"the Russians are coming!"

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

the first chapter to my novel. please offer any criticism/tips :)




Hey, i'm Johnny, my friends call me Johno, or johnster, or just John, I'm 23 years old, and I used to work a dead end job, with no hope in hell of marriage, or going anywhere with my life... that was until 'the cleansing'. the new government has disallowed me to talk about it, but I’m documenting life here, in the hope of someone liberating us...




beep-beep-beep, I woke from my deep slumber, I’d had 'the dream' again, it was a recurring dream, I'd been having it since I was 12 years old. I was a New York Police Officer, and I was patrolling the streets when I saved the president, he gave me a job on his personal protection squad in the secret service and I’d married his daughter. I loved that dream, and hated waking from it.


I walked out my apartment door, locked it, and as I walked out, something struck me as odd, the Russian embassy was evacuating, I had no idea why, and thought nothing off it, I got into my office, I was a senior refrigerator salesman working on behalf of USKS, a small family company that had recently won big when we won the contract to supply our refrigerators to the USAF and the US homeless society, both contracts were worth upwards of $30,000 which doesn't go far in the corporate world, but it paid the lease on the top floor NYC office.


7 hours passed by with moderately little happening, except for a druggie running in the office and screaming about the coming apocalyptic events. We all dismissed him as a nut, and went home, I wish I’d believed him. And taken his advice to go to England or Canada.


As I walked home I heard shouts, a man 'yo. Just go away, we don't want no trouble' then two loud bangs, I turned the corner to see a man with a handgun running away, and two men on the ground, one was dead, a single shot to his head, and the other was crawling around desperately trying to get up as I helped him up, I realised he was wearing a US navy uniform and the other was wearing a US Army uniform. Now, I'm no military knowledge boffin, but judging by the dead man's epaulettes and the surviving man’s sleeve's,they were both fairly high up in the US armed forces...


I called the ambulance and the police, and waited with the man until the paramedic took him away. It was weird going home and seeing on the news something which I knew everything about. Several 'experts' were in the studio, and the theories ranged from a terrorist sleeper cell operative, to a Russian assassin. To be honest, I believed none of it. And went to bed.




I had 'the dream' again, this morning was different though, I awoke early, no alarm... just sirens, lots of sirens... I looked out my window, there was a lynch mob outside the Russian embassy, and the police were desperately trying to hold them back, a young police lieutenant was trying to maintain calm,until a guy at the back of the crowd calmly ran right up to the upturned car,

collaborating traitor!” he screamed.

He then pulled a Glock 18 fully automatic handgun, at point-blank range the rounds pounded into the young officers torso, shocked cops began attempting to restrain the man, as the crowd scattered, then, just as it seemed the police were winning, the man did something no-one expected, he ripped open his shirt, grinning like a mad man. Revealing a vest with twenty pounds of C4 explosive,


Then a brilliant white light erupted, I put my hands in front of my face to shield myself, as my window shattered, I was knocked out cold


I woke up ten minutes later, I touched my face, my hands glided through some sort of liquid. When I pulled my hand away, I was shocked, my fingers were covered in blood, I got up, and looked out the window. the scene was shocking, most of the frontage of the embassy building was obliterated. A car had been thrown over 200 metres and now lay, upside down inside a McDonalds, a news van was outside, I staggered out of my apartment, where a beautiful news reporter said to me:

Sir, sir were you present in the explosion???”

then we heard a weird sound. It was a distant throb, the ground was vibrating, then the sound became more distinct, it was shouts, an organized shout

down with Commies, down the Reds” then I saw people running away, sprinting past me and the crowd, the emergency services radio's were going mad

ALL UNITS WITHIN MANHATTAN AREA...CODE 1, I REPEAT CODE 1 EVACUATION ORDER PAPA, GET OUT OF THERE” abandoning cars, the policemen, paramedics and firemen sprinted away, then I saw it, a huge crowd of people, swelling to nearly ten thousand, and growing by the minute. They all held weapons of some description. Then I realised, they had prisoners, two middle aged men, looking eastern European. They were being frogmarched and they appeared to have been beaten. Curiosity got the better of me, and I followed the enormous crowd. When we stopped outside the Empire State Building, then I realised the intentions...they were going to throw the men off the roof. Not as a actual, punishment, more as a symbolic thing.


I was in shock. I kept trying to get closer to the men, but I needed a weapon to try and break them free, then I saw a young woman scared out of her mind, she held a m14 American Rifle, I seized it from her, and she was happy to let me take it. I expertly checked how many rounds were in the chamber (I used to be in the USACF) I had a full magazine, I walked right in front of the crowd as we reached the lobby, and aimed the rifle at the leaders head.

let those men go! This is vigilante justice, this solves nothing, this makes us worse than the Russians!”

outta our way kid, we outgun you.” an old guy said as over one hundred people aimed a weapon of some description at my head, to say I was scared was an understatement, then. It all changed.


two jet fighters streaked across the sky before dropping a cluster bomb on less than 300 metres away. We were shocked, as then hundreds of c-130 globemasters bearing russian markings began dropping paratroopers. In all the confusion, the Russian men ran off, just as a Havoc Helicopter strafed the street, they were gunned down by their own countrymen. We tried fighting the paratroopers, but they were using automatic weapons, we were using (at most) RPG's and M14's men and women were gunned down, then, the US marines arrived, seeing us, they showed us the route to an evac site, we all made full use of it, until as I was about to board a chopper, a havoc missile'd all the defences, Russians poured through, and we all surrendered . Hoping we'd get treated better than usual. But the Russians had other plans for us.



We were led out of the hotel we'd been held captive at, there were thousands of us, and we were all just normal American citizens. We reached Grand Central Station, where a troop train waited, we were led in single file to a desk, the waiting time was 6 hours in the middle of the queue. We all let women with children go in front. By the time it was my turn at the desk, I was tired, sweaty and angry.

we're American citizens!!!” I screamed “you can't do this too us! we have rights!!”

got a problem?” the arrogant Army officer sneered “go write a letter to the United Nations, guards, this prisoner has an attitude, send him to Korea.”

I then did, the most stupid thing I’ve ever done. I punched the Officer, hard.


the guards were so surprised. They just stood there as I layed into him,then the crowd got involved. Within ten minutes, we had 11 hostages, and complete control of Grand Central Station.


The NYPD had been completely overrun, and within ten minutes of invasion, the Russians had full control of the state of New York. With the General murdered. And the US Navy's admiral of the fleet in a coma. The US Military was in disarray. The US Airforce, was the only branch actually doing anything to help the war.


We decided to barricade ourselves into the station. And then we set up a sort of haven for refugee's we armed ourselves, and we even had a bomb bunker, the old subway. We even had a way of getting food, we travelled through the subway. And within a few days, we had over 25,000 people crammed into the station. We planned our routes effectively, striking where they least expected it. News coming in from CNN was depressing. We'd lost Washington DC within the early hours of this morning and we were losing hope of rescue, more and more troops were coming in through the Brooklyn dockyard. We realised we were running low on hope. And after hope, our morale would go south.


I woke up to gunshots, coming from the doorway.

out.” someone shouted. It was amplified. As if through a megaphone.

I was then woken by some brute shining a torch in my face. He taser'd me. For no good reason. And then said “under the occupational laws subsection B, article C paragraph 2G. You are hereby under arrest for inciting violence towards the occupational government.

You have the right to remain silent. However. Silence is often punished by death.”


I was dragged out, I watched two rowdy young men putting up a fight, seems they had a Handgun they didn't tell us about. Didn't stop them running out of ammo. As soon as the shooting stopped, five massive Russians dived into the room. They were frogmarched to the wall. And then shot. Those five shots still echo through my mind even today. Then. I was put in the car.


The car drove for 3 blocks. And I began to see the extent of the damage. I was shocked


Submitted: May 26, 2012

© Copyright 2021 Conor Moloney. All rights reserved.

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