch the front doors. All of the guards will be busy handling patients, so no one will be watching the security cameras. Even if they were watching them, I doubt they would have warmed up fast enough to catch me walk out the doors.


Mental Patient Caught in Ice Cream Shop After Escaping Asylum

After brilliantly escaping a high security mental hospital, an insane patient was caught attempting to buy ice cream at the local shop. He was then sent to court for escape from the institution that he was legally obligated to stay at. Not long afterward, he disappeared from the court. Even the officers who were sitting on both sides of him in the courtroom were clueless. He has yet to be found by the police.


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