Im Sorry For Me

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Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



I know that ive upset you

and ive made a few mistakes

but i want always to have you

and il do just what it takes


il make you mine forever

thats what id like to think

in my whole life id like to say

you are the missing link


ive written poems for you

and i know that i have changed

this is one tf the changed

and my life should be rearranged


i think of words to say

then i publish them on here

but there are not enough words to explain

the i love you that i whisper in your ear


were now on a break

i dont know what that means

but while were on it youll move on from me

or at least thats how it seems


i want you to my self

and i want you here and now

but if i got you on a tv show 

id be proud then take a bow


i still think that your beautiful

your gorgeous smart and hot

and believe me when i say that

i love you lots and lots


i buy us food to eat

then cuddle up at my place

they are my favourite times

and i think that they're ace


i want you at this moment

i want you here and now

to hold you close forever

and i think i know just how


il treat you like a princess

and give you everything you need

il dress in shining armour

and be your knight with steed


i got you shouts from youtuber's

i tried to give you more

but now it feels your giving me something

the break up and the 'there's the door'


weve had some funny times

and weve done some dirty things

but now i want to soar up high

on loves biggest pair of wing's


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