Dreams by Connor Geoffroy

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How do we reach our Dreams?

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012





As a child

Dreams are fresh

Dreams are bound to come true

For what could ever impede on a Dream?

As you work towards your Dream

You wish for the day

When you can say

You touched the stars

This Dream of yours seems definite

As nothing can hold you back

For the one moment you wait for

The gliss of happiness on your lips

Then one morning

You realize something is blocking you

A block so heavy not you yourself can move

So you slide around it

You end up in an unexpected place

Here it is chaotic and stressful

Here you cannot stay focused

You have trouble sleeping at night

This new land may seem strange

As it so suddenly itches your soul

Little do you know

This is the path to your Dream

For what you may not know

Is that the path to glory

Is through rags and pain

For the phoenix cometh from the ashes

As you will rise to your Dream from dark days of tribulation


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