Jokester's Rosette

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A short encounter leaves a single memory to remember that lasts a lifetime.

Submitted: September 28, 2014

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Submitted: September 28, 2014



‘Clank,’ the resounding noise of a glass beer bottle being slammed against a dirty table was muffled by the bar’s chatter.
Asher sighed and ran his hand through his ruffled hair. It had grown considerably longer since a couple of weeks back. Life had been too stressful on him and as an outlet of his emotions, Asher refused to cut his glossy black hair. If he straightened it, it would reach his neck, but he preferred to keep it wild and unruly, sometimes tied back like today.
Looking back to the strippers walking on the runway, he was surprised to find that he was pretty bored of the routine. Him. Bored. Of. Stripping? It seemed impossible. Now, Asher thought they were attractive. He would even go as far as to call them beautiful. Curvy and slim, just the way he liked them, but something was missing…
‘Anything else baby?’ a voice interrupted him from his thoughts. He turned around to find out to whom this voice belonged to. Soon he found himself faced with a young lady wearing the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. She had the type of smile that held no shyness or hesitation. There was no looking down of the eyes or half smiles. It was wide and sincere and it reached her soulful hazel eyes in a way that made her whole face light up.
His gaze was transfixed on her. Asher wasn’t sure whether it was because he was captivated by her beauty or if he had finally done enough shrooms to cost him his attention span. He heard her clear her throat though, and his proper vision returned as he noticed that she had an open notepad with a pen.
‘Uh yeah- Sex on the Beach, Dollface’ he winked at her.
But to his shock, she didn’t call him a pervert, a lecher, or any other degrading term. She wasn’t angry nor did she stomp away. In fact, she seemed pretty indifferent as she coolly responded “It’ll cost ya.” Her smile was gone and although there was a twinkle in her eyes, she looked rather serious, but then her poker face broke into laughter as she winked and walked away.
Asher continued to stare at her as she walked. She had the type of body that would stop traffic. Everything about her all went together perfectly. She was a little thick and he did prefer his women slim (she was slim, but not slim) but it didn’t bother him at all. And then it hit him. Was she a prostitute? Was she saying that the drink would cost him? Or was it the actual sex? Was she just joking around?
‘Damn bitch got me thinking,’ he thought to himself.
He tore his gaze away from her and back to the show being displayed at the front of the bar. ‘Man, she was some bartender’ he thought. As the ladies entered the stage one by one, one redhead caught his attention. She had a nose piercing. He found nose piercings attractive, more so when there were simple stones rather than rings, but it didn’t matter. The redhead’s eyes met his and she blew a kiss. Asher outwardly laughed and winked. 
The lights in the bar turned down once again as smoke being emitted from the smoke machine obscured the stage.
‘Here’s your drink baby,’ said a voice while he was distracted by the pole dancing. This voice was different; more raspy as if smoking cigarettes was her life. His head turned around to face her and his eyes laid on a brunette with a small frame. She was cute with a small nose and she was slimmer than his mysterious bartender, but one thing turned him down. This time, when she smiled, it didn’t reach her eyes like that other chick. It gave him the impression she didn’t quite like her job. 
“Um, there was another bartender who assisted me. Why didn’t she bring me the drink?”
The brunette looked up with her big brown eyes and smirked. Bending down close enough to whisper into his ear, she asked “Someone has a little crush eh? And the other bartenders are busy. Besides aren’t I good enough for you?” Her tone was playful, but there was a tinge of resentment?
He chuckled as he took her hand and kissed it. “Of course pretty lady, I don’t-“
He stopped talking as he caught sight of his mystery bartender again. She was laughing with another man who obviously drank way more than he should have. Asher felt something inside him. Anger? Jealousy? ‘What the fuck is wrong with me?’ He thought.
The brunette who had noticed his gaze drew her hand back and scoffed. “Her name is Caroline, but everyone calls her Violet. Oops I wasn’t supposed tell you her real name,” she cackled before she walked away with a slight strut in her step, obviously a bit jealous he preferred her coworker.
So her name was Caroline. He had finally found out what this light skinned, dark haired beauty was called. Caroline. Caroline. It had a sweet ring to it; far too sweet for a bar. No wonder she had asked everyone to call her by a different name.
“Thank you. Those were the sexiest girls of all time. Let’s hear a round of applause!’ said the voice of an auctioneer. He was just finishing up the dance routine. The dance number had just finished! Asher had just missed his favorite part of the routine!
“Damn,” he said out loud and gulped down the rest of his drink in anger. For the sake of a joke, he had gotten this fruity drink. He preferred whiskey so much more. This drink was hardly giving him a buzz. ‘Damn that girl.’
Looking at his watch, it read 2:30am. Wow was it really that late? Looking around, really looking around for the first time, he saw that most of the tables were still full but his dark haired beauty was no where to be seen.
“Be safe now kay Violet? You’re so pretty, you might get kidnapped,” a high pitched voice had said. For some reason he didn’t know, Asher’s heart began to pick up and since his chair was already facing the door, he just fixed his gaze on it. He felt his hand go rigid as he saw the one person he wanted to see. From the corner of his eye, he saw Caroline walk by in her tight black miniskirt and baby blue corset top.
When he saw that she was pushing open the wooden entrance door to leave, he got up and brisk walked to the counter.
‘How much?’ he asked the male mixologist working the counter.
“Asher right? Hold up.” He said as he checked the screen on the computer. “$15.”
Asher dug into his wallet but it was as empty as his shot glass. “Eh put it on my tab.”
He walked through the door thinking about how in the world he got himself in such financial trouble. “Well spending my money here sure doesn’t help,” he muttered as he reached the bus stop. The dead quiet of night compared to the bar (Crystal Opium it was called) was a wave of relief to him. There was only one other person waiting and he couldn’t help but be happy that the next bus would probably be pretty empty.
“Have a drink and share a laugh man, why so down?”
He looked up and saw her again. Those deep hazel eyes and that perfect smile. But then he smelled smoke…coming from a cigarette, which she held in her hand. Ruined her image.
He smirked, “Life’s fucking with me.”
She laughed. “Why are you taking it so seriously?”
Her carefree attitude angered him. “Because I’m in a deep pile of financial shit that’s why.”
His tone had quieted her, but she didn’t stop talking, “Did you have a good time at the bar?”
He looked at her. ‘Why the hell was she bothering him? Sex. She was a prostitute after all,’ he thought. “Look Caroline, I’m feeling tired, but otherwise I would definitely pay you to suck me.”
She looked taken aback. “What?” He had known her name and had just insulted her indirectly, but she couldn’t help from finding humour in all this. She smiled gently and kept her voice in check.“How did you know my name?”
“Oh right. This brunette told me. Cute name by the way.” He looked her up and down. “You’re too sweet to be a prostitute. Daddy issues?”
She laughed again, this time with more vigor. “I’m not a prostitute silly.”
“Oh. You have the body for it.”
“Thanks” she smiled.
He averted his gaze on the empty road. Why hadn’t she been angry or bothered when he told her that? He inwardly smirked. Probably easy.
A bus arrived and with a loud creak stopped in front of them. As the automatic doors swished open Caroline turned and gave Asher a hug. 
The sudden warmth of her body and the feeling of her arms tightening around his waist stunned him, but he found himself returning the embrace.
“It was nice meeting you um…?”
“Asher!” she repeated and jumped as if she had just won the lottery at Las Vegas.
She giggled and holding her brown backpack, hopped on the bus, her red lips and dangerous curves even grabbing the driver’s attention. As Caroline placed her metrocard into the slot, Asher made a split second decision to get on the bus as well. 
Right before the driver pulled the lever to close the doors, Asher jumped on. He came up close behind Caroline and whispered in her ear “Surprise.”
She turned her head back, her enormous hoop earrings moving side to side. “Not if I expected it.” She winked again and went to take a seat in the almost empty bus.
“You’re saying you expected me to go on this bus?” he asked as he walked over next to her window seat and placed his metrocard back into his empty wallet.
“Not as much as expect as had a feeling,” she replied. “Take a seat,” she said as she indicated with her eyes the empty seat next to her.
Grunting, he sat down and a feeling of awkwardness washed over him as they fell into silence.
He heard her yawning. “Gosh I’m so sleepy. This shift is fun and all but it’s really killing my upbeat vibe,” she smiled at him. “So why were you at the bar?”
“I needed to get away from everyone at the moment. Plus, my girlfriend and I just broke up. Turns out she was sleeping with another man.” His eyes bore into her as he confided in her some intimate detail he would be hesitant to tell anybody else.
“What why, you’re…” she stopped abruptly as she looked at his face, really looked at his face, for the first time. His smile was scared and timid although he tried to cover it up with a smirk, and his hair was a bit rough but not wild. His eyes were so brown they were black. Deep black eyes: an indication of stress and worry. But he was cute and his lips were amazingly full. ‘The ones you just want to kiss…” she thought.
“Fairly handsome and you seem to have a good personality under that mess of an exterior,” Caroline bluntly stated smiling again.
He stared at her, thinking hard on what she just said. He opened up his mouth to say something but he chose to keep it shut, avert his gaze to the front, and put his headphones on.
He thought it best to keep silent and he threw his head back and shut his eyes for a second. Well it was just for a second but then he felt weight on his shoulder. Slowly, he turned to find Caroline asleep, peacefully.
“Dumb girl. I could rape her or someone could kidnap her,” but as he looked down on her face, which was so peaceful and childlike, he couldn’t help from smiling as well.
“We’re approaching the second to last stop,” the driver announced as the passing houses became unfamiliar as they rushed by.
‘Shit I forgot to ask her where she lived,’ he thought to himself.
“Caroline. Caroline. Wake up,” he gently (?) nudged her. “I think we passed your stop.”
She only laughed and rubbing her eyes said, “And you’re not even on the right bus.”
His cheeks flushed. In all honesty, Asher had gotten on the bus with Caroline without it being his actual bus.
She smiled that sincere smile again and took his hand, “Come on.”
They both got off the bus on the second to last stop and neither knew where they were.
“Shit I have to take a bus back,” Asher grumbled. “This is all your fault,” he said to Caroline in a tone of annoyance. “If you hadn’t…”
“Captivated you?” she continued. Her lips wore a soft smirk (he never thought a smirk could be defined as soft.) Normally that kind of self confidence would have been off putting for Asher, but at the moment, he found it rather adorable.
“How are you getting home then Doll face?”
Her gaze turned toward the orange tinged sky. “It’s morning already,” she said. “Come,” she once again took him by the hand and dragged him to an unfamiliar bus stop that was a couple of blocks down.
“What are you doing, I have work!” he said in protest. This chick was already much more than he thought he could handle. .
“You ordered this at the bar,” she chuckled.
As a bus, once again, rolled forward, the two jumped on. One was smiling all the way there and the other was incredibly annoyed and yet not annoyed.
“Fuck the sun’s rising,” he said as he just noticed the color of the sky.
“It’s beautiful isn’t it?”
He looked at her. He saw the way her eyes twinkled and he noticed the way her hand was still holding his. He noticed her cute button nose with the heart stoned piercing on the right side. He noticed the music note tattoo behind her ear and he noticed how the makeup she wore was smudging from all the drowsiness and from when she rubbed her eyes the first time they were on the bus. But above all, he noticed that he didn’t feel any sexual tension at all.
‘But she’s a prostitute,’ he reminded himself. Well Caroline had told him that she wasn’t but with her being all open and aloof and flirty, well he thought otherwise.
He continued to stare at her until she felt his gaze. She slowly turned her head and their gazes locked in an electric twist, well at least he felt it. Unconsciously, his thumb started stroking her hand. She smiled, the sun projecting onto her what appeared to be a halo, and she looked at their locked hands. Then something else caught Asher’s eye. There was water behind her. They were crossing a bridge.
The two reached the beach and she as always, jumped off the bus. He on the other hand, was grumpy from the lack of sleep.
The bus had literally left them at the boardwalk. The two stood side by side. Asher was unsure of what to do, while Caroline looked like she was about to burst with happiness. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes twinkled with eagerness. 
“You’re such a child,” Asher rolled his eyes and scoffed. 
“Are you hungry?” she asked him in a tone that made it seem like she already knew the answer. Asher looked at her from his peripheral vision but didn’t answer. His brow was furrowed in confusion and anger and it didn’t sit well with Caroline at all.
She smiled. “Come.” She walked with him to a nearby beach grill. The bartender had spiky golden hair and he was rather tall and tan. He had just opened the grill when Caroline dragged Asher inside. 
Caroline glanced around. The walls were beach house striped with blue and white. The counter was made of wood and so were the tables. 
“Hey! Good morning!” She called out to the young man at the counter. ‘Looks like we’re your first customers of the day!” 
The bartender was surprised to hear noise, yet alone someone’s voice, at this early hour. But all he did was laugh at her enthusiasm and glance at her body appreciatively. 
“Welcome,” he said. “Spent the night together? It’s kind of early for a morning date out,” he asked as he handed them the menus. 
This angered Asher. Who the fuck was he to ask such a question? “No,” Asher answered nonchalantly, but with a bit of anger.
The bartender turned to Asher for the first time. “Woah man, I didn’t mean anything insulting. Simple question. Didn’t think it would offend you.” 
“Well, wat-” Asher was interrupted by Caroline’s soothing voice.
“Asher,” (Asher thought that his name coming from her lips sounded so sweet) “shhh.”
Instead of bursting into a tantrum, Asher found that he had quieted. 
“Where’s the lady’s room?” she asked the bartender. 
“Straight down and make a left.”
“Thank you…?”
“Kyle,” he finished with a smile.
“Kyle!” Caroline repeated laughing. She walked over to him. “Thank you.” She then wrapped her arms around his neck in an embrace.. Kyle was stunned at the sudden warmth of the stranger but he just hugged back.
Caroline gave him one last smile before she walked (skipped?) off to the bathroom.
“So man, is she your girlfriend? She’s beautiful.”
Asher chuckled, “She? Nah man. Just some stranger who hugged me and now we’re here.”
Kyle smiled, “She seems to do that alot.”
Asher threw his head back and closed his eyes. “You have no idea…”
“Is she this way to everyone? If she wasn’t, I would think she has a crush on me.”
Asher scoffed and smiled.
“ What’s her name?”
“Violet,” she responded as she emerged from the ladies room. Both men turned to her and Asher was the first to notice that she had taken off all her makeup and had wet her jet black hair. 
“Violet, nice to meet you,” Kyle said as he took her hand and kissed it. 
Caroline giggled. “Pleasure’s all mine.”
Asher who was literally a foot from her cleared his throat.Caroline turned to him and saw his eyebrow was raised and his eyes slanted in a poker face. 
“Well I will talk to you later,” Caroline said as she took a seat from the endless empty tables. “Come,” she smiled at Asher.
Kyle walked away to take his position at the counter.
Asher looked at the menu with a bit of disgust. He knew he was broke but he didn’t want to embarrass himself. “I don’t want anything.”
“I find that hard to believe. How about a combo of fries and pancakes?” Caroline didn’t even let Asher answer because just as soon as she finished the question, she shouted out across the grill, “Hey Kyle,Combo 5 please!”
He looked up from his paper work. “Gotcha!” he shouted back.
“Well here you are, number five combo,” Kyle said as he handed Carolin the dish. 
“Uh, can we have separate plates?” Asher remarked. He didn’t think Caroline would want to share a meal with him, but as he turned to her, she was raising an eyebrow.
“What’s wrong? Don’t wanna share on a plate,” Caroline looked rather amused than offended. Looking up to Kyle she said, “Forget the separate plates and give us two beers would ya dear?”
Kyle nodded. “And what beer?”
Caroline yawned. “Corona.”
“Woah Dollface, it’s kind of early to be drinking don’t you think?” Asher remarked. Inwardly, he questioned himself as to why he would even care, but all he knew was that he didn’t want Caroline to drink. 
Caroline looked at him incredulously. “Aw, looks who cares. I love you too,” she laughed. “You know what Kyle, get him some coffee and me...a bottle of Corona and a glass of herbal tea. Chamomile please.”
“Gotcha,” Kyle said as he jogged to the counter to prepare the drinks.
Asher turned back to Caroline after seeing Kyle off. “A corona bottle?”
Caroline smiled sweetly, “Hey I might get thirsty.” 

After Asher’s incessant persistence, Caroline ordered a water bottle as well. And as the two finished their meal (pancakes split 1 and a half each and fries split equally), Asher looked down as the check laid on the table. Caroline opened up the menu board and placed the money in.
“Wasn’t much anyways,” she laughed at his embarrassment. “Kyle gave me a discount,” she winked. 
“Come,” she said to Asher as she waved goodbye at Kyle and walked away.

She took off her heels and Asher watched as Caroline dug her toes into the sand. It was 7 am and the beach was pretty empty.There was just this one looney bird who was surfing but that’s it. He was not amused. He didn’t freaking want to take of his shoes. He didn’t want to miss work. He didn’t want to be with this unfamiliar girl…until she took her baby blue corset off leaving her with just her floral bra and miniskirt.
“Come,” she said as she smiled and walked away.
Asher was aroused again and kicking off his shoes and taking off his shirt, he followed her. He gazed down at her, the way her breast filled her bra and how she walked. He was beginning to smirk until she looked back at him and smiled.
He smiled back and found it to be sincere as well. Him. Smiling. Sincerly? His arousal left and it was replaced with this new emotion...
Caroline stood in front of the water and let the small tide wet her feet. Yawning, she looked back at Asher who was still on shore. “Come on, the water’s great!”
Asher grunted. “Nah I’m good.” but as he saw Caroline dive into the water and emerge a few moments later all wet and glistening, he decided to follow. 
Asher’s feet was in the tide’s range and as a wave washed over them, he sighed at the comfort. Caroline looked back at him with nothing on but her floral undergarments. Asher chuckled. “You’re such a ki-”, but he didn’t finish the sentence because she had just splashed him. 
“Hey!” he laughed and ran into the water dunking her under. He then let her go and she came back up laughing just as vigorously.

Caroline walked over to him and he watched as she struggled to maintain balance in the sand.
“There we go!” Asher commented as she got closer. “Took you long enough.”
“Why are you still here? If you wanted to go to work, you could have left.” Her voice was gentle as she lay beside him even though the nature of the question seemed a bit condescending.. But he couldn’t even find an answer.
“I don’t even know but I do admit that it does feel nice to be carefree once in a while. I had always been so stress- “
He looked down once again to find she was sleeping. “Damn girl,how she fall asleep that fast!” He felt like his hand had a different mind of it’s own as it caressed her makeup less face. She suddenly moved her hand to stop his and she held it in midair as she sat up.
“I thought you were asleep!” he said in surprise and in anger. 
“Well, how could I fall asleep that fast when I had just been swimming. I’m not on drugs man...yet,” she laughed. 
He looked at her. Her face was youthful and full of energy….not at all of someone who uses drugs on a daily basis.
“Relax, I just smoke the green, kay? I’m not an addict,” she spoke up as she analyzed his worried face. 
Asher sighed in relief. Relief he didn’t know why, but what he did know was that he felt it. He turned his gaze back at Caroline and once again, their gazes locked. His hand reached out to hold her face again but hers intercepted his once again. 
“I’m just trying to touch you damn it!” Asher said raising his tone. 
Caroline took in a sharp breath. “I think I should go now. You can take the same bus that brought us here back.” She got up from the sand and walked over to the brown backpack she carried. “Here, I’ll give you the metro-”
Asher took her hand out of her bag. “What happened? You’re all jumpy? Did I say something?”
Caroline smiled, “No just-”
Asher leaned in and kissed her cheek before he even processed what he was doing. “Just?” he whispered in her ear.
Her small hands pushed him back in a gentle nudge, “Promise not to fall in love with me.”
He smiled, “You’re not serious,” he started laughing but saw that she wasn’t even smiling. “Ok, I promise...Caroline. Now come here. We’ll head back later.”
Caroline smiled as she lay next to him on the beach. 
“You know I ordered Sex On The Beach at the bar,” he laughed. 
She giggled,”That’s why I brought you here,” she winked. 
But as he looked at her, Asher couldn’t. He never turned down sex, but with her he couldn’t. “You’re not serious are you?” 
Caroline laughed and shook her head. “Besides it’ll cost you more than you have,” she joked and continued to laugh hysterically.
“I think I’m gonna kiss you,” Asher gently whispered as their lips grazed each other and then he gently kissed her forehead.
And the two, strangers one second and almost lovers the next, stayed on the shore laughing, talking, and drinking till the sky turned a dark shade of blue and they decided to go back. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Days, weeks, and finally months had passed. The slightly South Carolina weather changed less often than the changing directions of Caroline.She and Asher had become close friends and trusted one another in a way each found to be naivety. They both had lied and done wrong but each decided to look the other way hoping their morals would change. 
“So when am I going to get what I ordered at the bar?” Asher often joked around.
“When you have enough money,” Caroline would wink.
Well the tables had turned where Asher had gotten a job at a Sony corporation selling stocks, And Caroline, sweet Caroline, had quit her bartending job on her 19th birthday. 
Caroline had entered the business at the tender age of 17 when she ran away from her abusive household; something she had confided to Asher. 
From the moment she quit, Caroline had been struggling to hold down a job, but she managed working as a maid here and there. It pained Asher to know Caroline was going through deep financial shit the same way, and even worse, he had when they had first met on that summer early morning at the bus stop. But she wouldn’t even fathom the idea of taking his money. 
“Hey, I’ll get rich soon and you can be my China Doll, Caroline,” he often said comfortingly. 
But one time, instead of her cheeky smile, she turned to him when he was reading the newspaper on a fine summer evening, the sun already starting to go below the horizon.
“Do you…-Are you serious?”
Asher looked up from the newspaper he was reading on the park bench and bore a hole into her with his intense gaze. He remained silent, intently watching Caroline, but words weren’t needed. Caroline could clearly tell from his eyes.
She slowly walked over to him and sitting next to him, held his hand while the gentle breeze rustled the green leaves of the tree branches. “You promised you wouldn’t fall in love with me…”
Asher slowly turned to look at her and snaking his arms around Caroline’s waist, pulled her close to him. "You can't control what you feel..." Asher huskily whispered. His lips caught hers hungrily. Now the two had kissed before, but only gentle butterfly kisses. They had seen other people under the pretext that no one was in love with the other. But this kiss held repressed feelings and a fiery passion that sent electric jolts to their core. 
Asher wasn’t at all discreet as his tongue jammed Caroline’s teeth begging for entrance and she was happy to part her lips. Their tongues danced for dominance while simultaneously discovering the warm mouth of their partner. Her hand grabbed his now short hair as his lips tackled her neck, leaving a trail of kisses to the valley of her breasts. The hand on his head slightly pushed Asher into the kisses and he was happy to turn to biting. The kisses were becoming harder as Asher bit and sucked and left small imprints. 
Caroline was the first to notice they were going too far in a public place although it was dark.
“Asher…” she pushed back. “No…”
Asher heard her and smirked. Moving one of his hands to squeeze her bottom he whispered in her ear, “Baby say my name again…” He grunted as he bit her shoulder with so much force that he drew blood. 
“Asher!” Caroline gasped enjoying the rough pleasure. 
“Caroline…” he breathed as his hands found her middle. “Am I going to get what I ordered at the bar?” His fingers curled and touched her clit through the thin baby blue jeggings she wore. She moaned slightly as he began rubbing her harder and faster; his hand viciously stroking the fleshy mount between her legs. 
“Am I going to get what I ordered at the bar?” Asher’s question resonated in Caroline’s head as she felt his hands undo the laces of her corset blouse. And when she felt his warm mouth fix itself over one of her diamond hard nipples, she began to fondle the other one until he pushed her hand aside with his so he could fondle it himself. 
“Am I going to get what I ordered at the bar?” Asher whispered snapping Caroline back into reality. She pushed him back and standing up fixed her corset blouse. 
“Only if you pay for it.”
He stood up and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Whatever the cost.”
She smiled, “Come.”
And the two went off to a nearby motel.
He felt like he was with a child and ultimately he was right. She had met him when he was 28 and she on her 18th birthday. The summer day they had met, she had turned 18. Now she was 19 and he 29, but it felt different and it still felt different as she stood before him nervously biting her lips. 
They had joked about this before and there had even been a hint of seriousness in their tones, but now her heart raced as if she had never thought of this before.
He looked at her appreciatively; from her polished French tipped toe nails to the most beautiful face he had ever seen.
This one night stand would cost him a great deal of money but a night with the most beautiful flower that had ever blossomed in his road was worth it. It wasn’t just lust he felt for his beautiful rosette; no it was also raging passion for her.
“You’re beautiful baby girl” he breathed into her ear. Seeing her in the black corset and thong he had bought her hardened him to no end. He would have to be gentle. This would be her first time.
She glanced at the king sized bed. It was draped in red satin and rose petals. She should be happy her first time would be with a man she learned to adore. But this didn’t feel right. This went against everything she ever believed in- but she needed the money. This small little town couldn’t contain her dreams and she needed to leave. Suddenly she felt a droplet of water fall on her hand.
“Tears?” she thought as she patted her face. “Am I truly this sad?”
These actions didn’t go unnoticed and his hand delicately grazed her chin, gently pushing her head upward. When their eyes met, red puffy ones connecting with lascivious ones, he felt his hardness go as well as his confidence. No he never wanted to hurt her.
“Baby…baby I can’t do this if you’re this upset.”
She looked at him and smiled through her tears. “Shut up and take me. I need the money.” She strutted over to him, tear-stained face and all, and pushed him onto the red satin bed.
He gave into temptation for a bit as he got high off of her intoxicating scent. His hands caressed her sides and back, lowering until he was gently squeezing her bottom. But as she was straddling him he heard it. A tiny sniffle followed by a small painful whimper. It wasn’t because she was enjoying the contact. His experienced ears could clearly distinguish. He pulled back enough to look her in the face and just as he thought; she was crying harder but the smile she wore never faltered.
“No I can’t. I can’t. Baby girl I just can’t.”
“I need the mon-,” her protest was never finished as their mouths morphed into one.
He removed his lips. “You scare me. If you’re willing to do this with me for money, would you be willing with anyone?”
She tried to control her breathing. “I just need a one way ticket outta here. This place isn’t for me and my dreams. Oh darling…” her sobs were muffled by her hands.
“Shhh,” he tried to calm her. “I’ll be your one way ticket.”
“But I’m not giving you anything in return! I refuse to be some person who just takes advantage of you…and you know I won’t commit to you. I don’t- “ once again the sentence was never finished as he gently kissed her once more.
“Darling, shut up. If you take advantage of me, it’s because I’ll let you use me.”
She shook her head, closing her eyes and trying to stop the tears.
“I’ll be your one way ticket baby believe me. We don’t have to do this.”
But she wouldn’t listen as her hand trailed all over his body. No she wouldn’t commit to him. He could be her one way ticket she knew, but she couldn’t be the weight to his freedom in this endless chase. 
She was never meant to stay as long as she did anyways. She knew the police were still looking for her even though significant time had passed. She had left her Florida home to head for California, but she was distracted by Asher.
She moaned loudly as Asher quickened his thrusts and fucked her harder. She looked at his face; his eyes were staring down intently on hers. She smiled and he smiled back. No this was perfect, untouched and pure. She would leave with this memory, this image of him. Asher was not a distraction. He was a light guiding her in darkness. 
That morning, as soon as the sun was beginning to rise from the horizon, she took her brown backpack and the clothes on her back and left without a goodbye. She didn’t like goodbyes. They meant you wouldn’t see the person again and you never really know.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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