i feel closed in

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Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012



i tell you that  love you

and it feels like you dont care

it feels like you dont want me

like you dont want me there


i really really like you

and i want you to be mine

i want to be with you 

for a very long long time


i know im O T T

but i am who i am

right now i am your boy

i want to grow to be your man


i know its lots to ask

to stay with me for years

ive havent know you long

i think of losing you im in tears


i know its not the done thing

to ask your hand right now

i love you enough already

i dont quite know how


i love it when i with you

i hate when were apart

in a way your mine forever

your locked inside my heart


i love you and only you

ive told you one lie

i never should of done it

if i lost you i would die


you are my life my everything

i love you more it seems

i see you every night

even in my dreams

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