Oblivion: Chapter One

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What happens when you give up on life? Rhett McDowell is going to take the ultimate punishment for his actions.

Submitted: January 19, 2013

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Submitted: January 19, 2013




Oblivion: Chapter One

A bottle, a rag, vodka, and a lighter. These are the ingredients to easily make a lethal weapon. Who is using these materials is the real reason this information is of any importance. Rhett McDowell  is a 14 year old boy that is fair skinned, blue eyed, blonde and shaggy haired. Girls would normally kill for a guy with Rhett’s looks; but, Rhett would kill for personal pleasure. Rhett went to a private christian school that taught grades k-12. In Rhett’s 6th grade year of school his mother was institutionalized for schizophrenia. Rhett was teased constantly for his mother's illness and was a frequent visitor to the counselor's office. Rhett’s dad put Rhett into a foster home once he realized he couldn’t take care and provide for him. Rhett then turned a cold shoulder to all people, and he then became a frequent visitor to a psychiatrist who couldn’t seem to make Rhett utter a single word.


April 1, 2001, Rhett was 18 and murdered every one of the 6 members of his foster family. He was obviously tried as an adult for these murders. He went to Florida State Prison which was in his hometown of Raiford, Florida. He was sentenced 23 years and was released on May 15, 2024. If you are wondering what technological advances came about, I am not going to tell you because in this story, the advances in 23 years on earth is nothing compared to what happens later in this story. Rhett took lots of relaxation and anger management courses in prison and came out a different man. Until one night, Rhett was at a restaurant on one of the stormiest nights in florida. and a boy was yelling at his dad. Rhett couldn’t believe how a boy could take advantage of having a father, a parent who cares about him and loves him. Rhett flipped out on the little boy.

“You selfish little brat, why the hell would you talk to your father that way!?” Rhett exclaimed.

“What right do you think you have to talk to my seven year old son like that!?” the boys father yelled. The man then stood up fastly; but, before he had the chance to even say another word, Rhett grabbed a steak knife and brutally stabbed the man in the neck and bolted out of the door. Rhett ran and ran as far as he could away from the restaurant. Ten minutes of running through the streets, he heard the police sirens getting louder. He then bolted to the woods and stopped at a massive tree in the middle of the woods. All thoughts ran through Rhett’s head.

“I am going to prison again. I am not ever going to get out. I have to run away and hide. Where will I go. What will I do, what will I do, what will I do?” Rhett started peeling the bark of the tree and fiddling with it in nervousness. He almost peeled the entire base of the tree when he noticed a symbol that seemed to be carved into the naked part of the tree. How could this be possible if Rhett just peeled the bark. The symbol was a lowercase o with a capital b. Rhett thought that this was obviously just a weird pattern in the tree but when he got a closer look, the symbol had a caption looking text that said,

“ One from every dimension, gathered to fight for the pleasure of the ultimate race and to work together or betray each other for the final chance at survival.”

Rhett placed his fingers along the text to guide the words and then he felt a sharp stinging pain in his fingertips.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Rhett howled in agony and immediately looked at his hand. His fingertips were so bizarre. Rhett saw something that you could never possibly imagine. He saw a color he’s never seen before. He tried to imagine other colors in prison but it is impossible for any regular human to see a new color on their own. His hand began to disappear in gradient pieces still in pain. Now the weird color and pain slivered up Rhett’s arm while he was still screaming. He screamed and yelled in a fetal position on the ground. Finally...black.

Rhett woke up already concluding what happened was a dream. He was in his trailer in his bed. He was relieved and was happy to also conclude that he probably didn’t stab the innocent man in the neck. He walked to his sink and washed his face with a rag. Rhett was so happy and relieved that he decided to treat himself and go out to the local breakfast joint to get his favorite omelet. He could already taste the ham and spinach with extra cheese omelet in his mouth. He threw on his rugged shirt and jeans and headed to the door. He put his hand on the knob and remembered how so real the pain of the burning was and the clear image of the fading hand. He decided to be optimistic and remember that he had a hot omelet coming his way. He opened the door and immediately recognized something was terribly wrong. His trailer was in the middle of a desert. No people, no vegetation whatsoever. Not even mounds or hills, just a flat desert land. Rhett stumbled on his knees in complete disbelief. Then so suddenly, a hand was placed fastly put gently on Rhett. Rhett fell on his back and looked up at an even more shocking sight. He looked up at himself staring back at him. Rhetts copy of him was more aggressive than Rhett had ever looked, even when murdering people. After a good ten second silence, Rhetts copy leaned in to talk and said,

“ Welcome to the game. It starts right now”


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