Im losing you

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you say were on a break
but i think you no right now
were not getting back together
dont know any reason how

weve had a lot or problems
most of them me based
although i fear your moving on
im scared of being replaced

you tell me that you love me
but we must act like were just friends
i want to be your boyfriend
from now until the end

i think that were not working
i cant see how we could
i love you more than anything
but be together we should

i drive you mad
i upset you and i drive you up the wall
but for you my darling
not anyone else
id be willing to lose it all

id give my whole life to you
to do with as you wish
but sometimes it feels like id rather die
and be sleeping with the fish

sometimes i want to cut
engrave things in my flesh
i want to you to always remember me
that is my dying wish

this break were on isnt great
but what you want it is
i want you to be happy
and you be mine not his

id die for you did you know
id give my life for you
id let it be my dying breath
to whisper i love you

i want to be your baby
from now to the end of time
i want to be yours forever
and i want you to be mine

we'll commit the perfect crime
il steal your heart
you steal mine

but in the end
if its not me you want
i'll have to say its fine

i want to make you happy
id love to do it always
but my days with you are numbered
i can see it through the haze

i dont want us to end
but theres nothing i can do
to stop you from just leaving me
or telling me were through

i love you unconditionally
i can be protective and mad
but over all your opinion
of me is very bad

i want you to love me
the way i do love you
but like i said before
our day's are nearly through

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



Longer than my usual :/

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