ive made mistakes , this is one of them

ive treat you like my world

ive told you how i feel

as the hours pass

im not sure if its real


the more and more i think

im moving on from you

ive liked you for a year

now my feelings are almost through


i gave you all i could 

it still wasnt enough

i wanted my whole life with you

guess the goings getting tough


ive talked to loads of girls

ive tried to think it through

at the end of the day , i cant find

a girl that comes even close to you


you are the world i live for

ive tried to tell you too

i guess theres no explaining

the things i feel for you


i want to hold you closely

and make you mine always

il try my hardest to treat you right

for the next few thousand days


i didnt even know you 

til very recently

i was going through a break up

you were the first one there for me


i know it sounds farfetchd

and i was with one of your friends

she broke my heart and left it there

i wanted my life to end


you both helped me get through it

and i wanted only you

im now best friends with the other

and i feel that this is true


i want to be your boy

and you to be my girl

you ask for nothing but deserve everything

il give you my entire world


ive told you how i felt

ive told you what id do

ive told you everything i want

aslong as i have you


i want you as my girl

i like you quite alot

your already my everything

your already my world


Submitted: August 30, 2012

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