Elrond, the first 3 chapters

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Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011




The blinding light of the sun had been shining through the thick, green forest all morning.  As I woke, there was a certain stillness that seemed to haunt my room.  I hopped out of bed and dragged my self down the stairs.  My two twin brothers Elwin and Damion were beating each other with their spoons as usual.  My identical twin brothers, both 13, were the same in height, 5’7. Their voices were often crackly and unstable which caused me to constantly laugh at them.  Unlike my brown eyes, their blue eyes and blonde hair reminded me of my mother.  I rolled my eyes as they continued fighting and walked through the front door. 

The gloomy, miserable looking people of Stayhnal described our town.  Most of the townspeople could barely put food on the table, many did not have jobs and had to hunt for a living.  Kids forgot about education to help their families as families could not afford education. 

I hastily walked along the dirt road of the town’s center.  I didn’t smile, wave, or really acknowledge anybody that passed me.  I had reached my destination, the butcher shop.  I scooted past the beggars posted up outside the show and hurried myself inside the shop. 

My boss, Frederick mumbled, “You’re late”

Frederick is a big guy.  His Big, meaty, arms chopped up the recently bought pig, while his stomach poked out of his white, stained, shirt.  He was an average height of 5’9 and always seems to be enthusiastic about everything in life.  His evil laugh used to frighten me, but I am used to it. 

I said, “No I’m not old man, seems your clock is wrong.”

“I would prefer you be here early, champ.”

I laughed, “You are crazy to think I would be here early.”

Frederick just sighed and said, “Shut your trap and get to work.”

My name is Elrond Nissem.  I am a 17 year-old boy who tends to be quiet and just wants to say out of trouble.  I am not as strong as some of the kids in my town but I can put up a fair fight.  I do not tower of people as I am 6’0 and my medium-sized brown hair tends to get in my eyes.  After my dad disappeared on a faraway hunting trip, I had to take over the house.  Now, I cut meat for my old friend Frederick all day everyday.  I wonder how the old man can handle me, being a jokester and all.  My sarcasm seems to piss people off but I don’t mind.  I don’t mind because I tend to always be alone.  There are not girls for me, no friends, just me.  But I am okay with that.  Family is more important to me. 

“cut this for me”

As I moved closer to Frederick I began to smell his awful stench.  Sometimes unbearable, he smelled like the dead pig itself at all times.  If you can get past that, he is all right.  Fred had actually started to like me as I started to like him.  He is like a father to me I guess. 

The plain, wooden, boring butcher building had taken its toll after decades.  We relied on the hunters, and the hunters relied on us.  We, the butchers, relied on the people of Stayhnal to buy our meat.  I did his bidding just like everyday and went home to sleep. 


I was awaken by the nervous voices of my brothers.

It seemed like Elwin was shaking as he managed to get out,”Vaktug’s men…th-t-tey are here, in the village!”  My eyes widened as he spoke to me.  I had forgotten about the monthly “tax” collection.  BALRAY This day tends to get out of hand.  With countless families unable to meet Vaktug’s terms, hell seemed to break loose.  If you cannot pay, the men shall choose one family member and sentence him/her to jail until the terms are met. 

“Quick!  Grab our gold...they are here” Shouted my mother Olivia.  My mother Olivia  was a sensitive women.  Her long, blond hair and memorizing blue eyes drew the attention of the men in Stayhnal.  She is only 35 and seemed to enjoy life for the most part.  She mainly watches my brothers for the time being.  Well, she hasn’t given up hope on father but I am starting to have my doubts after a month. 

After my mother gave the gold to the tax collector’s, we could not help but to worry.Elwin Worriedly spoke, “They raised the price, we have enough for next month, but that is it.”  No one responded to the boy.  We all just sat around the table, gazing at the brown wooden walls.  It has come to my attention that I need to fix up the house, but when do I have time for that? 

Olivia blurted, “Those considerate bastards, raising the taxes.  They KNOW the southeastern villages have no money, no gold, no hope.”  Tears ran down her eyes.  “If John was here he would do something about this he would –“  She stopped mid-sentence and sprinted out the door.  All three of us sat there for a while; not saying a word.  My mother tends to get emotional this day of the month.  With the burden of us and losing her husband I know it is hard.  I took a deep breathe and hunted for my mother. 


One week before the next tax collection I was on my way home from work when I saw a strange skirmish-taking place in an alleyway on Main Street.  I heard whispers that he was from the “north.” Or that he was the “devil.”  I hurried on over to the fight to see two men I have never seen before.  One man bore a brown hooded-jacket with leather boots and torn pants.  The other seemed more or less sophisticated with black pants and a white flannel.  Punches were thrown and kicks were given by the white-flannelled man only to be taken down by one punch of the other man. 

Something happened that I had never seen before.  His hand began to light up.  Dark red flames appeared on his hand, and suddenly other man’s white shirt was on fire. 



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