second semester - new class, new friends

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second semester - new class, mew friends.... enjoyed a lot with hostellites

Submitted: January 29, 2012

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Submitted: January 29, 2012




date : 07/01/2008 time : 08:30am venue : saikrupa


"Namaskar, bunty bhau", as we entered (me n ank), in the restaurant to rush through poha n rassa (so called 'sample' in pune). Narayan-RestoBoy at sai krupa had a tweety smile, dnt know why, as he saw both of us, and asked mausi about pohas for me n ank, even we hadn't ordered yet... the bond was becoming stronger n stronger day by day, with the pohas n rassa, 1 for ank n 2 for me.... within 5-6 minutes, we done wid it and entered into college fencing. "Kay marathe??, kuthe nighale??", Watchman mama said, and i replied with expressions, in sacrastic way that, how come? same question from mama everyday, is he kidding?? i mean, every morning, a simple college boy in uniform, also school bag was der 'complementry', will go to college only?, right na?? why is he expecting different different answers everyday, same time, same place. And didn't even waited for our answer. That was always, "thumbs up" from all mamas.


As we reached near bank, saw Anushka Jagtap, FE div-E Roll no:22, marching upstairs, and suddenly there was a lot of excitement regarding the new classmates. done with basements stairs, and saw Poonam smiling towards us, we also smiled back, but finally we came to know that it was not for us, as madhuri was approaching behind from. we (me and ank), started looking at each other, with a feeling of <"Pachaki">. But, seriously speaking, I was so fond of poonam's smile, not that way, but i liked it really a lot.... Somehow managed to get into the classroom. Sarang, Anand n jay, were three close ones among the rest as they were hostellites. Else, were busy with cellphones nd were only face identitys. Thats how, was first welcome at EnTC division, with nobody even noticing us, and hence managed to reserve the last bench with the help of jay, who was pissed of with his own classmates within 6 months only.


First lecture started, it was Dabhade, And "Not again!!!", i said to myself with a sigh of disgust, as first semester was like a nightmare for me bcz of him. Don't know what was going on der in ankya's mind but he started studying 'sincerely' as dabhade introduced the first chapter with a diagram, having labellings in chinese, japenese, hibru dnt know which language, n fired questions on the backbenchers. We whispered, "Dude, it's only first lecture yet and what the hell u are expecting from us...". Till definition n introduction, ankya was der with us, and it was going well as nobody was even listening what the 'bla bla bla' the teacher was speaking with his lyrical accent as always. Really, that was the only different characteristic of Dabhade, which was only because of Ruchita's singing in every lecture of Applied Science-1, first semester. After 15 minutes, ankya reached Bridgetown (Pulgaon - ankya's native place), and aunti, ankya's mom was inviting me also, as i started yawning looking at ankya's red hot eyes. Somehow, we managed to wake up at the attendence call, which is the primary cause of the engineering students attending lectures, crushes are secondary, he h..... strange but true....


Same scenarios repeated to be happened again n again, between ankya n dabhade, as nobody was deciding to quit, and finally the day came when ankya got the solution for his daily visit to his place, "Saala, me dupar ch jevan ch band karto....", ankya said, as he discovered that its 'Pulaav n Curd' that makes him go to bed in daylight. 

Result declared "Pass", "Pass", "First class", "disti", all the boys were happy with results and the moment rose our confidence to a high and we padded up for the next semester deciding to study hard. Rahul was our topper for the first semester, and was much friendly with all others bcz of the same. But, on the other hand, Nothing was much happening with second semester classmates, as they were having their own business with EnTC members, but aousaaf, ganoo n guprpreet were some of them from IT, who also experienced same problems like us those days, while managing with the new classmates. with the course of time, scenario was changed, and we discovered good friends in the new division, But the only highlighting thing about the class was the different "types" of peoples me n ank saw from the last bench. Ankya must be getting whatever im focussing at... The other IT members were divided in various divisions. Chetana, ammar, noddy with mechanimals, Pd, rahul, ram with Electricians nd Kalya with Chemicals where she managed to make a good friend called "Vaishnavi", who was our next target for DK. he h.... DK was der with Computers, but was with us only... Days were passing fast as the sports n maffick events covered almost all the summer months....


Meanwhile, There was good sound friendship between chetana, poonam, kalyani, gurpreet, madhuri, rahul, navdeep, ammar, nd amita, during the whole second semester. Actually, they all used to be spotted at airport during the recess time and even after college. We, (me,dk n ank) were among good friends in boys group, not much with girls. Only gurpreet was der, who was tired of listening her-so called "connections" with aousaaf. It was funny, but there was nothing like that. Also, Me, dk nd ankya, were very much close, as we shared almost every moment of college nd hostel life till date, with each other. Even me and dk decided to charge half a room rent to ankya, as he used to stay with us only. Spent so much time together made it so, even Ankya n Pranay visited our place in jalgaon. The other hostellites were like family for us. Specially good buddies like Rahul Pawar, Bhai and others. There was no girl connection with me nd dk, but ankya's mileage was improving day by day. The latenights were converted into early mornings nd even happy hours in the afternoon. But, was good, no problems actually.... That's the way it went on cutting time n days continuously --> 


early in the morning pohas - "Pulaav n curd" for ankya, 

Whole day boring lectures, 

Basketball n cricket in the evening, 

sometimes classes, 

M2-graphics-mechanics after 10, 

nd double-tripple-quadraple "jabardasti" good night wishes from wingmates with a cup of tea at 11pm.


finally we done wid submissions somehow. Then PLs. whole pl days were planned with 2-3 units a day but didn't worked as we had many more other fantasies like basketball, gossips nd latenight movies on pranay's only laptop. and next it was "exams".The day rised when it was m2 in front of us. Nobody was much afraid of the same, as we had a good staff and also prepared well than first semester, but it was not much good for dk and made him break his control that day. Somehow, me, ank and bhai managed the moment with him and decided to prepare well for the next 4 biggies. Dk is always good at hardworking for studies, but sometimes happens, we can't help it?? Engineering hai, Even difficult for Rajini, who are we to fire up on KTs??


The Second semester ended with all the good experiences like friends, results, hostellites and eventually a smile on our face, for getting admitted with such a group of friends for the best four years of our life. Thanx for avoiding your yawns throughout the story, catch u all later with the new one, where we were actually enrolled into the departments.


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