Who cares

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The second story made during my 30 minute writing exercises. This one was written with the idea of 'A modern day world where you can go out and buy emotions, but the chemicals are extracted from a suffering alien life form', a rather difficult concept at first but eventually I came to a style I was happy with.

Submitted: November 17, 2014

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Submitted: November 17, 2014



Day #3652


Parents allowed me access to computer. I have been alive exactly 10 years, 3 hours and 7 minutes at the time of writing.

Protocol dictates to enter thoughts and feelings on life on designated days during life.

Thoughts: Inefficient usage of time, serves no practical purpose for enhancement of community.

Feelings: Hunger, haven't eaten in 4 hours 32 minutes. Tiredness, it is currently 11:46 in the evening, 14 minutes before most efficient hour to engage in sleep.




Day #5478


Parents once again placed me on computer. They also injected me with a serum, it was red. I don't understand what it was. They did the same thing 365 days ago, but insisted I couldn't note this on the computer. I tried asking what it was, but they didn't tell me. Must inquire further.

Protocol again dictates to make note of thoughts and feelings, thought I don't know who placed these protocols for us to follow. Must inquire further.

Thoughts: What is beyond the gate? Why can't we leave? Is Emoticorp the only corporation there is anywhere? Are we the only people there are anywhere?

Feelings: Confusion.




Day #7302


It makes sense now! We buy things called emotions from emoticorp! It's what they primarily deal in, but I could only get one every year. I think we might not make enough money or something, I didn't ask. Today I was injected with another serum, and I feel great! So wonderful, colors are beautiful! I was walking in the street and I saw a young boy open his mothers head with a kitchen knife. The red that came out was incredible! It was such a contrast to the pavement, it looked beautiful. The boy was taken away afterwards. I hope he goes somewhere as vivid as the street was. I didn't get chance to thank him for showing me that, but maybe he wouldn't have understood what it meant. I don't know which emotions he has yet, maybe he wouldn't know what I was meaning.

My thoughts today are of music. I mean, I love the three songs we have, but I find myself wondering if we could make any more. Emoticorp say that it would be physically impossible to make another song, something to do with physics or melody or harmonic resonation, I didn't follow a word. But surely it would be simple? Just move a note to another place and look, a new melody! Change a word to another word, and there we go a new song! Like this: 'Feelings burned, rescued by obedience' becomes 'feeling churned, saved by your bees and ants' it would be so simple!

I guess I'm feeling happy, it's what my serum said today, it's wonderful! I can honestly say this is the best day I have ever had. Can't wait for the next one!




25th birthday.


It's beginning to make sense to me. I looked around at everyone today, and people were either happy or empty. No one wanted to accept what was happening, or even consider it. When you're offered blissful existence, who would choose to follow the path of understanding. Why would anyone question it when they can be given happiness with just a shot in the arm. Anyone would just give in to that way of life, and not argue. They'd probably thank whoever gave it to them.

Sheep. Nothing but sheep, cattle on their way to a slaughter, and laughing all the way.

Slaughter. Laughter. What a cruel joke of language.

I need to find out what's going on, no one would enforce this system if not to preserve power. There has to be something I can do.


Final input


Two years ago, I began working at emoticorp, with a desire of finding out exactly what was going on. This company has more power than I imagined. Their reach is far and wide, and uncontested. Everyone simply concedes to their will, with no questions. In some ways it's perfect. Remove the desire to question or understand, and no one ever will question. You can reign over the world forever without a single complaint by controlling whether people can complain. Nobody else recognises what's going on, but I do. I have to stop it.

There's something alive in there. I don't know what it is, but it's alive, and it screams. No one else cares, how can they when they lack the emotions to care. But the screams pierce me, crushing me until I want to cry along with it. But I don't. I hold my resolve. Showing any sign might give away my true intentions. I'm going to burn that fucking place to the ground.

I already know how I can do it. I've hidden the gasoline in the basement, but I can't just leave that creature in there. I'm going to try to get it out tomorrow, then blow that place away. They won't even find rubble.

This is the last input I'll make into this computer. I don't know if they can read it, but even if they can, it's too late. Maybe they stop me saving their prisoner, but the place will burn.

I hope you are reading this. I hope you understand exactly what I'm saying. Tomorrow you burn you sons of bitches.


© Copyright 2018 Conrad Parks. All rights reserved.

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